The Bates Motel-Series Three-Episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven and Eight-Some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Universal Channel, Number 137 on virgin Media TV. Please note- all my previous postings were titled The Bates Motel. The correct name is Bates Motel. I am leaving The Bates Motel as the main title for ease of reference.

Bates Motel

“A Death In The Family”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Norman turns over in bed. Puts an arm around his mother.
Oo err.

Dylan to Norma:
“Don’t you think that’s a bit weird?”

Norman’s mother is still making him a school packed lunch.
Norman has an embarrassing start to his first day back.  Then he sees a picture of his old teacher.  Violins play wildly.  Then she appears in visions..
Norman’s teacher:
“We have lingered in the chambers of the sea..”
” With sea-girls wreathed in red and brown,”
” ‘Till human voices wake us and we drown.”

Dylan is the name of Norman’s brother.

Norman is getting a way with the ladies would you believe.
Lady to Norman:
“You seem like a nice guy..”
“I am.”

So Norman and Norma are actually hanging out in bed together.  Eating popcorn and watching a film.

The scene with Norman and the blue hair ribbon of his mother was a spectacular piece of acting I felt.

Norman to beautiful young woman:”No, not here, turn of that road up ahead..”


Episode Two
“The Arcanum Club”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Norma to new customer at the Motel:
“What’s your name?”
“Anneka Johnson…”
Norma to Emma at the motel:
“She doesn’t strike me as a hooker”

Words not many mothers generally say to their sons:
Norma to Norman:
“Well you finish up here with your goat..then get back to work.”

Norma has a realisation- and it ain’t a good one.
Or perhaps not.

Norma to Norman:
“Troubled, unhinged women seem drawn to you..”

Then Norman glares balefully.  From the car.  Unseen  by his Mum.  He is glaring at her.

Norman to his mother:
“I’m going to be dating Emma..”

Norma stares into her bathroom mirror.  Dressed in a pale blue silk gown.

Guy called Chuck from the other side of the hill,the South Face (farm) to Dylan:
“Have you seen my dog?”

I’ve always loved the relationship between Sheriff Romero, evil as he is and Norma.  I think they would make a really good couple.  (they just don’t know it)

Norma runs after Sheriff Romero’s van.
“I just want to tell you , I always felt safe when you were here”

Emma to Norman:
“Do you want to be Peter Pan?”
“If you’ll be Wendy..”

Aha, I knew Norma was going to get all dressed up and try and get into that club..

Dylan’s Dad and Dylan are meeting their rather inscrutable neighbour.
“You know,you two remind me of two guys in a book..”
“You don’t have any rabbits up there do you?”

And Norma does something adventurous.
Go Norma.

Norman and his mother.
She weeps, sobbing in his arms.  (Lets just say that) their relationship is very complicated.


Hilarious and uncomfortable scene between Romero the Sheriff and Norma.  As he comes to say goodbye.  After living at The Bates Motel for three months.

Now Sheriff Romero is definitely not the hugging kind.  Yet he hangs around Norma, not wanting to leave (her) without some physical contact.  They go to shake hands, then he amends this to a hug instead..

However the Sheriff carefully mimics a hug with his arms and signals in this way to Norma.  Before he goes for the full hug- Once she acquiesces.  Instinctively somehow the Sheriff understands Norma. On some kind of level.


Episode Three

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Sheriff Romero to Norma:
They found her floating in the reed bank..”

Romero has long eyelashes.  Bottom and top.  At first I though he had black eye-liner on.

Psychology lecturer James Finnegan to Norma:
“I have this theory about the secret club of the damaged..”

Norman to Emma:
“She thinks there’s something wrong with me, that I’m bad!”

So things have got decidedly surreal.  And yet we knew that.  Didn’t we.  All along really.


Episode Four

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Norma on the phone:
“Please come, I think she’s dead..”

And Norman wakes up upstairs.  Pale faced.

Sheriff Romero to Norma:
“I don’t know, chaos seems to swirl around you..”

Norma has blood on the cuff of her flowery blouse.  She has only just noticed it.  Norman is doing that big eyed pupil filled look again.  spooky..

Next morning.  Norma:
“Hi honey, want some bacon?”
Norman to Norma:
“Do you still like me?”

It is almost like Norman is now romancing his mother.  Playing her.
Oo err.

And Norma is on a quest.  Mind you Norma is often on a quest.  Norma is a brilliant character.  Possibly one of my all time favourite dramatic heroines.

Norma to Norman:
“Hey, this is my house”!”

As always, Chief Romero is investigating something sinister.

So the Psychology lecture is kind of hot.  And or cool.
Such people do not usually last long.  In White Pine Bay.

Norma to Romero:
“Well you’re good at it, gold star, sheriff..”
She sashays away.  Looking fabulous in a black trouser suit.

Then this shit gets sad.


Nb.  Didn’t do Episode Five.
“The Deal”


Episode Six
“Norma Louise”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

 Norma is in her beloved pale green Mercedes crying in the deep blue night.

Ah.  I hate to see Norma cry.  She has an unusual solution to her phone ringing.

In the beginning of Bates Motel-the huge neon blue sign for the Bates Motel (cracking noise) flashes on and off.

Norma to car salesman:
“I just want to trade in my car-Now!”

Norman wakes up at night.
“Mother, where are you?  Mother, where are you?”
Bats ensue.

(next morning)
Best line ever-Norman to Dylan:
“Fetch those blackberries will you?!”
(you have to be there)

Strange and guru-like Homesteader (Chuck) next to Dylan’s farm to Caleb:
“Morning neighbour..”

Parts of Bates Motel are just so sad.  Whilst being melodramatic and dramatic too.  However everything works.  Bates Motel is most of all idiosyncratic and unique.  It makes its own rules.


Episode Seven
“The Last Supper”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

OMG.  I forgot Romero did that.

I do like Norma and the Psychologist guy getting together.

& Dylan comes to see Emma.  Ah.
He has gone all soppy-eyed.

Emma’s Dad has an Irish/Scottish accent.

Norman to Norma:
Following after you in a very masculine and attractive way”!

Norma to Norman:
“Can’t a woman get in a freaking mood for one night without the whole world coming to an end?!”

I like Norma’s zippy new red car.  But not as much as her old classic grey green Mercedes.

Norma come home to find Romero in her house.
Romero to Norma:
“I could be dead, I got shot”
“It looks like it went right through you..”
(he wanted a bit of sympathy I reckon)

Norma to Dylan:
“Just because we had one operatic meeting in a field, doesn’t mean we are going to go bowling..”

Nb.  Previously.
Norman to Dylan:
“Want some hot buttered toast?”

So there is a bit of a (the series) Southland theme for Romero.
When he meets a relative with an officially Irish accent.

James Finnegan the Psychologist and Norma
“Everything’s fine”
“I highly doubt that”!

Norman to Norma:
“I’m sure James won’t be needing you mother..”

James Finnegan to Norman:
“I see you like Taxidermy huh?”
Yes, I do, I find it very peaceful..
James Finnegan to Norman:
“Tell me more about that?”…

The Psychologist runs away.  After having asked Norman some uncomfortable-too uncomfortable questions-for Norman anyway.

And Romero phones up Norma for a favour.
Those two are just brilliant together.

Norma and Sheriff Romero.
Her: (leaning towards him lovingly)
“Life is so hard, isn’t it?
Romero: (as she leaves)
“You’re beautiful”..
“You’re drunk, you won’t be happy you said that in the morning”

Norma goes out to pick some herbs from her garden.
Norma to Caleb:
Just for tonight.”

Of course I know what Caleb is going to do.  We all do.  It’s gonna be sad.

Dylan looks on .  As happy as can be.  Dylan certainly deserves to be happy.
“Thank you all for being here,”
“I had this dream when I was little”
” That there was a home where friends would come,.”
“..and there would be food, and it would always be open..”
“To my sister, Norma Louise, who was always like the sun in a cold universe!”
Such a happy evening.

Which as we all know: dramatic device or just plain dastardly devilishness demands that shortly afterwards everything will go to proverbial hell in a hand-basket.  And at least on person will die. Maybe two.

Well Bates Motel is the prequel to Psycho.

Episode Eight

A lot.
And a happy family dinner. with the Sheriff Romero there too-yey.

Norma wakes up happy.

Norman wakes up staring.  Very enervated and aerated.  But not in a good way.

Romero to Car Salesman:
“She wants it back, the woman who sold it..”

Chuck to Dylan:
“I sold a piece last month, three thousand six hundred dollars, it’s called The Native Orphan”..

The Psychologist James Finnegan comes home.

So Dylan and Caleb are on a road trip.

So the pool or rather the “pit” is creepy.

Ah ha! romance alert!  Romero brings back Norma’s car.  And he stumbles all over his answer as to why.

Then Romero stands in the pit.  Looking like a man who just discovered oil in an old movie.

Ted to Romero:
“She’s asking you to protect her and her family”
Romero doesn’t flinch.
Only his upper lip sweats minutely.

Dylan calls Emma.
“It sure is a beautiful spot there”
So they are having a romantic phone conversation.

Norman to Emma:
“You know it doesn’t look much like a pool, more like a pit..”

Emma to Norman:
“It always seems like you’re distracted, with someone else..”

Norman is upset.  He goes into his room.  And.  Wait for it.  Sits on a rocking chair.  The light sweeps over the room which turns dark.  Norman is still sitting there, in the rocking chair.

Sheriff Romero comes to the Motel.
Romero to Norma:
“Tell me the truth, just this once,.”
“Just this once?..”
“Last chance Norma….”

Norman comes to Norma’s room at night.
“Are you afraid of me?”
Let me tell you something..”
“Tell me Norman!””
“You need to stare it in the face and say it’s stupid!”
“Don’t ever let anyone’s words come between us!”
Oo err.

So Dylan and Caleb reach their destination.  I have a really bad feeling about this road trip.  Pretty sure one of them ain’t getting out of this.  And my prediction is that Caleb will do the noble thing.

It’s the meet.  Never good to have to back into somewhere.

So Romero is not making the call I thought he would.

The psychologist, James Finnegan to Norma:
“Don’t ever contact me again, ever!”

And Norma explains to Norman.
“You don’t know what it’s like being your mother”
“It’s killing me Norman, you’re killing me!”

A vision appears in Norman’s favourite blue..
I cannot tell.

Now even Juno (the dog) has run away.

A girl stands on a bridge.  We’re not sure if she is real.
She turns:
Hello Norman..”


The poem quoted by Norman’s teacher is by T.S. Elliot and is called:
The Love song Of Alfred J Prufrock.  Dated 1920.


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