The River-Episodes Four and Five-Short notes and dialogue on first watching with short review after Episode Four. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK on Netflix.

The River-Episodes Four and Five

Episode Four-
“A Better man”

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.
Fearless wife:
“So the only option is that we continue on into uncharted territory and draw the map as we go..”

Lincoln sings and plays guitar:
“Come on sons and daughters, gather round..”

(Lena plays the accordion)
You just know something is about to go down.
Because everyone is happy..


Short Review
So Episode Four of The River was a walk in the park competitively speaking.  Compared to episodes one two and three.  Or maybe I am gaining some horror watching credentials.

You could say it’s been a baptism of fire.  I mean: what else, horrifically, unexpectedly and outrageously creepily- could possibly go wrong?  Lots probably.

That might be it.  I have seen so much of the above kind of description already.  Perhaps it has to get worse than that now.  This is like a sort of horror addiction.


Episode Five-

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nb.  Russ the cameraman (of the original Docotr Emmet Cole expedition) is Lena’s father.

I particularly like the lighting of the film crew’s cameras.

Gotta go.  Horrors to watch. Put it this way I have my hat all ready.  Riding low.

So the horror in this episode is of a whole different sort.

(clanking and ghostly voices continue)

“There’s something behind the door..”
(Ghostly sounds)
That is all I’m gonna say.

I knew it.  I knew it from the beginning.
When we saw- I cannot say.


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