Quick note to my readers of some new and returning series in the UK: Jordskott, Humans and The Legacy/ Arvingerne Series Two-starting dates.

The Swedish series-
this Wednesday coming-10th June 2015 @9pm i believe. ITV Encore Channel number 123 on SKY.

The bad news is as I discover-I won’t be able to watch it-nooo! This is because unless you are a Sky customer, or have NOW TV, you will not be able to watch it.   This channel is not available to Virgin Media TV users like me.  Boo hoo.
Apparently Jordskott will be “out on DVD in August”.


Starting on:
Sunday 14th June 2015 on Channel Four or channel number 104 on Virgin Media TV-Channel 142 is Channel Four HD
at 9pm.
Virgin Media TV preview of Humans-Series One-Episode One:

“Leo is a human on the run with his Synth, Max and the two unlikely companions are desperately searching for someone, but what or who are they running from?  Meanwhile, retired Synth engineer George reminisces about the past wi…”(with?)
This is all it says.
Nb.  William Hurt is in it.


The good news is that the Danish series The Legacy/ Arvingerne-is returning for a second series-this Friday coming!

The Legacy Series Two
This Friday, 12th June 2015 on Channel sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD channel numbers 281 and 292 respectively on Virgin media TV.
Nb.  I notice that I have lost Sky Arts 2-“channel no longer available”

TV Preview for The Legacy/ Arvingerne-Series Two-Episode One:
“One year has passed and Signe is growing more and more frustrated as she struggles to get her hemp farm up and running at Gronnegard”.

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