Thirty Degrees In February/ 30 Grader I Fevruari-Episodes Nine and Ten-the final episode. Some notes and dialogue with final review Part FIVE at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish, English and Thai with English subtitles. Was on Sky Arts 1 in the UK.

30 Degrees in February-Episodes Nine and Ten-with Ten being the final episode

Episode Nine.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.


Rain, storm, monsoon, earthquake..”
“Nothing is going to fall apart..”
Glenn to Phiripan:
“It’s OK, it’s OK…”
Glenn to Oh:
“I trick you just to get a kiss..”

Dit and Oh.
“Does it mean that much to you…”
“No, but Phiripan does..”
Oh to Phiripan:
“He gave you a tiger..because he’s leaving”
Glenn to OH:
“What did you say?”

Wilda to her Mum Kasja:
“The medicine is there..”

Swimming swimming.  Under the sea.  The apparent requisite music for underwater plays.
Majlis to a Client:
“We’re in Burma”!

“A storm that has killed fifty people has passed over..”
“but beware a storm is eighty kilometres per hour..”

Wilda is still up to her mischief.
And Chan is asleep on the floor propped up against the bed with a gun in his hand.  Oops.

Glenn to Oh:
“Look” holding up a crab and tickling it below,
“This is how you tell if it’s a boy or a girl!”
Glenn to Oh:
“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me!”
Oh to Glenn:
“I can’t have kids”
“How do you know?”
“Trust me, I know..”
Glenn to Oh:
“I can live without kids, I can’t live without you..”
“No matter what?”
“No matter what..”
They kiss..

Then Chan wakes up.  With more than a hangover.  And rather a worry.
Chan to Kasja:
“I can’t handle this”
“I can’t handle it either!”
“Look around, what  do you have left?”
You’re here..”

Oh no.  I can’t look.
As Wilda plays with a very dangerous object.

Wilda to Kasja:
“Don’t be afraid, I’m here..”
Wilda sings:
“Flowers over the meadow for Ma ma..”
Wilda sits at the doorway, prepared.  Watching.

Glenn, Dit and Oh at dinner.
Dit and Oh talk in Thai.
“When are you going to tell him?”
Dit to Glenn:

Glenn to Oh:
“So everybody knows?”
“Everybody but me”
“I didn’t plan to fall in love with you”
“What did you plan?!”
Glen realises.

And Majlis meets Joy on the beach.  Yey.  Then Majlis takes her off in her handy canoe to Majlis’s really cool new boat.
“Whose boat is this?”
“Nobody is using it at the moment”.

So Glenn returns to the house.
(music overlays sequence) as Oh sings karaoke.

Majlis and Joy.
“My mother is ill”
“Is she in hospital?”
“I used to be  a small hospital too”
(Scandinavian pop music plays)

Joy leaves Majlis a beautiful flower she made.

Then a dreadful showdown between Glenn and Oh.  Dreadful things are said.  Thank goodness really since the previously tedious soppiness was starting to wear.  As I believe it was meant to.  Yes.  la la la music and montage plays.

But really Glenn has already outstayed his welcome.  In his own house. As he fails to recognise the increasingly glum and stony faces around him.

(Later in a Bar)
Glenn to lady of the night and her offer:
“No, sorry, my heart is kaput”

Then Sarah comes.
And Majlis…well I cannot say.

What did I say about the waves earlier.  This is why I could not concentrate on a review.

And Glenn is in metaphorical heaven.  But then.

We are watching the black clouds now.  Above the sea.  Crackle golden into thunder.


Episode Ten- Final episode

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Dit to Oh:
“If you don’t tell him I will”

Majlis to Sarah:
I will never come home..”

Pong and Joy.
On the beach.
The sky is dripping golden orange clouds with thunder.

We see a hand twitch.  Kasja has the shakes.  But where is Wilda?  I thought a child was sobbing then but the noise is Kasja on her in-breaths.

Then the music plays.  Da na na na na na na na na (whistles)

Now we see Glenn.  In initially strange sepia light.  Glenn has a large oval red patch on his shirt.

At the massage parlour-Oh is lying, crying.

Kasja and Chan search.  Whilst Kasja sobs.

Then.  Joy and Pong.  On a beach.  Shallow breathing.

I like how the separate characters are meeting each other slowly.  This has already happened last episode.

Glenn and the little girl Wilda go on the truck.

Sarah comes then.

A woman:
“Water! water, water, where is water?”

The sirens are scary.  Like air raid sirens in the Blitz.

Chan and Kasja search.
Thank God.
But now we..

The Swedes talk:
“It was the wind and the rain, a wall of water..”

Glenn to Wilda:
“Do you remember anything?”
“I must have been somewhere,come from somewhere…I woke up a hundred yards from where I was, but were was I before, I was at the massage parlour…”
he continues:
You know what, can I tell you something crazy?”
Glenn explains about Oh to Wilda.
“But I’m crazy about her!”
Wilda finally speaks-
“It doesn’t matter!”
She continues:
You said damn, and helvede/ hell!”
She laughs.

Kasja and Wilda.
“Where is Joy?”
She continues:
“She found a beach, it was a long beach with turtles..”

Piano music plays.
(waves crash)
Joy wakes up.  She goes to Pong.
C’mon Pong…
Joy lifts Pong up.

Glenn to Wilda:
“You’re with your Mum and Dad now, they are great, I really have to go..”
“You plaited her hair”

And then.  Glen finds Oh.
“”Oh”..dreadfully sad piano music plays.  We don’t know yet.

Joy performs a herculean and wise task getting Pong as far away from the water as possible.
Boy is this heavy.

Kasja and Chan.
“These are Joy’s things, she’s been here..”
Mama..“she holds up Joy’s beloved camera.
Chan turns on the camera.
“I want to know!”
Kasja sobs.

Oh no.  This is truly terrible.  Truly.  It just gets worse and worser.
Oh no.  I can barely look. However quickly.

So.  At the hospital.
Kasja and the Doctor.
“Please, tell my daughter that everything is going to be OK?”
The Doctor having done a kind of moral relativism thing on a scale of injury.

Then Kasja meets Sarah.  Cool.
Kasja to Sarah:
“Do you know her?”
Guess who Sarah is looking for.

Sarah to Kasja:
“Write that you are here,”
Kasja (writes)
Please let there be a happy ending.

Sarah and Kasja sit at night.
“That is Alpha Centauri, it’s three stars together when one is leaving them”

The Buddhist monk speaks Thai to the people in the clinic.
“They pray for us to let them go..”
“The dead, so they can be reborn..”

Chan walks along.  Sad.  with a cut above his eye.

An awful notice is put on on Sarah’s poster.

We watch and wait.  I thought they were both dead.  Well at least one of them.

Chan lays a sleeping Wilda down on the bed.
The Doctor comes to see Kasja and Chan.
“I must say it’s quite remarkable of the to have come, through the jungle…”

Then things go all Romeo and Juliet on us.

I think I might cry.  Not.  C’mon, 30 Degrees, you can’t be as desolate as all that, give us at least one..(more) happy ending.  At least.  Preferably two or three. With a jolly montage at the end.

I am inoculated to soppiness now in 30 degrees in February anyway.  I can take it.

Nurse and Dit.
“Don’t thank me, thank the foreigner who brought Oh in..”

So Dit lies to Oh. (it seems)
“He’s over there!”
Nurse to Glenn:
“You’re OK now, we need his bed”

Cue: ah.  Soppy ending.  What did I say.

Then the Doctor comes to Kasja and Chan.

Kasja to Wilda:
“I promise you when you get home, you’ll have a proper Mama..”
Chan smiles at Kasja.  Another ah.

Then there is jolly whistling.  Plus acoustic guitar strumming.
Sunset at sea.
Glenn’s house.
Oh is so beautiful.


Final Review

So 30 degrees in February/ 30 degrees I Fevruari was a thing apart really.  A drama above and beyond the box.  Not just outside the box.  Troublesome to watch, troublesome to write about.  In the end, I resorted to tumultuous terms of the sea.

Well I could see a storm coming for a start.  So that part was easy.  it wasn’t just the foreboding signs in that scene of the penultimate episode which lent me some metaphors: the drama itself tosses the viewer and of course the characters about.

From one rising wave to another.  To slide down slow, in the trough for a while.  Quiet.  In between the waves.

Thirty degrees was raw, emotion filled story-telling.  Turbulent in tenor, hence the tendentious link with the sea.

Thirty degrees is forever wrong footing the viewer.  As pointed before, there is  no generic happy endings in 30 degrees. Either throughout or at the end. Nothing goes to plan that is dramatically expected to.  This is human history warts and all. That sounds weighty doesn’t it.

Thirty degrees is weighty.  Almost Shakespearean one could say.

Certainly I would describe the increasingly claustrophobic showdown between Chan and Kasja as dramatic tragedy writ large.  With a love story of course.

As they are pictured  towards the end, Sitting helpless and alone with everything crashed and crumbled around them and only the sea.  The sea and the wind.  The wind and the sea.

I guess something had to burst.  That bit is the tragedy.

There was a few love stories in 30 degrees.  Not to give them all away.  That thread I suppose was the sweetness that sugared the harsh bitter grounds at the bottom of a syrup black coffee.

Dramatic elements erupt from story lines that have been brewing throughout. Interlacings of happenings with individual characters gradually and teasingly connect and intersect with each other.

Personally, I love it when dramas are constructed like that.  with intersecting story-lines.

Then there is the love story of Oh and Glenn.  Glenn, our intrepid hero, brave adventurer and believer in true love.  As I predicted.  And his house, which he proudly boasted:
“would still stand, would not rub”

Well it did not.  Rub that is.  Which I presume in Swedish means erase, rub out.  So nope.  Glenn’s house is still standing.  At the edge of the sea.  With another one of those crazy technicolour sunsets.

There are all kinds of love, we have learnt, much like the ancient Greeks called/ ruled it.  Me, I will always or maybe just sometimes, think of Majlis, swimming under the sea.



I liked the Swedish spelling of February so much I deliberately and mostly unnecessarily repeated it just to write February with a ‘v’.  One could say I unofficially adopted Fevruari.


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