Wentworth Prison returns! Wentworth Prison Series Three airs tonight, 22nd July 2015 in the UK on Channel Five or channel number 105 with 150 being HD on Virgin Media TV @10pm


Dear readers I dunno how I missed this other than nobody previewing it and only happening upon this link today by pure chance.  However thanks to The Guardian (see link below) I see Wentworth Prison returns.  With a new series Three=Yey!

Not that Wentworth Prison is by any means a jolly kind of series, oh no, no no…




Wentworth Prison is a remake of the original Australian Series from way back when-called Prisoner Cell Block H.

Wentworth Prison is the reason I steadfastly refused to watch Orange Is The New Black/ OITNB.  Because I just knew OITNB could not compare.
Well I guess it depends how you like your dramas.

I have written extensively on here about Wentworth Prison-Series One and Series Two- both series episode by episode.  Although I deliberately left out the final episode of series One, I think it was. The whole of that final episode being somewhat er, explosive as I believe the terminology goes..

In Blog: with episodes and reviews towards the end of the series.
September-October 2013 Series One of Wentworth Prison.
Nb.  Final episode ten of Series One was left out of this blog due to serious spoilers in the episode.
September-October 2014-Series Two Of Wentworth Prison

I would really recommend Wentworth Prison for a fascinating, dark, disturbing portrayal of what life is really like in a woman’s prison..

Plus Wentworth Prison is fairly faithfully based on the original, unforgettable series, Prisoner Cell Block H.

The opening song of the Prisoner Cell Block H series was:
“You don’t bring me flowers....any more..”

Wentworth Prison keeps up this slightly assonant even pretty music playing sometimes.  When the complete opposite of pretty is happening all over the prison..

The series also has the original Prison Governor from Prisoner Cell Block H, Joan Ferguson..

Wentworth Prison centres around the lives of the long term “lifers” in a woman’s prison: and begins in Series One with the admittance into the prison of the newly arrived convicted prisoner-Bea.

Nb.  I see from my Tivo box that both series One and Two are still on there to view. So ideally it would be preferable to catch up on those series of Wentworth Prison before you see this one.  As the new series would make a lot more sense.


TV Preview of  Wentworth Prison Series Three-Episode One:
“Sentenced to life with parole, Bea Smith return to Wentworth and is hailed by the women as the new top dog.  With her position as Governor in jeopardy, Ferguson warns Bea to toe the line but the imposition of a smoking ban leads to a protest.”


This music video is a rare duplicate posting-as I put this up with one of my first write-ups on Wentworth Prison.


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