Humans-Episode Six-some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Channel Four or channel number 104 on Virgin Media TV with number 142 being HD. Sundays @ 9pm.


Episode Six
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Posh speaking man to Synthetic Human Hunter/ Scientist:
“That tech was priceless..”

Synth hunter: (I must find out his name I think he is a scientist)
“A gizmo..keeping my heart beating in time..”
“Machine in human”
“Human in machine”..
He continues:
“The lines are blurring..”
Yep.  I said that.

So the family story is growing on me.

Joe’s friend to Joe:
“Susie is in there at the moment, she doesn’t want to see you”
“She thinks you’re an arsehole!”

Ah. Max.  I think he is my favourite character.

Doctor McMillan to Nitska: (she is waving around a knife)
“What made you so..Omnipotent?!”
Ha ha.

Dr. Millican deconstructs Nitska’s experience.

Nitska to Dr. Millican:
“”Why should I regret the loss of one, worthless life!”
Dr. Millican:
“Forget should, it’s do I regret it?”

The scientist/synth hunter pours tea from a beautiful blue and white Wedgewood teapot.

“I cannot!
“Human minds are understanding me..”

I can say that silly but enjoyable funky music is playing and there is a lot of:
(electronic zapping)

Nitska and Doctor Millican.
Doctor Millican:
“He can’t love me, but, I see all that love looking back at me..”

Simon the Healthcare synthetic human and Gill.
“Was that pleasurable Gill?”
“The angle of entry was optimised”!
Ha ha.

Gill to Simon the Healthcare synth:
“Say something random, a compliment..”

Nitska to Dr. Milican:
“Did David care about us?”
Dr. Millican holds Nitska’s hand.

So then something rather tumultuous happens.  Which makes watching the slightly slow moving family story-line worthwhile.

Mattie to Max:
“What’s it like being you?”
“Frightening, confusing..”
“What’s it like being you?”
“The same..”

Oh no.  Simon the Healthcare synth goes rogue.

So all sorts of things are happening.  All over the place.
Leo opens his eyes like a handsome band member.
“My father was David Estler”
“My name is Leo Estler..”

So Humans got really rather good.

Detective Pete Drummond and Karen both together at home, her home are both cringe-worthy awkward and hilarious.

Karen to Pete:
“You must say something nice back”
“You look young, generally”! ha ha.

  Max to Mattie:
“You’ll have to excuse Leo, he’s never had much faith in humanity..”

Mia to Max:
“Look after him..”

Karen to Pete:
“You’re my favourite person in the world”
“Promise me, whatever happens now, remember that”
“I want you to know who I am..”
I should probably stop here.

Leo to Max:
“Stay calm, it’s just the Police”
That’s easy for you to say.  ‘Cause I’m seriously into Humans now.

Don’t tell me it’s gonna get all kinds of sad.
Cause I just can’t look.  It’s not fair.  Noooo.

Celestial but dreadful somehow music plays. I still cannot barely look.



Well you would, you couldn’t help get fond of someone who save your kid’s life.  Wouldn’t you. And you would tend towards keeping them.  Being able to regenerate an injury on retrospection: is a plus.

So Humans really did come together tonight.  With one then another: dramatic crash bang wallops. Like someone banging the cymbals together:  That is just an estimation of the sound. There will be a lot more reverberations than that.  I am thinking.

But I digress.  Or do I.

Since it could be said that dramatic happenings like clashes of thunder heard a long way off: have been happening for a while now.

It’s just that tonight, a few of those far off rumblings gathered and coalesced into some fully fledged storms.  Albeit/ although muted and rumbling in sound.

A bit like the tone and feel of the drama.  Yet it sure packs a punch.  More powerful in effect for exactly those quietly deceptive moments of rumbling before.

On top of all this described: Humans manages to carry off successfully-somehow (don’t ask me how the drama does it) a slightly comical everyday ordinary tinge.  That flavour of normal day to day life. Writ large.

However surely this counterpoint reality, so cleverly constructed perhaps: is the very ingredient of horror.  Since horror stories rely upon the ordinary for balance.

The setting in which the horror takes place such as the mundane: gives an  extra edge to the horror reflected badly in comparison.

That other, unearthly world looks worse for its counterpart.  The counterpoint world.


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