Arvingerne/ The Legacy Series Two-Episode One-some notes and dialogue and a review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. In Danish with English subtitles. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD channels 281 & 282 respectively on Virgin Media TV- Fridays @ 9pm.

The Legacy/ Arvingerne

Series Two-Episode One.

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Tiglidere/ previously..
Quite a lot actually.
I remember this bit about the Art.

& We meet Isa.
Who is the girlfriend of the father-Thomas.

Et år senere/ One year later.

It’s Signe.
And a sort of hippie commune.
So C’mon, tell us, whose baby is it?!
Gro is there.

Isa looks terrible.
Thomas shows Isa the bowl.
“Is she going to be in that?”
“No, it’s for when I paint her..”

So I had high hopes for the cardigan wearing Hemp farmer and Signe.  But now he has grey hair and has introduced her to young Asker.  However the hemp farmer does like Signe I believe.

So here is Frederik and he is telling his family some home truths.  He is telling them he has a problem with getting angry but tells it angrily.  It’s totally messed up.  They are all living in a small summer house I think.  Frederik has gone a bit mad.

So the family have taken over the house at Grønnegard like a bunch of Bohemians met the Bloomsbury set.  (With one stray William Morris met a hipster look-alike all bearded stylishly and puffing a small pipe)

So here is Emile.  Who is living in hell.  And they are all fucking with him.  Including his lawyer.

Sooner or later Signe will have to put her foot down of course.  If she wants to.

Gro to Emile: (on the phone)
“Don’t go getting in trouble at the last will you”..

The Statue.
Thomas to Signe:
“I think that’s you in there..”
“She lived down here,”
“She was skin and bones.”

I’m really pleased with the work Gro has done.  I was previously hoping that Signe would be pushed in some way to become the artist.
We shall see.

Because I’m with Emile in his summation of the situation.
There is going to be demands.  And more demands.

Isa is just a little bit mad.  She may be just a bit depressed.  I wonder.  (post-post-partum depression)

I half expect Isa to do something awful to herself.  Any time soon.  There was a moment I feel, that we were meant to worry about the baby.

Signe doesn’t need any of the rest of them, her family around.  In fact she needs to be on her own i feel.  To really make Grønnegard her own.  The rest of the family may work together better than separately or alone.

So the baptism ceremony is like the film The Whicker Man.

They’re not taking the baby out on a little dock on the river are they?
Isa is going to do something in a minute…
I can’t look.
Poor Isa.  All this because everyone bar Signe and her adopted family are completely mental.

Now there’s good crazy and bad crazy.  Thomas, for example is good crazy.  Or not even crazy at all.  (he just smokes a lot of weed)  But Gro is bad crazy.  Watch out when Gro’s about.

So in Thailand the Police are playing Emile like a fish on a string.  They probably all have a good chuckle about it after Emile has gone.

Varg Veum or rather Robert finally talks some sense.
Well he’ll always be Varg Veum to me.

I always thought that Thomas and the lawyer lady were good together.

So Frederik’s family are being healed through music.
Well Frederik anyway.  (and Villads his son)

Back in Thailand.
Oh no.  It’s not good.
I guess Emile just doesn’t have the right attitude yet.  To their mind.


Review Part ONE

So The Legacy is a bit all over the place.  Much like the characters therein.  I think they are meant to be.  or rather that we are meant to see that the character’s lives or themselves perhaps are acting a little erratic.

There was this aspect to series one in the beginning too: when we see first Veronika then Gro, show evidence of unconventional art.  Almost officially unconventional.  And annoying.

Verønika and Gro are annoying in their arrogance. Or artistic arrogance I suppose.  Or so it seems to us, the viewer.  As with the painting over of the family portrait by Verønika. (in series one)

However the actual creation of the/ a piece itself is probably the product of focused and quiet contemplation.  It is all the extra ideas on top, the organization of all that: that often goes awry.

Things look beautiful but may be actually dangerous to use for the purpose they have. Other creations fall down.  Nearly on top of people.  In Verønika’s wake for example.

All this erroneous stuff is what is annoying.  Annoying even extreme behaviour.  It could be argued.

Even though this whole progressive art as process mixed with old school hippy trippy stuff is superficially fun and harmless: the drama was getting a little bit Rosemary’s baby met The Whicker Man there for a while.

The artistic bunch are almost implacable in their beliefs.  At times they took on the resemblance of a woodland cult.  As evinced through the eyes of poor Isa.  An electric performance I felt.  Practically eclipsing the rest of the cast off-screen.  I don’t quite know why.

I felt that all of this erratic nature of the drama is meant to be a reflection of the characters’ behaviour. At the beginning.  In the opening scene.


I will probably only do notes on the first two episodes and then review towards/ at the end of the series.

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