Quick note to my readers of some new series: A new Netflix Original Series-Between. On in the UK on Netflix first aired 22nd May 2015. Plus notes on The Tunnel-series One and Humans coming soon on Channel Four.

So this sounds interesting and I am gonna check it out.

The American Series-

A Netflix Original.  First aired on 22nd of February 2015.
So Netflix very kindly wrote to me and informed me about this new series which presumably they think is up my street so to speak-and it looks like it may be.  Plus the Netflix Original Series have been consistently good so far.

Netflix description of Between:
“Watch a new episode every week”
“The adults in Pretty Lake die.  Those under age 22 live.  But no-one can leave town.  Now what do you do?”

Netflix description of episode One:
“After a mysterious disease kills every resident over 22 years old, survivors of a town must fend for themselves when the government quarantines them.”


The Tunnel-Sky Atlantic Channel Tuesday 26th May 2015 @ 9pm.

The Tunnel-series One  is being shown again on UK TV on Sky Atlantic channel.  I have written about The Tunnel here:
First Review posted 6th November 2013.
Final Review posted 29th December 2013.
Warning-some spoilers in final review.

The Tunnel is the British remake of the Scandinavian joint production between Sweden and Denmark: The Bridge/ Bron/ Broen.

The Tunnel was fun to write about.  Being good but a bit daft in parts. More than a bit daft perhaps. But looking back on it The Tunnel seems better somehow.   Apparently there is a series Two in production.  (See below.)

“The Tunnel”
“A new series of this surprisingly good Anglo-French remake of the Scandi-noir whodunnit. The  Bridge is currently in production.  In the meantime, here’s a rerun of the first series, in which a body is discovered at the mid-point of the Channel Tunnel.  Clemence Poésy and Stephen Dillane from Game of Thrones star.”
Gerard Gilbert, The Independent weekly TV Newspaper magazine-Radar.  26th May 2015.


This is just off the top of my head-
Humans- a new series coming to UK TV on Channel Four.

“Coming soon” as previewed on Ads/advertisements on TV.  Also in the newspaper with some strangely realistic looking ads  for synthetic human robots. Hmm.  I read somewhere that this series is a remake of a the original Swedish series.  That’s all I know for now.


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