The Returned (remake) Episodes nine and ten-final episode-some notes and dialogue with final review at the end. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix original. First aired in the UK on…..

The Returned.

Episodes Nine and ten and final review at the end.

Episode nine

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Cat Stevens-Wild World plays-sigh.

Nb.  Helen was married to George Costa.

Some characters are different in the remake.  Or it may be my take on the drama this time.  Certainly the remake does seem to explain more in terms of depth and understanding..motivations for the characters.

“William Goodwin said..loss is greater in him that survives”

I swear that Pierre, or rather Peter is more like a guru or religious leader.  Indeed the whole memorial service  was bordering on some kind of worship.

OMG: so there is a big surprise at the end.  Plus I was very surprised that it was the end like- what?
Oh well.  Short but sweet.  Sinister too.


Episode Ten

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Ben Hunter and Camille.

Helen Costa:
“This town is cursed, Caldwell and everybody in it”

Peter makes a surprising confession.  To his mob of quasi-religious followers.  I mean grieving parents.  The support group.

We find out the story of Peter..
(flashback time)
Peter’s friend:
“You won’t make it without me!
Blimey. this is cheerful.  Not.  We see the paper back-On The road by Jack Kerouac.

Present Day.
Peter looks at an old photo.

Musical notes in brackets

Lucy comes to look at the mural painted on the town wall.  With all the people who died when the dam burst (painted) on it.
(eerie whispering and calling)

“I stand in the land”
Of the rocks of the valley”..

Lucy and Jack.
“The voices, they said something bad is going to happen..”

Rowan to Pastor Watson:
Crying.  Darkly beautiful in a pale white gown.
“Something bad’s gonna happen..”

Then a beautiful stranger turns up./  Rock music playing.  Showing she is officially cool.

Helen Costas is driving along when a vision appears in the back seat.  Something odd is rolling around on the bottom of the car floor.

Peter and Claire have a heart to heart.
Which doesn’t go well.

So Julie twigs to what Victor is all about.

Mournful cello music plays.
Are you supposed to have sad music for your wedding?
You just know that it’s all going to go wrong.

Helen to Simon:
“I don’t believe in coincidences..”

So there are some different parts in the remake.  Unless I was too freaked out by the original’s sinisterness and soundtrack to see at the time.

Cellos play Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring.  Lovely.

So things are getting serious.
We see the pearlescent moon over the blue mountains at night.

Somehow the singer makes Wild world by Cat Stevens into a dark and troubling song.

Meanwhile: Helen is on a mission.
(electricity crackling)

Wtf.  (what the fuck)
I don’t remember that bit.

Meanwhile Helen whispers:
“OK George, just like I promised..”

Then things start happening.  Sink-wise.
(voices eerily whispering indistinctly)

Lucy to Rowan:
“I’m supposed to give you a message, when he comes..”
(footsteps thudding rapidly.  water rushing)
Then Simon.  Looks and shouts.
“No! No!”
What.  His vision stops.  Phew.

Simon runs away into the dark blue forest and night. Under the huge bough of an ancient tree.

That’s it.  Over.


So I was thinking that episode nine was the final episode: having forgotten that it was weekly instalments.  On that basis I thought the ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger. However the real ending was confusing and peremptory too.  Too soon.  What was that?  Is this really happening?  Is this the.  End.  ha ha.

I dunno.  Is it another of those damn visions?  The multiple flashbacks to the past.  As each returnee so to speak trips back to their past.  usually the day they died.  So if what Simon is seeing is a flashback- he would have to have been present at the original happening. But he was not..Hmm.

There was I predicting calamity at the wedding.  Of Rowan and Tommy Salerno.  Tommy who is grinning in his vows in Church like he was the jolly green giant.  Even ogreish in appearance Tommy was.  Which was odd since he is a very handsome guy.

Other things and even people: Lucy for example were starting to get iffy.  Perhaps it was that weird other worldly pale blue white lighting creating the effect in the Church.  As Tommy grins down at Rowan, radiant in white-with jet black hair and shining eyes. Well they got that bit over with thank goodness.

Because odd things are happening in town.  Electricity is crackling.  Helen, the Maenad from True Blood is on a vengeful but curative (in her mind) mission.   Now possibly locked in the catacombs of concrete.

Can Simon, sympathetic here in the remake as a character to me this time, save the day?

Will Julie, be safe now, having done the right thing finally with Victor?  Will she ever be free of him I wonder.  Is Julie really the Fairy?  She could be.

Who or what-is Victor?  why does he do what he does.  Apart from the obvious.  And so on.

I really enjoyed The Returned.  The drama was fabulously decked out in subtle shades of light and palette pale washes of colour.  The film felt shot crisply , evoking almost, that crisp mountain air. The clarity of light up there.

Then there was the Redwood honey treacle colours of the wooden built houses.  With their interiors created out of the same wood.  The kitchen that does not look like a kitchen.  With giant cabinets of dappled cherry.  Or so it seemed.

I liked that we got more explanation of everything in this American series. Perhaps I should stop comparing the remake with the original.  But some comparisons are valid I think.  That said, I found the ending a little bit underwhelming.  Shocking as it appeared.  We were no wiser really.  The end. Cliff-hanger of course.

Oh yes- I did find this series to be overall less sinister and spooky than the original.  Certainly towards the end- in the last few episodes.  Uncertain as those episodes were in flavour.  And they were.

I guess you never knew quite what you’re going to get in The Returned.  This uncertainty is certainly unsettling.    However The Returned sometimes feels more story than Ghost story.

The characters in The Returned I felt were all good sound and solid performances. Lena for example was a haunting portrayal of a troubled teen.  Likewise Peter, Claire, Jack and   Lucy are all interesting and multi-faceted characters. They as characters are not like they might first appear.  Much like the returnees I suppose.

Then there is Julie and her private suffering.  Outwardly she appears strong and capable.  Which she is.  Julie is a little braver in the remake. In this series Julie just hides things better.

By the end of the series: for may of the mentioned characters they are pushing their way slowly out of a darkness.  A darkness made up of grief.  As William Goodwin said: the suffering is of those left behind.

Meanwhile: some other members of the town seem to be inclined to be moving towards darkness.  Or more strictly speaking,could be said to have emerged out of it and into the light.  Wherever they have been.  Crackling/ cracking out of their chrysalis.

Or maybe I’m just thinking about the sinks.

The Returned: in comparison to the original sometimes feels more story than ghost.  Creepy in flavour though the drama is.  Perhaps in creating a sinister story: sometimes less is more.


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