Wayward Pines-Short notes on episodes Four, Five and Six-with reviews after each episode. Minor spoilers. On in the UK on FOX Thursdays @ 9pm.

Wayward Pines -Episodes Four, Five and Six short notes with review.


Episode Four
Some short notes and dialogue.

One of our Senior Realtors was chosen to retire.

Theresa to Ethan:
“We need to call the Police!”
“He is the Police!”

The Realtor/ Estate Agent:
But it wasn’t Denise and she was older.  It was-Pam..”


Episode Five.
The Truth.

Oops I said I wasn’t doing episode notes.

Review of Episode Five.
So around episode five Wayward Pines went regrettably a bit daft.  Shame.  I even got bored but mainly by/with the advertisements/Ads.  Deciding to ditch out since you couldn’t fast forward them.

Will watch Wayward Pines later, on demand.  Watched a few bits in between.  Really I was no wiser. Plus the daftness had only increased.

So then I came back.  Gave Wayward Pines a chance.  And realised that I had jumped ahead a little. Gaps of knowledge were filled in.  It’s still a bit daft..  But less daft than before.

Nb.  Wayward Pines had a break until 25th June 2015.


Wayward Pines.
Episode Six.
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

“To tell the truth in a time of deceit is an act of revolt”
Edmund Burke probably.
A later correction: this quote is from George Orwell.

Wayward Pines is so beautifully shot/ filmed.

Welcome to Ballinger’s toys
On the other side it says:
Sorry but we are closed.

Some dialogue.
Doctor Pilcher to Natham Burke:
“They had emerged from Plato’s cave, into the light, but it blinded them…”
“These are the dark ages, there will be an enlightenment”..


So Wayward Pines in these last few episodes sure performed some leaps and bounds as a drama.

Like in the ending of the episode with the Sheriff and the bridge: Wayward Pines took a great big giant leap off somewhere else.  Perhaps like a kangaroo hop.  If they really do hop.

Yes, it requires rather a large leap of faith to swallow this plot evolution shall we say.  Not to give anything away.

Still, I’m game I think.

I think I am processing as actors quoting their therapeutic inner workings are fond of saying.  I think I can carry on.

I’m not sure if Wayward Pines as a drama is quite as good for this revelation.  Of information.  Or whether this new story evolving makes the drama better,  I can’t decide.  I think I kind of like the story.  It’s certainly different.

I may have preferred the whole The Prisoner series met The Truman Show dark vibe to the preceding parts of the drama.

Still, this new storyline has tinges of James Bond movies of old, psychological torture, paranoia, general entrapment in cavernous concrete bunkers and fiendish blank-faced hypnotherapists.  Galore.

The drama gives many a loving nod to vintage spy/thriller/ secret Agent series of the sixties/ seventies.

Then Wayward Pines takes all these filmic strands and gives them a whole new twenty first century twist.

Yes, but see: there is a bit of a thing in Wayward Pines about the dates..


Ethan Burke/ Matt Dillon both looked like they were having a similar difficulty to me in getting their head round this new plot.

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