The River-Episodes Six and Seven-some notes and dialogue on first watching. Minor Spoilers only. On Netflix in the UK.

Nb. Episode notes only.

The River-Episode Six

Some notes and dialogue on first watching
“Doctor Emmet Cole”

(beautiful guitar music plays)
The crew get to the “falls” and make a discovery.  A tape.  You just know this ain’t gonna be good.

“Aboard the Magus, six or seven months ago”
is the name of the film/ video tape.
Oh no.
Dr. Emmet Cole:
“I felt like I could hear a song..”

Emmet quotes Kipling:
“Something is lost behind the ranges..”

The original camera lady (Rabbit) to Emmet:
“How did you spot that?”
A monkey showed me”!

Emmet is whistling..
Then: Emmet is like he’s on summat.

Ah hah.  Tess is the name of the fearless wife.
(camera whines)That can’t be good.
“It’s calling us..”

So we see from the (video) tape that Dr. Cole was excellent at surviving in the jungle.
Oo err.

So Emmet does something genius that I had been silently urging him to.  Guess that makes me a genius too.

“There’s magic out there!”
He’s very smiley.
He whistles..
Wind stops.
(wind stops whistling)

Emmet to Salsa: (the dog)
“And the good Lord said..”
So this is looking super sad.

“The Chumana Indians say that the stars are the blanket thrown over the sky that the birds made holes in when they tried to escape..”

Well I already predicted this.  As we were meant to.  In a beautifully framed shot earlier.  With just one eye showing.

Me I am just concentrating on this page right now.

What?  I have been speechless for a while.
(it seems like I was worried about a certain scene for nothing)

Yeah, but do the crew know the tune?


Episode Seven.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So we find out Kurt’s full name as he makes another call.

Sounds you don’t expect to hear in the jungle:
Men, singing in German.
Bet it’s a record.
Ghostly singing continues.
Now it’s a woman singing in German.  Very beautiful.

Uh oh.
Footprints of a certain kind.

The crew move forward.
“Do you hear that?”
“It’s coming from in here..”
(buzzing sound continues)
I cannot say.  There are some things I can’t or are best not described.

Lots of torch lights down dark corridors.

Oh yes.  You might want to make sure you have had your dinner before this episode.
(howl) (roar)

So this episode is proper The Walking Dead.  And I have suspicions of someone.
(howling continues)

“No signs of arteriosclerosis”..

And AJ asks Kurt some questions.

“There’s a tunnel that connects the buildings..”

This scene is kind of like the aftermath of a really good or really bad party.  Ha ha.

Yeah, but don’t give up yet guys.
I’m still waiting..

And then…yes then.
Nb.  it’s a dragonfly.  Not a hummingbird.

Gotta go.  Seminal scene I think.
(wings flapping)
(Tess grunting)

Lordy.  Lordy.  Give me a Garibaldi.  OK they don’t have those sort of biscuits any more.

So it’s all somewhat tense.

Lincoln to Lena:
“You, in an apartment?”
“It’s like a falcon, in a jacket”.

Me-I think there maybe one more surprise to come.
Hmmm.  I wonder.

Kurt speaks in German to AJ.
Oh no.  What did I tell you.
I’ve been wondering about Kurt for a while now.
 (But) I do like it when he speaks German.


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