Extanct-Episodes Ten and Eleven-some notes and dialogue with review Part FOUR at the end. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK on Syfy Channel Tuesday nights @ 9pm.

Episodes Ten and Eleven

Episode Ten.


Molly in the voice-over:
“This is a story about earth,
“This is a story about family”
“This is a story about survival..”

Molly and her new friend.
“Big picture people .  They get it all wrong..”
He can talk like a ventriloquist.  Without moving his mouth.

Uh oh.
Awful flashback.

“Marcus? Marcus?! Marcus?!”
Molly had long hair then.
Doctor Sam:
“I’m so sorry Molly..”

Director Sparks and Vanya his ex-wife.
“Vanya, I have something to show you…if you still want to leave I’ll understand.”

Gordon and Kryger find Spark’s extra cool black car.

Sparks is like a man reborn.
Sparks to Vanya:
“You know me, I never had the kind of faith…”
“But now..
“I was gone, but now I’m back”
Twingle twangle odd happening music.

(the) Country Sheriff: shoots the Police Robot.  This is both very sinister and funny.

Molly’s new friend is like some human robot from the nineteen fifties.  A few people are a bit Terminator -like (from various series) in Extanct.

Molly and her new friend..He is way too enthusiastic.  I have lost track as they both talk about evolution and extra-terrestrials..

“Maybe..maybe everything, of bad luck..happened becuase he was trying to protect himself!”
Possibly, Yep.

Sparks and Vanya are living the dream at the super wonderful white tent camping site.

Johna and Ethan at Yasumoto’s place.
Security guard to JOhn:
“It’s so much easier for us to keep an eye on you in here…where you’re safe…”

Molly and her super-duper friend are still driving.
Molly looks-
“The birds!”
“They are following us!”

Molly and John on the ‘phone:
“The birds, they did’t want me to be with him…they attacked him!”

The camping site and Sparks and Vanya.
You just know this is not going to end well.
Vision to Sparks:
“You won’t see me again unless you help him..”

So it’s tea-time at the camp-site.
Sparks to Vanya:
“There’s two types of feeding…”
“Everything comes at a cost…”

Molly turns up at the camp-site with her new super duper friend.  and half a black clad army back in the bushes.

Director Sparks to Molly:
“You want to meet your son”
“Go ahead, he’s waiting…”

Molly pushes open the door into her flashback.  But this time everything is wonderfully different. That is some massive baby.

Luckily we know none of this is real because of the ghostly music and odd lighting.  The odd shimmer to the white lamp.
Now things, or Molly, ain’t looking too good.

John and Ethan at Yasumoto’s apartment.
John gives Ethan a mission.  After trying to pull Ethan back from the dark side.

This is all most odd.
Nb. I love John’s accent.

Oh no.  Not my favourite character…Noo..


Episode Eleven.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Flashbacks galore.  That’s what.  And my metaphorical heart broken.
And Ethan has ended up in the care of Odin somehow.

Now: John at Yasumoto’s place.  He can’t get out.

Yasumoto opens a box which gives him a dreadful message.  By computer voice.  Computer voices are everywhere.

Yasumoto to his hunky henchman:
“What about the offspring…”

Director Sparks and his wife are lit strangely. Like an old fashioned back drop.  Sparks and his wife are super spooky.  Yet surreally funny at times.

Molly and Gordon are lit, in this fantastical way too in the car.

Yasumoto to Molly:
“I imagine you will want  to see your family again…” he continues politely:
“You can interpret that how you like..

John has gone all spy-like back in Yasumoto’s flat.  He is stylish in his black shirt.  James Bondesque.

Molly and the little girl.
The girl:
The lady left in a brown car..”

Meanwhile back at Yasumoto’s place.  John is on his spy like mission.
But he is discovered.
Yasumoto to his henchman:
“Put him there..”

Odin continues to baby-sit Ethan.
I knew his intentions were not good.

Director Sparks and his wife continue to be their own mini-horror story.  A little like Carry On Camping gone wrong.

Yasumuoto and John.
“What do you mean, what comes next?”..
Molly will bring me what I need!”…

Molly and the man with multiple degrees.  Told you was he was shady.

Sparks is just trigger happy these days.  Whilst retaining some sinister yet strangely comic avuncular style.  The story of him and his wife is excellently played by both of them.  Call it half way to hilarious.

There is such a lot going on in Extanct.  Action packed in fact.

It (the drama) get a bit boring for a while.

Yasumoto continues to check himself in the mirror.
Molly to Yasumoto:
“One hour”!”

Odin and Ethan.
Computer screen shows:
remote device activated
armed detonation
Oo err.

Molly stands alone in the green lit car park.   Half cardigan or not.  Molly is tough.  She goes all Stephen Seagal on us.
Dun dun dun.  (dramatic music-mine)

The underground car park that is lit in aquamarine has concrete struts underneath/beneath the concrete ceiling.

The scene triangulates three of those concrete struts.  Creating a beautiful tableaux before us.

Molly and John.
Gentle piano music plays.
“It’s almost over, I promise..”

Molly has a sit down with Yasumoto.
“How much do you know about Claypol Industries Molly?”
he continues:
“One day, I fell into a deep hole…I prayed for it, welcomed it..”
“We made contact with the creator of the universe”!..
Or summat.

“If it was an illusion and not reality (or maybe it was the other way around)
Wouldn’t you?”

Director sparks to Molly:
“It’s too late, it’s already done!”
he continues:
“What I’d do?”
“What about you?“!
(don’t ask me)

Back at the space station.  With a young astronaut, Fless.  (possibly present day.)
Or it could be another flashback. Dunno.

Two Astronauts:
“She said she is one of yours..”

Uh oh.
A very dark tunnel.  Or alleyway.  Lit at the end by bright blue white light.  At which far point we can see a small child running.  With long blond hair.  Of course.  In the foreground, a few seconds earlier we were show a sad sight.  Lying crumpled on the ground.


So I was so downcast about the demise of my favourite character that I considered abandoning this review. This always happens to me (I realise) dramatically speaking.  Just as I’m having fun not quite taking a drama entirely seriously: it goes and gets all serious on me. usually gruesome. As in death. Oh well.

Then I know that it’s not going to be quite such fun.  To write about or watch.  Because now there is a disconnect.  Between good but a bit bad versus good but now really bad.  If that makes sense.

The trouble is that the drama is not overall good enough to incorporate the really bad.  As opposed to fun-a bit bad.  This is starting to sound like some jazz. Thing.

Still you get my drift.  Yes, it (this character’s demise) was a seriously sad moment in Extanct’s breakneck (mostly) speed storyline.

I was considering a lack of review as a way of remembering our metaphorical fallen comrade in space world.  Actually.  As they might have remembered them then.  And now. Oh and in the future of course.

Still.  Molly continues to surprise and amaze with her derring do feats and often times wildly staring eyes


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