1992- First few episodes some notes and dialogue with review Part ONE at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Italian with English subtitles-on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1HD channels 281 & 282 respctively on Virgin Media TV. On Tuesdays @ 9pm in the UK


Virgin Media TV Preview:
Compelling ten part Italian drama following six people whose lives are intertwined with  the rapidly changing political landscape of early 90’s Italy.

Episode One


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

February 17th March..(it says)

A young man arrives at a Police Station.
“We have everything here, C.I.D..”
The young Policeman looks into a a smoke filled room.

An Advertising Agency meeting.
One of the Ad Agency guys:
“Great is the confusion under the sky”
“The situation is excellent”

One of the men at the table:
“Are you a communist?”
“Quoting Mao Tse Tung?”

So six people:
So far there is the young Policeman.  The guy at the Ad agency.  Another young guy-oh it’s the Ad agency guy.

The young woman is a TV presenter.  I think.
“You will see me on the TV…”

The young Policeman checks himself in the mirror every day. And takes pills.  What I was guessing turns out to be correct.  In a dark twist.

The/ A funeral.
“Recently she was tired, pale, but she still flirted with the doctor..”

The bald headed guy is a major character.
(ex-Iraq war veteran come home to his father)

The Cops/ Police are investigating a man called Chiesa.  But not very hard..

Baldy man’s Dad to him:
“Batman, when will you get a job and fuck off!”

Politician to Baldy man:
“He wants you to be a candidate!”

In the newspaper:
“Another wild boar sighting!”

Young Policeman to Police Chief Boss:
“Don’t say that name in here!”..
“Let’s just say we’re hunting a great big boar..”

Things get decidedly creepy as the Ad agency man-very Mad Men like-whispers creepy things in a client’s ear.  Then the song Everybody Hurts plays.

Young woman to her sugar-daddy:
“So I’ll be on Domenica Inn?”

Episode Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nb. Cast list so far.
 See also footnotes below outlining the main six characters and the secondary characters.
The Marketing Executive (who I called the Advertising Agency guy) is Leonardo Notte.
The young Police Officer is Luca Pastore.
Veronika Castello is the name of Leonardo Notte’s friend.  She is the girlfriend of Mainghini.
The Industrialist is called Manghili.
Manghili’s daughter is called Bibi.
Bisco Botelli is the name of the baldy guy/ war veteran.
Chiesa is the man who is the subject of the Police investigation.

March 23rd..

The Chief of Police to his men:
“let’s not start with the corrupted,”
“But the corruptors..”

The Ad Agency guy Leonardo Notte, moves into his new office.
I know who he reminds me of- Richard E. Grant in the film How to Get Ahead In Advertising.

Mainghi is the name of the father of the girl that Luca Pastore went out with.

The Advertising Agency guy-Leonardo, and his ex/wife.
Him :
“No thanks, I don’t drink anything orange”!

Sick Cop/ Policeman to Leonardo Note:
“Don’t worry, I’ll be taking your secret to the tomb very soon..”

Mario Chiesa is the guy that the Police are after.

I am quite into the story of the Iraq war veteran.

Veronika Castello at the TV audition.
“Don’t worry, you’re hired”..
“You already screwed the guy you were supposed to”..

(At the political rally)
Go baldy guy/ ex-war veteran.

Leonardo Notte to Veronika Castello
“It’s your subconscious, it’s scared, it senses change as danger and doesn’t want to go there..”
Very wise.

Bisco Batolli is the name of the baldy guy/ ex war veteran.


Review  Part ONE
So 1992 is like Borgen met Underbelly met Revenge.  Meets Inspector Luca. With a sliver of the style of Salamander.  All set in the 1990’s.  Boy does the 1990’s seem so very far away.  Hey- it’s almost the 40’s.  More like the 70’s.  Weird.  Huh.

This must be why watching the excellent Australian series Underbelly-the later transition from the 80’s to the 90’s time frame were more noticeable than from the 70’s to the 80’s.

Someone at the Advertising Agency, possibly on of the main three so far characters I have counted, says:
“The 80’s was a state of mind, we can get back to that”!
There is much talk of the depression with terrible seriousness as if they were talking dust bowls in 1920’s America.

The Ad agency seemed strangely political and over dramatic in nature.  As to how all the all mainly elderly and seemingly important men comported themselves.  There was talk of bait and what seemed like a meeting with a politician.  Not sure.

 I felt the implication was that politics was somehow mixed up in the advertising agency.
Certainly the Police seem to be involved in paying some kind of possible bribes.  As the young recruit or transfer is asked for cash to pay someone.

Anyways.  This may or may not reflect similar early corruption as evinced in the 1990’s portrayal of underworld Melbourne Australia in the series Underbelly.  But then we are in Italy.  Not that any one has said the word Mafia yet. I have learnt:
“S’cuze” “Chaio”..
OK I knew them already come to think of it.

The décor and the buildings are to die for.(well not exactly to die for) As is The style of the woman character which is surprisingly modern in look. Guess the 90’s are back in.

Gradually, without us barely noticing, two of the characters by the end of this episode have been guided into politics.

I think that the sugar-daddy to the woman character may be the Chiesa of the investigation.  It was unclear whether the baldy guy knew the woman. From Back.  In.  The.  Day.  As per movie trope or familiar dramatic device. He did just come and sit at her table. In the fancy restaurant.  When she has been left all alone.  She can do nothing but smoke.  Trying not to cry perhaps.

Everybody smokes or seems to.  It looks unusual now in close up.   We are so unused to this sight.

The baldy guy was a pretty cool character.  Although surprising us at one point.  Yet the reason for his behaviour can be explained possibly through our 21st century eyes.  Was the nineties really in another century? It cannot be.  If I am wrong I may have to scrub this bit.  And I never do. (that)

Leaving that enormity of comprehension behind: my point was going to be that the baldy guy, in spite of his interlude or perhaps because of it, reminds me of a crumpled (slightly) looking Jason Statham.  For a while was convinced he was an undercover Cop but I reckon he just looked different with a hoodie on.  I believe he did know the woman character.  Before he went away.  To the war.


By episode two I am getting a feel for the style of 1992.  If I wasn’t already.  1992 is filmed in a soft kind of pastel white muted light.  The series The Americans had a similar effect: although less muted.

Whereas the lighting in The Americans could almost be pearlescent: in 1992 the lighting is near opaque.  This unusual effect is a welcome change to the eyes and feels refreshingly different.  This is beginning to sound like an Ad.

Still, you get my drift.  This different lighting style to 1992 I think is to create the feeling of a different time.  another era.  The drama does seem like another era.  I guess it was.

Yes, the style of the Advertising Agency man’s apartment is supremely cool.  I would have called it more 40’s-50’s than 90’s.  But then the buildings are ancient and traditional.  This is timeless classical style.  As in the Ad man’s flat. Wow.  Wowee even.  Plus he smokes.  Pretty much everyone smokes.  Because smoking is still cool.

However I swear that I haven’t found the other three main characters.  Who are they?  I don’t get it. There is the sympathetically crumpled ex-war veteran.  There is the Advertising Agency guy, Leonardo Notte.  There is the Ad agency guy’s friend, Veronika Castello, the would-be actress/ newsreader.  Then there is the young Policeman, Luca Pastore.

Unless we are introduced to the next three people (as described in the preview) in episode three then I can only surmise that the other character could be: Beatrice/ Bibi, the daughter of the industrialist, Manghini.  The industrialist Manghini himself and perhaps the Police Chief.  These would be my possible other three.



Further information on the main and secondary characters of 1992.
Taken and quoted directly from: “1992-TV Series” from Wikipedia sourced on 6th April 2015.

(with some spelling mistakes-possibly a direct translation from Italian)

  • Stefano Accorsi as Leonardo Notte, a marketing man with a murky past, coming back to haunt him just as 1992’s events seem to bring about the professional chance of a lifetime. Anonymous blackmail forces Leo to confront a morbid episode in his past that he had surgically removed from his memory. His glitzy, no-strings-attached lifestyle is turned upside down by the appearance of Viola, his hitherto unknown teenage daughter. As Leo tries to free himself from the shadows of the past, he stumbles into a revolutionary idea that could shape the future of his trade – and his own.
  • Guido Caprino as Pietro Bosco, a 33-year old veteran of the Gulf war, finds himself elected in the Italian parliament, with the rising Lega Nord party. A gregarious rugby lover and beer drinker, he turns out to be the ultimate fish out of water in the hidebond Parlamento, a world he is totally alien to. His only chances lie in finding the right mentor; thus, Pietro will put his career in the hands of a seasoned politician who will show him the ropes – certainly, at a price.
  • Domenico Diele as Luca Pastore, a judicial police officer, works side by side with maverick prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro. Motivated by a personal quest for revenge, he is hard at work to solve the Tangentopoli conundrum. Investigations, arrests, interrogations. Under pressure and under menace. Because strong headwinds are blowing, and not just from outside the prosecutors’ offices.
  • Tea Falco as Beatrice “Bibi” Mainaghi. Daughter of the aforementioned tycoon, is the black sheep in a power dinasty, but her life will take a new, radically unexpected turn in the wake of Tangentopoli.
  • Miriam Leone as Veronica Castello, a showgirl on the fast track to fame. She needs it, physically, and is out to get it at all costs: the unconditional love of a prime time audience is the only viable conduit for her self-esteem. As the lover she has picked, powerful tycoon Michele Mainaghi, goes under in the investigations, Veronica briefly finds herself at a loss, then starts the search for a new, powerful pigmalione t position in the pecking order of the new powers that be.
  • Alessandro Roja as Rocco Venturi, a young Roman police officer, also joining Antonio Di Pietro’s team of investigators. A sly look and his trademark fast talk would seem to put him as a natural leader in that team, but he will turn out to hide a totally different truth behind his gung-ho mask.”
Other characters:
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