The River-Episode Two-On Netflix and Syfy Channel number 135 on Virgin Media TV currently in the UK. Episode Two-some notes and dialogue with Review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. (please see posting 3rd June 2015 for Episode One and review)

The River.

Episode Two-

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nb.  The explorer/ Doctor is called Dr. Emmet Cole.
Lincoln is the name of his son.
Clarke is the name of the film crew producer.

OK so like with episode one you’re not going to believe what just happened.

Let’s just say it involves a hummingbird.  I knew they were bad news.
Jahel is the daughter of the ship’s (Magus) Engineer, Emilio.
Not Jahel..”

This is all most odd.  Truly.

A.J. is the name of the Cockney cameraman.
A.J: (to camera)
“So a little girl who talks to ghosts has told us not to go there…but we’re going there!”

Lana is the name of the daughter of Dr. Emmet Cole’s original cameraman-Russ.
Lana: (in the jungle)
“Sir Henry Nevins..”

Child’s voice:
(growling and chirping)

“How the fuck does a monkey get a doll’s head out here?”!

I knew Marbley was going to be important.

So odd things are happening.
(crackles)  (whooshing)

The dolls dangle.  Another line I never thought I’d write.

Note to self: I’m not sure I am in for the long haul on this one.

Oh no.
“Whilst washing her dolls in the water..”
“One day, her doll falls in the water..”

Nb. Kurt is the S.A.S style security guy.

Kurt to Lincoln:
“What have you taken?”
“I have kept Marbley”..

Oh no.
OK I’m laughing but not quite.  This has to be some of the strangest TV I have ever seen.

Now Kurt is having a go.
“Give me the bear!”
I can’t look.

What.  the.  hell.  is.  going.  on.
OK.  I get it.  But that understanding doesn’t really help.  Much.

Here we go.  Lincoln turns to the camera.  Told you he was looking gaunt.
“Give her back!”
Oh my Good God.

Un-fucking-believable.  As Mister Big from Sex In The City might have said.

“There’s a whole world of things out there, that I never knew, terrifying..”
You could say that.  yes.

The Hummingbird returns.

Great stuff.   Lincoln has found his old necklace.  He comes up on deck.
Lincoln: (to Lana)
“So how was your day?!”

Best dialogue of Episode Two:
“It’s only a stream!”
( As soon as I heard that-well..)



So The River is full on ghost story horror.  So far.  Phewee.  The good news is-well on the basis of these two episodes: there is only going to be one, uhum, happening.  Or maybe two.

Also so far the crew are not appearing to be getting picked off.  One by one.  In a succession of gruesome grisly deaths.  Oh wait.  I did forget one  incidence.  Of which I cannot say.

(I’m) Not too good on ghost stories.  Somehow they could be said to more bothering than gore.  I think they are.  Still-The River is performing, if slightly circuitous and unpredictable, in leaps and bounds.  Much like the river.

Yes-I was getting worried for the Cockney cameraman, A.J.  who had done that fool-hardy thing of arguing with-even challenging: the unknown.  We all know how that goes down usually.  In a horror movie.

Visions of dreadful recollections of  John Wayne and his donkey.  Or some such hero.  Or the poor unfortunate man, who got trapped, on the quicksand.  And they tried to pull him out.  But they only had men. They needed a donkey.

But the donkey was in the middle of the quicksand.  Going down fast.  Like the man.  Now you could only see his shoulders.  Now his head.

If no-one, including the man, could get a donkey in time
(and sometimes the donkey, quite sensibly had managed to run away and would not come  back no matter how desperately the man would call him)  Then things were not looking good for the sinking man/ head.

Sometimes all that was left was a poncho.



On second thoughts-It may have been a mule-rather than a donkey in those old John Wayne films.

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