Note to my readers of some new series: Dark Matter on Syfy Channel, Saboteurs on More 4 and notes on Netflix series Taxi Brooklyn and The Murder Mysteries Of Miss Fisher

Note to my readers of some new series in the UK:

Dark Matter-Syfy channel numbers 135 and 165 HD on Virgin Media TV
Premièred 15th June 2015.
Nb.  There are no subtitles for Dark Matter.  This was the case with the series Extanct too.  Perhaps the Syfy channel doesn’t do them.

TV Preview:
“The crew of a derelict spaceship awakes from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board”.

Just put up a one-off review of Dark Matter.  On 18th June 2015.

More 4
This Friday, 19th June 2015 @ 9pm on More 4 Channel-number 147 on Virgin Media TV. With channel number 203 being HD.

This sounds and looks interesting. More 4-once the home of Southland, Nashville and one of my favourite Scandinavian series: the Norwegian series Mammon.  Norwegian series being very rare.  Well here in the UK. (Although see DVD’s of Varg Veum)

TV Preview of Saboteurs:
“Dramatic recount of one of the most exciting episodes of the Second World War”

In Norwegian, English, Danish with English subtitles.

Virgin media TV Preview of Episode One:
“When the German Scientist Werner Heisenberg is accused by the Nazi regime of being politically ‘unreliable’, his mother appeals to the mother of SS leader Heinrich Himmler, and Heisenberg is allowed to join a secret Nazi nuclear energy project”

See link:

Quoted from above link-Channel Four.  Sourced 19th June 2015.
“Norwegian dramatisation of one of the most gripping episodes of the Second world War, recounting the Nazi’s efforts to develop an atomic bomb and the Allie’s desperate struggle to prevent it happening”



On Netflix whilst watching Between in instalments (having finished the rather wonderful and madly horrific- The River)
I have checked out: (one episode each)

Taxi Brooklyn
Silly but kind of fun.  Based (rather loosely) on the original Luc Besson film: Taxi.

Kind of like a funky 1970’s Cop/ Police series met 21st century generic Cop Series.  With some terrible accents. Has a certain charm of its own.  Possibly trying to look like a French series.  Or a 1970’s one. Not sure. One to keep behind the ear for the televisual desert times..Safe to watch during dinner.  Mostly.

Nb.  Just put up a one-off review of Episode One of Taxi Brooklyn with some dialogue- on 22nd June 2015.


The Murder Mysteries of Miss Fisher

Set in the 1920’s.  Really rather good. Think  the (1920’s) Italian series Inspector de Luca in terms of style and quality.  Then perhaps the Honourable Peter Whimsey of Dorothy Parker fame.  Mixed with the Lord Linley mysteries.

With a good dash of Puck in (the Swedish series) Crimes of Passion in terms of verve, style and sass. Plus of course that insatiable and incisively intelligent interest in murder and crime. Possessed by Phryne Fisher.

The Right Honourable Phyrne Fisher, Lady Detective is an an  English aristocratic “flapper” in the 1920’s.  Who goes to Australia to..
Well that would be telling.

Netflix description of the Murder Mysteries of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries:
“Get ready to  immerse yourself in the opulent exciting and sometimes dangerous world of Australia’s leading lady Detective, Phryne Fisher”

Coming Soon-Channel Four in the UK to launch-
 4World Drama. 
“In the Autumn” I subsequently read somewhere.  Which could mean anything really.  In my experience “Autumn”sometimes means the new year..

Sourced and quoted from the Independent newspaper Wednesday 10th June 2015. by Adam Sherwin:
“Channel Four is launching a new foreign language drama service to capitalise on the public appetite for high-quality subtitled imports”.

The on-demand service, 4 world Drama, will be available in the UK va Channel 4’s new digital hub, ALL4.  More than 400 hours of drama will be available for “box-set” viewing on All4, with a selection of the best series shown on More 4.”

“Channel four enjoyed success with the French supernatural drama seris “The Returned”.
“The new channel  is a partnership between Channel Four and Global series Network.  (GSN)  Walter Luzzolini , of GSN, said:
“4World  Drama is a heavily curated service bringing together the very best scripted content from around the world, offering viewers and outstanding selection of must-see thriller to Belgian murder capers, Argentine family sagas to German cold war pieces.  The most exciting storytelling in the world is finally coming together in one place.”

My notes.
So I have found the All4 in the On-Demand section on my tivo box. Just go for select by channel and then Four. So far All4 is a collection of Channel Four/ More4 series.  Presumably at some point it will be added to by the new All4World Drama.  Cool.

I was just thinking whilst watching The River that it was lovely to hear German spoken.  Where are the German series?  It would be nice to check one out.


News on Tyrant Series Two-
Tyrant Series Two has already aired in America- on 16th  June 2015.   No news yet of it appearing over here in the UK.  That would be on FOX Channel. Reminder of Tyrant season 2 releasRelease date of Tyrant season 2 is on 16th June Reminder of Tyrant season 2 release Release date of Tyrant season 2 is on 16th June 201

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