Arvingerne/ The Legacy-Series Two-Episode Four. In Danish with English subtitles. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD or channel numbers 281/282 respectively on Virgin Media TV. Fridays @ 9pm.

Arvingerne/ The Legacy

Episode Four

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Strong violent scenes from the outset”

Tidligere/ Previously..
Signe and the Bohemian bunch.
“To the hemp Queen!”

Then there was Frederick.  My favourite character.
Then  unspeakable things happened.

Signe and Askar.
The hemp plants are huge now!
“She’s trampling on the plants!”
“She has to go in, to get samples..”

Solveig has ordered a little house or room.  It’s all in black,  Made of wood and matches the summer cabin.

Solveig is lit up like a light-bulb.

Gro to Robert:
“It was hell and now it’s over..”

Kim and Gro.  Dunno but I have my doubts about Kim.  And his fondness/ belief in the new piece. Shall we say.  I think he is playing Gro.

I just know that Frederick will not like the new little cabin.
“It has underfloor heating”!  How cool is that.

And Frederik in his blue shirt stares out at the blue, blue lake.  He doesn’t even realise that his feet are in the water.

“The wheels turn and things happen..”

Emile and Signe.
“Sorry/ Unskyld”
“Sorry/ Unskyld”

So Frederik is still sitting there.
“How long have you been sitting there?”

Yey Solveig.

Gro and Kim.
Gro gets drunk.  Gro-No.  Kim is Mister Touchy Feely.

Signe walks her fields .  She could be in any century.

Signe goes to the party:
“Double shot of Tequila” to the barman.

Martin has an amazing quality of looking frumpy when he is at work.  And like a handsome movie star whenever he is with Signe.

So Gro is down in the basement.  What did I tell you.  OK it was Signe I was hoping would have a go however Gro has that mad angry glint in her eye.  Go Gro.
(Sticks and a giant head of what I will not say.  That’ll do.)

Frederik is still sitting there.   In his blue shirt.
Then he gets busy.

Signe and Jam the hemp farmer.
Oh no.


Review of Episode Four

By the look on Gro’s face as she left the iron casting place I do believe she may be playing Kim just s much as he is possibly playing her.  with his artfully artless recollected ramblings of just how ViktΓΈria would always call him when she had finished a piece..

That really must have been the most visually embarrassing and cringe-worthy group hug.  Ever seen or experienced on screen.

Effected by Gro, Kim and the iron casting guy. He was the third less than willing member. Being driven to eventually and desperately effecting his escape-quite literally.  By having to wrench himself free and poke his head out and under the death-like clasp of Gro’s arms in their vice-like grip.

Of course Gro is playing with fire as regards Kim.  Who can be a deadly, career ending enemy.  As we know.  Gro having charmed him and or threatened him, the latter I seem to remember-back from the brink of downfall once before.


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