Gotham-Series One-Second half of the series after mid-season break-Final episode-Twenty Two-All Happy Families Are Alike. Some notes and dialogue with Review Part TWO at the end. Minor Spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Channel Five. (Gotham Preview in Notes To my readers..4th March 2014. Part ONE Review posted on 26th October 2014 & Part TWO Review on 26th January 2015. Part ONE Review after the mid-season break posted 29th March 2015 with this final Review being Part TWO)


Episode Twenty Two-22
Final episode and review.

Nb. The second half of the Series was described by me as as series Two but there was actually a mid-season break.  In the one series.


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Previously on Gotham..
A lot.

Julius to Bruce Wayne:
“Your father kept his best self hidden..”

Don Falceone to Jim Gordon:
“You have a hard head just like your father..”

Fish comes ashore.
Fish Mooney to Cat/ Selina Kyle:
“Morning child”
“We ain’t; children, it ain’t morning”.
It will be soon, the start of a brand new day”

Bruce Wayne and Alfred.
Bruce breaks a glass (framed) photograph.
“Still searching for secrets, or just breaking stuff?”

Oh but the scene settings in Gotham are just out of this world.  Well both in it and out of it: artistically speaking.

Jim Gordon to Officer Katz:
“Don’t salute me, you look like a rube!”

Detective Inspector Harvey Bullock to Jim Gordon:
“Don Falceone got hit!
“No, but he will be soon enough..”

And Don Falceone wakes up in the wrong kind of place.

The Penguin comes.  Along with a chubby faced Butch.
Time for me comes to look away.

Until- Jim Gordon is getting better at saving the day.  And making deals and taking the initiative. Generally.

Plus Jim has a half Tin Tin look going on with his hair lately.  He has adapted the Tin Tin look with a three quarter parting.  It’s very sweet and nineteen fifties.  Along with his buttoned up suit and coat too.

But wait.  Fish Mooney is back.  What an entrance.  She has the Mad Max styling going on.  Punk met Goth met Mad Max./ ette.

Selina Kyle and Jim Gordon.
“Oh, that’s mime for help get us outta here, right?”

Fish to The Penguin:
“You will die a slow and painful death on account of Butch..”

Charlotte/ Barbara and Doctor Thompkins.
“Aren’t the best guys a little scary?”!
“Hey, I’m really happy for you, Jim, he’s one of the good guys..”

Don Maroni to Don Carmine:
“You’re hard to kill!”
“No, your people are just second rate!”

Maroni to Carmine: (about Fish)
“She’s an under-boss..”
Maroni to Fish:
“Relax babes”..
Fish Mooney:
Please, don’t call me babes..”
Maroni just blew it.  I know it.

Maroni to his men:
“Feel that buzz in the air gentlemen?”
“Vengeance, power!”
But then Maroni says babes one more time.  And tells Fish to relax.

Fish to Carmine:
“”What, you’re gonna lay back, some place warm,”
“Read your little funny papers?”
“That was the idea, yeah..”

Uh oh.  I think I know what’s gonna happen with Charlotte and dear lovely Dr. Tompkins.  You see Charlotte has had the look of madness in her eyes for a while now.

Things have gone all (the film) The Shining on us.
Great stuff.
Gotham is always different.

Poor Butch.  He can’t make his mind up.
Oh my Goodness..
The Penguin:
“I’m the King of Gotham!”

Miss Kringle to Nygma:
“So you know nothing about this?”
Me?, no..”

Don Carmine to Jim Gordon: 
(Looking down at the city)
“Beautiful huh?”
“Nice knife huh?”
“Your father gave it to me..”
“A knife is a good friend when you have no other..”
“The point is, “
Carmine continues:
“You father was a good, honest man”
 “But he still carried a knife..”

Alfred to Bruce Wayne:
“There are none so blind!”
“Marcus Aurelius!”

Wonderful!  Beethoven’s Fifth plays. (I think)
Weird and wonderful things are happening.


Gotham second half of the Series One
(described in the Blog here as series Two)
Review Part TWO

So what can I say about a series that led me to describe it as cinematographic.  As well as allow me to get away with using the word cinematographic three times in one review.  A win-win situation.

It is some fair time now since Gotham (series One) ended.  Making it harder, I was thinking, to write a review.  However I can still see those panoramic views.  Those unutterably outstanding, visually, sky-lines.

Those fantastic panoramas of the Gotham city sky-line: at night and at all times of the day: must be forever remembered and imprinted on my mind.  Since we don’t really see as such: we see with our mind.  But I digress.

The Gotham city skyscrapers lit so fantastically at night are also linked visually to my viewing mind (that sounds rather pretentious) with the FOX logo done especially for Gotham.  There must be a proper name for this still (that) we see.

I think that the combination of the two is like a lovely piece of art.  Which the still advertisement of FOX for Gotham: and Gotham the series both are.  Works of Art. well I think so anyway.  Cinematographic art.

Gotham, in this second half of the series has certainly come of age.  Just like Bruce Wayne has grown up to be nearly a man.

Yes, the comic book graphic novel style that I originally described as a little cold in feel: did grow a warm beating heart.  Much as I predicted.  Due to the heart twangingly tender story of the boy Bruce Wayne and Alfred, his Butler.

Not forgetting the sweet triangular formation of the trio of Alfred, Bruce and Jim Gordon.  Jim Gordon who starts off at the very beginning committing himself to the solving of Bruce Wayne’s parents murder.

Plus Jim Gordon commits to the case of Bruce Wayne, the motherless child.  (fatherless too-however motherless sounds better and is a song)

Jim Gordon teams up with Alfred to parent and father the orphaned child.  Somehow all this described: manages miraculously not to be mawkish.  At all.  Or even icky.

The excellent acting of the trio of males: Jim Gordon, Alfred the Butler and Bruce Wayne is the reason this storyline succeed.  I feel.

Jim Gordon has definitely got the Gotham vibe.  I am getting the Gotham vibe.  Charlotte and Doctor Thompkins definitely have the Gotham vibe. Detective Inspector Harvey Bullock is the Gotham vibe.

Then there’s Nygma and Miss Kringle, The Penguin, Fish Mooney and the two Dons.  Don Carmine Falceone and Don Maroni.  The list goes on.
(they too have the Gotham vibe).

We’ve all got the Gotham vibe.


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