Thirty Degrees In February/ 30 Grader i Februari. Episodes Three & Four-some notes and dialogue on first watching with Review PART TWO at the end. (Nb. PART One Review posted 18th February 2015) Minor Spoilers only. In Swedish, Thai and English with English subtitles. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 & Sky arts 1 HD Channel Fridays @ 9pm

30 Degrees in February

Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Majlis and Bengt.
He is truly evil.  To her.

Monk to Pong:
“A long time ago, your father lived in Sweden..”
“Who is she?”
he continues:
“It won’t be the first time a monk has left for a woman..”

Man dressed as Bunny Rabbit to Bengt:
“Is little Bengt here?”

& Majlis goes diving.

At the prison. (inmates shout)
“Let me out, I want to go home!”

Karn to Glenn:
“You big fat pig! You fucking pig!
“You gonna die alone!”

So now Chan is washing the elephant.  In the sea.  As you do.

Glen and the masseuse.
He sighs.
The massage is actually Shiatsu.
The masseuse says:
“That massage is strong, like you, but you don’t move your body, I do it for you..”

“Say I’m a bit fat pig”
“Say I should die alone…”
Man outside the massage room.
“Hey, my friend, are you feeling better?”

Then Glen gets really drunk.
Glenn to guy next to him, speaking in Swedish, clicking bottles:
“Stop it, my bottle is nothing to do with yours!”
(ha ha)

So Joy goes to an incredible place.

And Joy’s Mum, Kasja, overworks herself.
The little girl, Wilda is wondering around the beach on her own.
I can’t look.

Young man to Bengt:
“Mango, papaya, melon and a touch of lime”..
“So someone like me could have you for three hundred and eighty crowns per month..”
Young guy to Bengt:
“If you like, I can give you a massage later”
“With or without the Bunny costume?”!

Majlis is having a ball.
Some cool singing ensues.

Majlis and the Swedish diving women.
“I dream about killing Bengt…”
She lists the numerous, intricate and well thought out ways.

Majlis tells here story.

Joy and Pong.
So Joy can speak Thai, we never knew.
The cave is incredible.  Beneath which they are sitting.  Then suddenly something unusual and unexpected happens.  Which manages not to be corny.  In spite of gentle music playing.

But as Pong leaves what name do we see tattooed on the inside of his arm?

Now Majlis is dancing.
The Swedish diving women:
“Look at her, she’s like a cow in spring”!

Masseuse to her pimp:
“I’m on my way, he snored like a pig!”
“We didn’t do anything”

Sheeete.  Glenn remembers what to do in case of a panic attack.

The masseuse with a scary baldy guy.
“I know what I think, you like fat people…”
he continues:
“Come...I love you..”

Oh no.
Don’t do it Glenn.
The woman masseuse creeps away from baldy guy.
Massuse in Glenn’s room:
“Mister?  Mister?”

Old Buddhist monk to Pong:
“Did you find what you are looking for?”
“Yes, I know where love is now, it’s in here”
(yes Grasshopper)

Now Majlis is driving..

Glenn to the masseuse lady:
“And then me, a hundred and twenty pounds, the whole ceiling came down and then I opened my eyes -and I see you!”

But where is Wilda?
Then Joy says:
“Where is Wilda?”

“What are you looking at?
“You have no idea…get back to work!”

So it’s all quite intense.

And Majlis returns from her Easy Rider lifestyle.

Majlis & Bengt.
“I have battled for over thirty years!”
“You won’t have enough money to go to the nearest zoo….!”


Episode Four.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Majlis hangs a Do Not Disturb sign on her hotel door.  She has covered up a certain something shall we say-with a green towel.

So I am not sure about Chan.  Whether he is playing Kasja.

Kasja to Joy:
“There are three kinds of people that live the longest..the nomads…”

Glenn on a date.  (with the masseuse lady’s sister)
“Cleaning is not a very important job in Sweden!”
Your brother, he must have been sick in the head, really coo coo!”
(it’s going really well the date-not!)

Glenn to his date:
“So you don’t like me at all?
“Maybe you will like me later, when you get to know me..”
“My father and mother are old, need care”
“My son, needs money to go to school”
Glenn mate.  I guess you have to admire his persistence.

So how is the green towel situation doing? Hmm.

So Glenn is doing the full Pulp Fiction dance.  Well until he falls over drunk.



So Thirty Degrees in February is harsh, harsh, harsh.  Isn’t it.  And getting, I fear, incrementally so.

So I  said that this drama was hugely enjoyable to watch whilst at the same time portraying lives of pathos and tragedy.  Things are definitely progressing to plan.  The tragic plan.

Whilst amazingly for me-as I definitely have an aversion to corniness in dramas-the corny bits just slide on by.    Under my schmaltz detecting radar.  Mostly.  Ditto the corny music too at times. I usually find it tiresome when a drama plays the almost obligatory music of a place: Far Away.

So we get pan pipes for: actually pan pipes seem to cover pretty much in practice anywhere officially exotic.  So in Bangkok, or where the action takes place to the be more specific: we get jangly jangly Thailand music. Whatever that is.

There is other incidental music as well.  The strange thing is that al of this works. Even the montage scenes work.  No.  How can that be? It should all seem corny and twee. However somehow these happy holiday moments if you like slide in seamlessly with the horror and tragedy.

Then there is the subtle sweet humour lurking beneath.  Which regularly raises its head like a slow sighting of the Loch Ness monster who slid up like a periscope then slithered on down back to the deep.

Strangely: none of the one would have thought warring elements, in 30 degrees in February described above overwhelm the other.  Neither do these different aspects of of tragedy, pathos, humour and holiday happiness take away from each other.

Yet I have a feeling that these different layers and levels if you like of the drama will start bleeding into each other.  Fading the lines in between.  And in doing so create a whole new deeper and more powerful drama yet to come.  Could things get any worse in 30 degrees in February.  Yep.  Surely they can.

I am reminded of the lesson taught and learnt for the men in the reality show: Bear Gryhllis-Island. Which was that a beach was actually dangerously deceptive for the people on the island.  Because the beach, being so beautiful and having associations with holidays: was distracting to the castaways there.

Since the beach’s beauty blinded the men to its actual harshness as a place in terms of their survival.


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