Humans-Episode Four-some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Channel Four or number 104 on Virgin Media TV


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

With some violence..

Anita to the daughter-Mattie:
“I’m here!
“Help me!””
“Help me!”
She grabs at Mattie.

The West Ham fan from Lillehammer to the Synth hunter:
“He bled, blood..”

So Detective Peter Drummond’s wife, Gill and the Healthcare Synthetic human /Richard are acting as a couple now too.
I mean like the soon to be but only now metaphorical coupling of Joe and Anita..

Toby (the son) To girl: (at a party)
“There’s someone else..”

What did I tell you.

Things are getting interesting.

Synthetic human Howard to Laura:
“The story began when Willy Lomax, a travelling salesman..”
Death of A Salesman!

Lady with Synth Howard to Laura:
“We can’t keep insisting that they are gadgets!”
“We made them this way!”

Joe to Anita:
“Can you feel awkward?”

Joe and Anita.
“Rose, mesmerise, summer..”
“I must have played this programme before.”
“Is it kicking in?”
“Did it work?”
(like she had taken ecstasy/e)

Joe to Anita:
“How do I turn you off?”

Awkward.  Unsettling.  Undefined.  As a scene that was.

Detective Peter Drummond to Detective Karen Ross:
“I’m an analogue man in a digital world Karen!”
Oh no.  Is Karen a Synth?  She stopped her frozen faced smiling then when she walked out of the room.

Max to Leo:
“So where is this vast, bearded man?”
(ha ha)

Max to Leo: ( I thought Leo was called Jonas)
“You’re not being very nice to her Leo”..

I’m definitely getting shades of Bladerunner.

Oh no.  An official skinhead.

Lovely scene when Doctor Millican, Leo and Max Meet.
Doctor Millican:
“Whatever this is, it’s for a Synth mind to experience”.  Or summat.

Aha so my secret wonderings about Leo have been resurrected.  Interesting.

So all fairly dark and disturbing so far.

Then Leo plugs something in.

Leo to Anitska:
“Our father..”

The Synth hunter and the hurt Synths.
The Synth:
“C, c, can I help you with something, please, sir?”
he repeats it. (over and over)

I know  why I was getting shades of Bladerunner together with the the Police Detective.  ‘Cause she looks like the actual woman/actress in Bladerunner.



So Humans is tiresomely message laden.  And all a bit icky at times.  Deliberately so.  That’s the trouble I feel. Still, Humans does have its moments.

The slow, lazy strangely casual feel to the pace of Human: creates a claustrophobic effect.  In spite of the chopping between story-lines: the drama is fluid.  However time seems to be moving slow.

Maybe it’s just me expecting everything to be faster in the future.  Or maybe I’m bored.  Because sometimes the slow seeming time frame of Humans drags.

OK there are interspersed scenes of action.  More eponymous warehouses.  Luckily both Leo and Max are interesting and charismatic characters.  They manage to pull their random scenes of their wonderings up to scratch.  We engage with their plight.  Even though what their aim is: is not entirely clear.  Escape?  Possibly.

Likewise the story of the family is nicely pressurised, I feel, by the claustrophobic well-lit (mostly) snail-like pace.  Of the drama.

Laura as a character is growing on me.  Especially of interest is her evolving relationship with Anita.  And vice-versa: Anita’s relationship to/ with Laura.  Fascinating stuff.

For example in the scene in which Anita is questioned by Joe like a computer as to Laura’s whereabouts:as the viewer we are unsure whether Anita is really watching Laura’s back.  Does she?  Where exactly do or will, her loyalties lie?

I espy a future development where Laura stand up for Anita.  Taking her side.  Against guess who..

I had always assumed that Detective Karen Ross, Special Technologies Task Force, was forever smiling at Pete, Detective

Drummond because she was secretly in love with him.  Yes, that old Detective storyline.  But it’s looking like I may have jumped to conclusions.

I do wonder why on earth you would manufacture the Synthetic humans with all working parts so to speak.  Although obviously we have been forewarned.  However the drama isn’t going to let us forget it.  That salient fact.

That the synthetic humans are just that.  Synthetic humans.  And as the loudly proclaiming protector of the Synth Howard says:
“We can no longer talk of them as just gadgets, we made them this way”..

Oh well.  Good luck with that one.  Eh.  It’s all very odd.  As lines are blurring between Synthetic human and human.  Before our eyes.

I probably prefer more colour and painterly styles to the film of a series. (However) Humans does have its moment of multicolour.  Pale washes of blue.  The deep green, brown with black night coloured shots of Leo and Max.

Then there is the Nikita-like Nitska warrioring, if that’s a word, all around town.  Looking fabulous in a dress-up raincoat and by now-smouldering blue eyes.

Humans is all a bit fluffy so far.  Or was.  Until this episode really.  Although the whole viewing experience, for me anyway has a fluffily muted cotton wool feel.

Perhaps its the pace: perhaps it’s the plethora of dead-pan face.  Making the humans talk like they were in some old talkie movie.  In the early days.

All most odd.  As said.  Oddest of all is the micro-close up study of the two point two (children) family life.  It may be the fact that we see mainly faces, filling the screen along with the slow crawling pace of the growing horror: that gives this storyline a claustrophobic feel.

For the viewer of this family storyline our vantage point feels almost as if we were clamped, halfway stuck underneath someone’s sweaty armpit.  Watching the action unfold.

I’m still not really sure if Humans is good.  But I will keep watching..

I just keep writing esoteric tracts about Humans instead.


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