Between-A Netflix Original. First two episodes-some notes and dialogue with review after episode one. Minor spoilers only.

Netflix description of Between: (first aired 22nd May 2015)
“Watch a new episode every week”
“The adults in Pretty Lake die.  Those under age 22 live.  But no-one can leave town.  Now what do you do?”

Netflix description of episode One:
“After a mysterious disease kills every resident over 22 years old, survivors of a town must fend for themselves when the government quarantines them.”



Episode one.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Day 10
Death Toll pretty Lake
(indistinct radio chatter)
A guy comes out of the darkness..
“I got him”!
It’s like the Berlin wall.  In the old days.

Day 1
Death toll Pretty Lake
It took me a while to understand the teenage girl was saying as she was speaking in psychobabble.

Then-a fast car-in red-loud music blaring.
Whilst two guys fix a truck on the side of the road.

Now we’re in prison.  Where a guy is getting hassled.

Then in the Army Recruitment centre.  Another hero or heroine in the making.

Then: a beautiful teenager-I think.  And a clever guy called Adam.

Oh no-we’re going to see people’s text messages on screen.

The pregnant girl is sarcastic and wise cracking.Then:
“Dad!”  we have the first casualty.

Then-another scene:”Mom!”

Then-the handsome young guy who joined the Army at the recruitment centre:

So as the situation worsens, text messages about the disease fill the screen.

“Any news Uncle Dave?”

The other character is the brother of the mechanic who is doing a deal.

Uncle Dave to Adam:
“Your Dad would have been right in his element”
“For a geneticist, he was always interested in the morbid.”

Adam is rightfully suspicious of his Uncle Dave.  And if he wasn’t before he sure should have been when Uncle Dave hugs him.  For a long time.  Tells him to get outta town.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Day 5 Pretty Lake.
Death toll…
I think I should stop here.

The sister of the pregnant girl:
“Pray with me now, before it’s too late..”
“Unless you ask for forgiveness,
“eternal damnation is a possibility”!
Wily/ Pregnant girl:
“I don’t want forgiveness from you or God!”

TV Newsreader Lady:
“Quarantine, for you own safety..know our thoughts and our prayers, are with you..”

The Mayor is looking too old to be alive.  Like a lot of other people..

Funky music plays: the guy in the truck from the deal returns to Pretty Lake.

Swat Man:
“Initiate bio-hazard protocol two three bravo..”
Oo err.

Ugh.  Gloopy thing is pulled out of someone’s chin.

So the guy in the prison fights back.

So there is an officially rich family and an officially poor one.  The rich family has a demonic looking Dad, Charles, who strangely, hadn’t died yet.

Charles to the two brothers: 
“You will do what I say!”

Then.  Gord-The handsome army guy saves the day.
Charles is truly harsh and scary.

Charles to Gord:
“You have no idea what sort of pile you just stepped in!”
“I live on a farm, I’ve stepped in a whole lot of piles!”

I just knew the tall handsome Gord , the army guy, would know how to deliver babies!

So the two guys who have been fighting are in the prison that is in the town.

This is harsh.  Until:
“Drop the gun!”
 “I said”
(says) The woman Prison Guard.  I thought she was in trouble until..

Did I mention that young Adam  plays a wonderful part.  No only does he have the look of a young Dustin Hoffman he talks like him too.



So Between is looking very promising.  Interesting and unusual so far.  The drama is filmed in a sort of crisp and classic style.  The action fairly bundles along.  The drama begins on day ten of the quarantine and or outbreak of the disease.

Throughout the episode is the pleasant, I felt, sound of clacking keyboard keys.  The white plain font of the text tells us the death toll on day 10.

Then the tally of deaths reappears consistently throughout on screen, the numbers are large. Very large.  And no one has moved the dead bodies from the hospital.  Flies are buzzing.  That’s not a good sign surely.

Not the flies but the non-removal of the bodies.  For examination.  Or even burial come to think of it. Not a very good sign at all.

Added to that in the list of not good signs is that this is the quickest acting disease yet apparently known to man. I am trying to think of ones quicker.

So the disease, although declared as so: is not necessarily contagious.  There is or must be a method of transmission.  Or spread.

But whatever the disease is made of it must have some genetic element to it: otherwise what other ingredient could possibly tell the age of its victims?  I dunno.   Of course all this is completely constructed conjecture.  I don’t really know a thing about genetics.

However it will be interesting to see.  My  guess is the usual dark government plot.  Experiment even.

It would be cool if some in the town are immune to the disease in the older age groups.  I’ve already been thinking-could this mean they are aliens?  Walking amongst the town folk so to speak.

Like back in the day in that series V.  All the give-away then was a crooked little finger.  Or that excellent but sadly truncated (here in the UK) series, Invasion. With the fish people.

You couldn’t tell the fish people either.  They just had to have  lot of baths.
But I digress.

I suppose the device of the text messages on screen may be meant to depict and symbolise the world of the twenty two year olds and younger.

This method of texting as an ongoing form of communication in this age groups is nicely evinced in one scene: where a character in quite a bit of trouble at the time texts instead of calling.

However nobody calls: everybody texts of that age group.

That particular scene was quite amusing really for me.  But it won’t be unusual for everybody.  This is the way.  The way of the new communication method.  And whatever you do, never, ever leave a voice mail.  You’ll be metaphorically laughed out of town.

Still, I digress.  Point was, that the scene, figuratively with text on screen before us: is being set for the twenty two year olds and youngers.  Their world.  They will have to cope. They will be alone.

They may not even have their phone, or a network, after a while.  But that, I feel is looking like the very least of their worries right now.


The Between-Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The prologue.
So Between is harsh.  And getting harsher.
The beginning was fairly gob-smacking.  Visually speaking too.

Oh.  So my alien theory didn’t hold up.  For long.

The unctuous TV message: (to the town)
“The whole nation prays for you, your immeasurable loss..”

voice of the lady Senator, President, not sure, continues:
“All you have to do is burn the bodies and we’ll be able to lift the quarantine..”

Does anybody really believe this shit.
Plus is it a good idea to be downwind of the fire.

So Ronnie is the name of the of the  two brothers.  He does the deals.  The dodgy deals.

So Adam is thinking along the same lines as me. About why precisely the age twenty two.  It has to be an experiment.  A genetic experiment.  And they ain’t letting the people out.  Any time soon.

So Adam has a point of course,  Why would the SWAT men guarding their compound/ town still have Bio-Hazard full respirator masks on if everything was OK?

They (the SWAT men) are sure better prepared for the soon to be mass fire aren’t they?

So things just got pretty weird.  A kid (Nate) holds a knife on Wiley and won’t put it down.
“Promise you won’t hurt me?”

“So quarantine’s almost over, that’s what is says on Facebook..”

“Lana..” (who is Lana)

The guys in the prison.  Or rather the guy.  Are having a face-off.

(Chuck shuddering)

I like how there are several Detective elements to the series, several investigations are going on within the town.  Which is cool.

So Chuck’s sister, Katie is a character with Down’s Syndrome.  She is a good character.  Later we find out that she can tell a lie.

So this scene in particular and a few before it similar to this are not for the faint hearted.

Now we are playing of game of where’s Wiley.  which is rather nerve wracking.
“Wait- hold on a minute..”

Mournful singing ensues.
“Mother, father..”
“Lay me down..”
“Let my heart wait forever”
“In this ground..”

Between is really realistic and realistically awful.


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