Dark Matter-A New series in the UK on Syfy Channel number 135 or 165 for HD Mondays @ 8pm and 11pm. Some notes and dialogue on first episode and a one-off review. Minor spoilers only. First aired 15th June 2015.

Dark Matter
UK Premiere-
Monday @ 8:00pm and 11:30pm
(#Dark Matter)

Fist aired 15th June 2015.
Channel Syfy number 135 on Virgin media with 165 being Syfy HD channel.
Nb.  There are no subtitles for Dark Matter. This was the case with Extanct too.  Perhaps Syfy channel doesn’t do them.


Dark Matter
TV Preview/ Description:
“The crew of a derelict spaceship awakes from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board”

TV Preview of episode one:
“The crew of a derelict spaceship awake from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. They must work together to survive.

Dark Matter.
Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Atmospheric music.  Space.  We zoom in on an enormous floating  space ship.  We as viewers then reach the stylishly lit cavernous metal inside.  Of the spaceship.

I say stylishly since there are twin red flashing neon light bulbs set along the corridor.

So a handsome man awakes from standing storage or rather stasis.

Shortly there follow an unaccountably arse-kicking gal.  Who proceeds to kick the proverbial out of the guy.
Later she explains that:
“You got in my way”.

The guy:
“I’m one”
“She’s two, three, four, five, which makes you- six”.

So far so generic.  We shall see.

So it’s a really cool spaceship. Especially the  flight deck.

The good news is that Mcgyver is in it!

The acting is a bit underwhelming. But things are getting interesting…Psychologically.

Yes the spaceship is super stylish.  Plus satisfyingly mysterious.  More neon lights of tubing.  (guess it depends if you like neon tubing-I do)

“Calculations complete..
“Set to FTL” (speed)  What’s that then.

The girl:
“A big door, they keep it locked, always”
“What’s inside?”

So two of the men have found a mysterious object.

The ship is flying speedily.  At a high rate of knots through space.  Covered in flashy wavy blue neon light around it.
Which I suppose signifies the FTL speed.

“What kind of ship is this?” asks the guy of the woman.
“Is it a Moroder?”
(it sounded like Moroder-who knows there are no subtitles)
“Nice!” He says.
Then off to the surface they go..

Guess what. it’s not McGyver it’s Deacon from Nashville.  Hilarious and wonderful.  He is having a rare old time swaggering about as the all action hero with a simply enormous gun.

Although he isn’t the Boss.  A sizzlingly stern and implacable raven-locked lady is.  With her hair perfectly blow dried and curled, come to think  of it, straight out of stasis.  And who know that stasis could be carried out standing up..



So Dark Matter was kind of fun.  I notice it is a Canadian Production.  I usually like Canadian Series.  They are fresh and different.  haven’t seen any for a while.  Although one could count Orphan Black perhaps.  Which is a BBC America production but,I believe, set in Canada.

Dark Matter is all a bit daft so far. However i like dramas that are a bit daft.  Indeed I had planned to watch Dark Matter.  That must be the first time, nope the second time that I’ve watched something on the Syfy channel.

It was hearing of Extanct and enjoying that series which led me to consider finding another Science fiction/ sci-fi series.  I was in the mood for something zany, cheerful and futuristic..

Strangely, for me anyway, Science fiction series have an odd optimism about them.  Not that optimism is odd.  But that a sci-fi series is,  I find, uplifting somehow.  Simply because it’s set in the future.  Not uplifting in a spiritual way I don’t think.  Though that could be possible. But sounds truly pretentious.

No- some Sci-fi , but not all sci-fi.  I don’t know why.  It’s just plain interesting intellectually.  Even exciting to contemplate.

I said odd optimism a while back in this long winded explanation or extrapolation on the inherent fun involved in contemplating the future.

Since no matter what kind of disturbing drama the sci-fi series is:  that upbeat OK uplifting mood entwined with sci-fi drama remains.

So it was with Extanct.  Which was pleasantly daft into the bargain.

This allure of sci-fi must lie with the future possibilities, the inventions, the science, the technologies, the monsters…

Because there (will) be monsters.  There will always be monsters. Just new and improved ones. Much like the people.

Apocalyptic dramas are in essence: the same.

There is a moment when two of the men look admiringly at the retreating derrière of the tough talking beautiful bad-ass Captain of the ship.

Well-self-appointed Captain because remember that none of them, the crew,  remember who they are. Although we find out at the end of this episode. Everyone that is bar the green haired girl. Of unspecified age.

I forgave the characters this possible objectification as described. (I felt the guys were both generally and specifically admiring)  Plus the drama itself.

Since the scene seemed to fit, the Captain did have an enviable pair of black trousers (possibly some super duper future material) with a Lara Croft style gun holster on one leg.  Plus she had plenty of swagger going on sufficient to cancel out anything else.

Not to mention performing admirably well for a Captain who couldn’t remember that she was. However the Captain had stood over the control panel of the ship and generally:
“Felt what to do”.

More specific knowledge of the ship’s systems however are provided by somebody else.  That person proves to be an interesting even fascinating character.  In a role that let’s just say is so in at the moment.  In sci-fi series.  I shall say no more.



No it’s not Deacon.  It’s the guy from McGyver and or Farscape I reckon.  I will check.

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