Taxi Brooklyn Episode One- A One-off Review with some dialogue. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Netflix. (Taxi Brooklyn is first previewed in Notes to my readers…posted 18th June 2015)

Taxi Brooklyn

Not sure if Taxi Brooklyn is meant to be entirely serious.  But then I always think that.  Before some dreadful happening and or gore.

There are times when I think Taxi Brooklyn is serious.  And times when I think the drama ain’t. Serious that is.

Still, I enjoyed it. Taxi Brooklyn is, I saw, based on the original film Taxi by Luc Besson.  Love.  that.  film.  The remakes are good.  But just not the same.

Still, I digress.
Other than to say I had (already) twigged that this series might be like that original.  From Taxi.  Just ’cause of the Taxi.  And the description.

Taxi Brooklyn is filmed like an old series from which decade I couldn’t pinpoint exactly.  Dated. Back in time.  This veteran styling and flavour to the opening credits, the dialogue and the story: is so different now as to be charming.

All in all.  If charming is the right word.  Yes, I think so.

I forgot to say that at the same time the time honoured Cop/ Police stories,  the chunky opening scenes, the accordion synthesiser music-let’s not forget the more than mad-cap car chases: are all inherently corny in flavour to watch.

That’s what makes for the charm of Taxi Brooklyn.

Of the two main characters I would say that the driven Detective Sullivan so far is rather woefully wooden. However the Taxi driver, Romba, makes up for this.  Leo Romba, in spite of his faltering French-African accent, was an enigmatic and interesting character to watch.

I liked Vincent too.  Brave enough to blow kisses at Cops carrying guns.


Some dialogue from Episode One:

Police Chief to driven Detective:
“I told your father I would look after you..”

Leo Romba: (about the  pastries) to the driven Detective’s Mother:
“I would die for the pastries!,”
“Eating them is my hobby!”

The driven Detective has a variable Irish accent.  Oh yes.  And there is a cute kid.

Police Chief to Driven Detective:
“Tell me, how many (Police) partners have you had?”!

Federal Agent (ex-boyfriend) to driven Detective:
“I’ll give you forty eight hours”..

Told you there were time-honoured Cop stories.


So before you know it, as expected and hoped, they (Romba and the driven Detective) will be teamed up together and fighting, solving crimes.  Hey, they might even make Romba a Policeman.  That would be cool.

So Taxi Brooklyn is reminding me of the original film Taxi.  Plus a few other films as well.  Maybe a book. Taxi Brooklyn is a little bit, OK, a lot uneven.  But the drama has its good moments.  We get to see Brooklyn.  And from the air.

The taxis are modern.  I think.  But no Fiats.  Boo hoo.  Or was it a Peugot.  (in the original)

I think Taxi Brooklyn might get better.  If not it’s still a fun and interesting watch.



The driven Detective is called Detective Caitlyn Sullivan.
The taxi driver’s name is Leo Romba.  He goes by just Romba at first.


According to the link below: Luc Besson has been involved in writing 12 episodes of Taxi Brooklyn in 2014- Oo la la!

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