Note to my readers of a new series-The Returned. The American remake of Les Revenants-Netflix in the UK-weekly. A small Preview and some notes and dialogues from part of episode One. Minor spoilers. First aired on Tuesday, 10th March 2015.

A Quick note to my readers of another new series:

The Returned.

An American remake of Les Revenants/ The Returned.  Well what a surprise, I had no idea. This is an original Netflix series and is weekly. As in weekly instalments.

I was intrigued so I checked out about half of the first episode.  So the Returned appears to be very good.  Promising.  Beautiful to look at.  Particularly (and I remembered that this was my favourite scene from the original) the night-lit valley village.

So the remake of Les Revenants is sticking very close to the original.  A slight variation in job for Julie, now called Doctor Han.  Julie in the French series was a District Nurse.  Here her character is a doctor, a G.P/General Practitioner  from what we can gather.  From Dr. Han’s chat/conversation with Pillar, the check-out girl at the shop.  Perhaps Dr. Han visits her patients like Julie did.  We shall see.

Thing is I got to the half way point of The Returned first episode and thought: hey Bloodline is more cheerful than this.

Then I ditched.  considering that I had Bloodline down as fairly creepy: that means that The Returned was guaranteed to be worse.  As in the creepiness stakes.  I think The Returned might win. Less sunshine for a start.


Some notes and dialogue on part of Episode one of The Returned.

TV Preview:
“Several people come back to their home towns in the same week after they’ve been dead for years in this eerie dramatic series”

The American remake of the French series Les Revenants/The Returned.

The Returned.

The beginning:
Four years ago

Acoustic guitar and singing.
“An old clothesline in a castle of ghosts..”
“Come home,”
“Ah ha ha”..

Camille is on the school bus.
(haunting music)
(wind rustling)

Present Day.
Someone is climbing over a wall.  She looks fine.
It’s just that she’s in the middle of nowhere.
She looks down.  A beautiful village lies in the valley below.
(crickets chirping)

The Self-Help group.
A lady,  Sandrine:
“We’re having a baby..”
“Move forward..”

A woman (Claire I presume) lights candles at a shrine for Camille.

The moon is tiny and high over the black mountains in the night.

Pierre, who runs the self-help group is the same twat as he was in the original.

Camille to her Mom:
“Something weird happened.”
“I woke up in the mountains, it took me two hours to walk home”..

At the Bar.  (percussive indie music)

So we see Julie, here she is a doctor.  Doctor Han.  She sees a little boy at the side of the road. In a bus stop.

Dr.Han to little boy:
“Here, come inside..”
 Dr. Han, has the nosy neighbour too.



I have written about Les Revenants/The Returned -Series One on this blog. Episode by episode.  Les Revenants was excellently sinister and subtly beautiful to watch.

I may well come back to the Returned..

Nb. I remember now that the American remake of The Killing/ Forbrydelsen turned out to be really rather good.  In the end.


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