Extanct-Episodes Twelve and Final episode Thirteen. Some notes and dialogue with final review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. Extanct was on in the UK on Sy-Fy channel.

Extanct-Episodes Twelve and Thirteen-final episode

Episode Twelve-

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Present day.  At the space Station.
Katie to Shaun:
“They were killing each other!..”
“Three months?”
“Yes, it’s a miracle..”

Director Sparks is talking like a guru now.
Sparks to Molly:
“What if we never have to break again, that you could be made whole?”..

Of course we know that this is not really Katie.

Molly to the tall baldy guy (new Space Agency Director):
“It was me!”
Baldy tall guy:
“What is happening?!”
Good question.

Molly and Doctor Sam.
“You’re going to stab me in the neck with that?!”
Dr. Sam:
“It’s a memory enhancer..”

Ethan and Elise.
“If you can love something you will be loved..”

Molly and John.
“Isn’t there anyone you would give anything to see again?”
“Yes, you”.

Strange stuff is happening.
Shaun and Katie in the space station.  She turns her face in bed.

Oh no.  Elise figures something out.  Possibly too late…

Molly is running into the forest.  I forgot all about her evil-eyed visitor.  Now with real eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to be a little boy..”

Now Molly is in a sunlit place with her Dad, Louis Gosset Junior.
Molly’s Dad to Molly:
“C’mon, Mom is waiting…”

Meanwhile back at the space station, Shaun descends to the basement- told you.


Episode Thirteen-

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Molly: (as voice-over)
“This is a story about earth,
“This is a story about family,
“This is a story about surviving..”

So its all getting hairy up on the space station.
Ethan smashes a window.
 And Ethan is jealous.

Molly is packing a small stylish bag to pop off to space.  Once more.

Tall bald new Space Agency  Director:
“Molly will also re-direct the Seraphim..”

Space Exploration Agency Scientist to Molly:
“We’re giving you  the Exo Two Skin Skeleton”..or summat.

Fascinating.  Molly looks fabulous in her kind of one-piece Spiderman style suit with webbed markings.

Wow.  She’s off in her rocket..They went to all that expense of a launch huh.

Question: Isn’t going into space alone the equivalent of going diving without a diving buddy?  I mean like, real dumb.

The Humanix team argue over the future of Ethan.

The main thing about Molly’s cool spacesuit is she is supposedly impervious to You.  Know.  Who. What.

John, Elise and other Humanix guy and Ethan.
“Ethan, please give me the phone…”

Meanwhile at the space station, Molly is doing the classical horror movie thing of walking up a dark corridor with only a torch/light.

Molly to the thing:
“Let me through that door”
“I can’t do that..”

So things are getting mighty serious now.  As John elects to stay with Ethan.  Since he promised he would. John that is.

Ethan and John.
“Is Mum going to die?”
“Am I?”

Molly is having a bad day on the space station.
However her beautiful Spiderman spacesuit is like if astronauts wore haute couture.

I think it’s OK.  Molly managed to do something with the useful I presume green glow light stick thingy.  Then she had a vision.  Which seemed to help for a while.  It’s all unclear.

Meanwhile the small child with a giant Afro and puma cat eyes is stalking around the place.  Here there and everywhere really. Looking to be in a great big sulk.

Molly is going great guns on the space station now.  She is in her element.

Now Ethan has been sent on a mission.
Ah.  Ethan hugs John.  They are a good team.

John to Ethan:
“Are you sure you’re going to be OK??”
“Dad, trust me”
Go Ethan.  He scoots along the corridor.  And meets the thing..

Meanwhile back on the space station I knew Ben was getting lippy.  Ben is doing a Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey.

“Ethan!  Ethan!”
violins are playing out of nowhere.

Then- blimey.  It’s a showdown.
“You really should run now- run!”

Ah, this sad.

“In the end he showed us what it was like to be truly human,”
“In the end, what he created was a lot more than that, then whether by divine creation, or cosmic gift, we made it here…”
“That’s a gift”..

Soppiness factor rising. But I’ve been waiting for this..surprise..

Final Scene.
A beautiful city night.  A couple stop for a small child.
The wife:
Are you hurt sweetheart?..”
Silence.  The boy looks up.  Cutely.  And totally mute. His big eyes look up at them.  The car pulls off.  Into the night.


Final Review of Extanct.

So what to say about Extanct.  Except that it could have been better.  Well so much better than it was. Extanct certainly seemed to have a budget.  Hey they had a space station and a rocket and a spacecraft and everything!

I liked how Molly went off for her final rendezvous with the space station with a small holdall and popped back again like she’s been to the shops.

In her handy zippy spacecraft.  In her completely fabulous Exo Skeleton second skin.  (or summat) suit.  Which was like Evil Knievel met Formula One met haute couture met Spiderman and lots of leather.  I guess.  To get technical.

If they really have leather in the future.  I doubt it somehow. However this description of Molly’s beautiful astronaut suit could be said to be poetic description or license.

There were touching even moving parts in Extanct.  The final culmination of the Ethan story for example.  If a bit twee at the same time.

There were I felt, excellent performances from the secondary characters.  Pretty much everybody in fact. ( In spite of some not seeming to be able to move their faces).  Molly as a character was a little manic.  Her husband John was almost exceedingly stoic.  As was Yasumoto.

Yasumoto was doing fine as a convincing and calculating character. Until we came upon his dreadful old B-movie back-story.  About falling into a hole in a mine.  With… But I had better not say.  Fun as it would be to describe such an apparition.

Then there was Gordon, Kryger and the avuncular and eventually insane Director Sparks.  Not to mention sad and beautiful Vanya.

All of these characters- the quality of their acting plus an interesting premise for a story: is what kept Extanct afloat.  In I suppose, a rather overstuffed plot.  But with some wonderful special effects. Particularly the space station side of the story.

Extanct had an old-fashioned classic Sci-Fi horror feel to it which I found fresh.  The fact that it was set in the future as a scenario and scene setting made the drama more interesting and fun.  Yet overall in essence it was timeless.

Nb.  I did start to suspect the officially deep and meaningful conversations about Extraterrestrial, robots, consciousness etc. (the whole Humanix thing) to be possibly pet subjects of one of the show’s creators.

As those conversations seemed a little be-laboured somehow.  Bordering on teachy-preachy?  I do wonder.  Things did get a little biblical in theme there for  a while at the end.  All sorts of themes perhaps.  Extanct certainly seemed to take itself seriously.  I didn’t.  Not completely.

But I still liked Extanct.  In fact this half-silly aspect was just endearing to me.  Charming even. In a crazy comic book style caper.  With some very decent acting all round.  A special mention must go to Odin and Ethan as the Humanix boy and Odin as his nemesis.

Extanct is certainly unusual. Yet mixed with generic and a whole dollop of fun.  Much like that mythical Victorian Parson’s egg: which was good in parts.


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