Note to my readers of some new series: A mention of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries-Netflix and Dark Matter-Syfy Channel. Then:Residue-Netflix. (Nb. see update on Residue) Marvel’s Agent Carter- FOX Channel. The Witnesses- Channel Four. Dag- Sky Arts 1/ 1HD. The Spoils Before Dying-FOX. Partners In Crime- BBC One. Update-Wentworth Prison-Channel Five returns! Series Three-see next posting after this one for more details.

A mention of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Netflix) & Dark Matter
(Syfy Channel)

Nb. Dark Matter is reviewed here on 18th June 2015.  Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries previewed along with Dark Matter on the same date in Notes to my readers..

So I have been having such fun soaking up the roaring twenties
(with a dastardly crime in each episode) watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  This series and Dark Matter have really hit the (televisual) spot.

I feared, briefly, that Dark Matter was going all serious even sinister on us last episode.  But fear not.

Plus note: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is also on Alibi Channel I see.  (Number 161 on Virgin media TV)

So given the choice of catching up with Between, or a sojourn in the metaphorical nineteen twenties, I am going for the 1920’s every time.

Of course, sadly this sojourn will end and I will have to return to the world of dramatic dystopian dramas.  Disturbing to behold.


Note to my readers of some new series:

On Netflix in the UK
Residue  (2015)
“After a freak explosion wreaks havoc on a sprawling city of the future, eight survivors get caught up in the aftermath and it’s paranormal effects.”

I might keep this one up my sleeve/ behind  the ear.  If bored and or another Televisual desert approaches.

Update on Residue: (22nd July 2015)
So having discovered that Between has actually ended and I did not have the dates wrong-as I thought last week when there was still no new episode:it dawned on me that the only other explanation apart from a mid-season break was that Between was only six episodes long.  Oops.

Hence I watched the first two episodes of Residue last night and it wasn’t half bad.  It might even be good.  Only time will tell.  However it was looking pretty good so far.  If a bit daft.  But then I like dramas like that.  Although there are some genuinely shocking moments that arise..

Residue is slightly reminiscent of the premise of the Belgian series Cordon, currently showing on BBC4.

Residue also appears to be a completely British production:
“Produced in South Yorkshire Studios” as I spotted in the opening
(post-prologue) credits.  This would explain why the completely gorgeous to look at futuristic city: transpired to be London.  As far as I could tell.

I spotted several actors in Residue who are currently starring in the British series Humans on Channel Four.

I was telling myself I did not really like paranormal dramas generally until I remembered how much I had enjoyed The River..


Marvel’s Agent Carter-New!
First aired Sunday @ 9pm on 12th July 2015.  On FOX

Looks good.  All I know is that the drama is set in the 1940’s.  Agent Carter is a  fearless Special Agent.
From the TV trailer:
“Unstoppable, fearless, dedicated, a hero amongst men..”

Series One-Episode One-
Preview from TV preview:
“Now is Not The End”
“When Howard Stark finds himself being framed, he reaches out to Peggy to help him clear his name, empowering his butler to help her”..


The Witnesses-
Channel Four-this Wednesday 22nd July 2015 @10pm.
A re-cap of what I have read and seen on the trailers:
A French drama about Detectives investigating unexplained happenings..with dead bodies.  As far as I can gather.

Very beautiful moody looking shots (in the preview stills) of people standing and staring, on beaches. Near Beach Huts.  Which figure in the drama..

More information on Witnesses.
“Virgin media TV preview of Episode One:
“Police investigate when bodies are taken from a cemetery and placed in houses for sale, along with a photo of retired Police Officer Paul Maisonneuve”

Nb. It isn’t clear if this series is in French but I am presuming so from the names of the actors.


Dag (correction -I thought it was called Mit Dag)
A Norwegian comedy. New!
Friday 31st July 2015 on Sky Arts 1/HD. Channel numbers 281/282 on Virgin media TV.
 From the TV voice-over trailer:
“Mit Dag hates everybody until he goes on his nineteenth blind date..”

More information on Dag.
Description of series from Virgin media TV Preview:
“This hit Norwegian comedy stars award winning stand-up Atle Antonson as Dag, a marriage counsellor who tries to coax all the couples he treats into divorce”.

Virgin TV Preview of Series One-Episode One:
“Examine the life of a marriage counsellor who thinks people should live in solitude”


The Spoils Before Dying-FOX.  Thursday 23rd July 2015.
Not sure about this one.  Looks like it may be a satirical comedy.  It has Omar from The Wire in it wearing a cloth hunting cap.  Think it may be a follow on series.

More information on The Spoils Before Dying.
This is Series Two and Episode Two is on 23rd July, Thursday at 10:30pm on FOX channel.
Cannot find episode one at the moment.
Series Description:
“A pulp-noir murder mystery set in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles’ Jazz scene”

Ah, so that’s why Omar is wearing that cap.  He’s either a Jazz player or it might be set in a kind of Sin City timeless pulp novel kind of style.

Update: (22nd July 2015)
The preceding series to The Spoils Before Dying was called The Spoils of Babylon.


 Partners In Crime
New Series on BBC One on Sunday, 26th July 2015 @ 9pm
BBC One-is channel number 101 on Virgin media TV with number 108 being BBC1 HD.
With David Walliams and Jessica Raine.  There are six episodes.

I believe I have previewed this series somewhere way back when in a Notes to my readers..
This is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s lesser know series of novels about a married couple who become amateur “sleuths” in the nineteen fifties/ 1950’s.

“Sleuth” seems to be the word used to denote an amateur Detective of this time period.

Virgin TV Preview of Episode One:
“It’s 1952, and Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, an ordinary married couple, are thrust into a web of international espionage..”


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