Wayward Pines-Episode One-some notes and dialogue on first watching with review Part ONE at the end. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK on FOX Channel Thursdays @ 9pm. First aired 14th May 2015. (Please see notes for my readers..posted 9th May for more description of Wayward Pines)

Wayward Pines.

TV Preview from Virgin Media TV:
for Wayward Pines Series One-episode One.

“After surviving a terrible car crash, secret service Agent Ethan Burke finds himself in the charming, bucolic town of Wayward Pines.  But soon discovers that something isn’t quite right”.

Episode One.


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Matt Dillon.
Opens his eyes, upside down.

(Birds chirping)
Which was weird because in the real world-birds were chirping here too. Odd.

So flashback (we think) to Ethan speaking to his therapist.  About That. Case. As in dramatic (Detective/ Agent) trope.

I love the opening credits.  It is a model town.

“Mr. Burke..” the slightly sinister and nineteen fifties styled Mrs Bey in her nurse’s dress.  She is calling to Ethan Burke.
Ethan to Nurse Bey:
“And what about Agent Stallius?”

So you just know that it ain’t good that the Hospital does not have his stuff.

The way too cheery nurse to Matt Dillon:
“Agent Ethan Burke..”
I’ll be back in two hours, with dinner, gravy and beans!”

Juliette Lewis/Beverley to Ethan:
“So what brings you to Wayward Pines?”

She gives him a note.  On the back is written:
There are no crickets in Wayward Pines.

I was thinking earlier that it was way, way too quiet in Wayward Pines.

As Ethan exits the diner.  He hears a noise..
A cricket.  I think he is bending down to pick one up, carefully and carry it back into the Bar.  To prove to disbelieving Juliette Lewis/ Beverly.  That there are crickets- well at least one.  In a romantic kind of way.  But no, Ethan bends down and picks up..

Ethan wonders along to number 604.

The Sheriff to Ethan:
“Rum Raisin, hmm..” he eats half a Cornetto..

Ethan is still calling.  Phone calls on the clanky old fashioned phones.

So things are getting surreal.  To put it mildly. Nobody has any mobiles for a start.  However it could be in a   different time era. It is unclear.  However I think Wayward Pines is meant to be odd.  Look odd.  Feel odd.  Way too quiet for a start.  It can be that quiet in the country.  But not that quiet in town surely.

Ethan Burke could be in heaven.  He could be in hell.  Or even purgatory..Or maybe it’s those Haunted Woods.   Mentioned in the Returned.  In the story of the fairy.

Ethan Burke’s experience in wayward Pines is just getting worser and worser.
And even worser..  If that was possible.
The sinister nurse is whistling.

But wait I might actually be able to breathe now.

Ethan and Beverly run.
Through the hospital corridors.
Why is there water dripping on the floors.  The linoleum pale green floors of the hospital corridor?

The sinister nurse:
“Since You’re a good patient,”
“I’ll give you a present, that present will be anaesthesia..”!
“A monster does of simlixthesinium..”
Sheete.  This is all very nerve wracking to be sure.

Beverley and Ethan.
“What you think it’s ….?”
“It’s ….”
I’m not telling.

Man with a walkie-talkie:
“Ten-thirteen-thirty six-thirty eight”
“Ain’t doing great”!
I’m getting that Truman Show feeling.

Certainly the scenery in Wayward Pines is exceptional.
My favourite scene so far being the overgrown garden of number six hundred and four, First Avenue.

Then: things get even weirder.

The houses are very nice.  Wooden ones painted white.  Like in Australia.  (well- in the series Secrets and Lies)

Kate to Ethan:
“They’re watching us.”
“They’re listening”
Its’ all very  (The) Prisoner.  I’m telling you.

The hedges are clipped neat.  Too neat.  In topiary shapes.  The Romans invented topiary apparently.

I had better stop here.  I have already told too much..
Oh no.
I had this same feeling as Ethan once.  When I went one floor down instead of up.  In an unknown place.

Ethan’s colleague and (a) strangely cheerful man.
“I want it to stop”
“It’s too late, it’s all taken care of, don’t worry”

Meanwhile Ethan returns to his car.  Quickly in the pouring rain.
“You didn’t get very far, did you?..”


Review of Wayward Pines  Part ONE

So Wayward Pines was lots of fun.  Yet super scary.   Certainly it seemed like my heart was beating a whole bunch faster in parts.  To the point of being distracting.  Which perhaps was a good thing.  In all.  I really shouldn’t watch such things.  I only just got used to the zombies in The Walking Dead.

Boom Boom boom.  But a lot faster than that.  Went my heart.  Possibly more like a drum ‘n bass beat than anything.  That being the fastest rhythm I can think of.  Or African drumming perhaps.

Then it was a while till I noticed I was inadvertently holding my breath.  Which realisation too, as the heart-beat distraction, must be a good thing.

Since it takes away full attention from the Escher painting-like interminable inner circle of hell.  Into which square-jawed and capable and straight talking Ethan Burke has tumbled.  Into a place both conscripted and nondescript.


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