Thirty Degrees In February/ 30 Grader I Fevruari. Episodes five and six some notes and dialogue on first watching with review Part THREE at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish, English and Thai with English subtitles. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 & Sky Arts 1 HD Fridays @ 9pm.

Thirty Degrees In February/ 30 Grader i Fevruari

 Episode Five

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Oh is the name of the lady masseuse.

Majlis is looking at a watch.
Flies buzz.

Hotel Receptionist:
“Let’s call room three one four…”

(soft muzak plays)
At the Happiness bungalow.

Meanwhile Glenn prepares a hotel bed.  He appear to have made a little elephant out of towels. It even has a trunk.  He tries again.  Now his date, Dit, has actually legged it.

Kasja and her bar Manager.
“Guests angry, you angry,why not call this Angry Bungalow?”!

Nb. Dit and Oh:  Dit is the sister of Oh. Dit is Glenn’s date.

(after the date)
Oh to Glenn:
“Why you do this?”
“Just be yourself!”
Then a song comes on: Oh listens and smiles.  She says:
The Swedish song is really kicking it.   Then it becomes even more obvious.  Well what I have been wishing for from a while back happens. However it is a kind of unrequited love thing.  As yet.

Glen gives Dit a pair of glasses.
Put them on”
She does.
“Can you see me?”

(meanwhile back at Happiness Bungalows)
So that was all most intense.  Chan reveals his true colours.

Seriously dark now really.

Glenn and Dit and Oh’s family at dinner.
The father has to put on a suit jacket.  They get an artfully prepared nouvelle cuisine meal.  Which means there is hardly anything to eat.

Dit translates her father: (about someone the family know who married a Swedish man)
“She says he eats rotten fish and gets drunk on Saturdays!”

Takes his jacket off rakishly and charmingly.
“I will pay in the lobby!”..

Dit and Oh’s father to Dit:
“Is he going to take responsibility for us?”

Dit to Glenn:
Please, promise, no romantic..”
“I won’t go..”
“You promise?”
“I promise..”

And Majlis takes a walk into the beautiful blue night. with the clouds stacked up high.  Like giant midnight blue stage sets.  There is a sunset like Turner was painting it.

Oh. No.


Episode six

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Glenn watches Oh speeding through the night in a Tak Tak Taxi.


So Chan returns.
Birds sing.
Joy writes:
“I’m sorry,I did it, my Mom made me do it, I’m sorry.”

So I am really into the music at the beginning.

At the hotel.
Majlis takes off the Do Not Disturb sign from the hotel door.

Then Bengt Junior arrives.
Bengt Junior:
“Hello, do you speak Swedish?”
to the Hotel Receptionist.
“Ja” she replies.

(cicadas chirp)
(match hisses)

Majlis goes shopping.
“Yes, I’ll take this.”
Then she rents a scooter.

Glen and Oh.
They go shopping. Oh is trying on rings for Dit.  Then Oh insists on paying for a shirt for her nephew.
“I haven’t seen him in a long time…”
Of course we we know who they are really both in love with.

(this is getting boring now)

Joy to the Bar Manager:
“I want you to translate this into Thai”
She pushes her hands together (as if in prayer).  Or a Namaste.

Kasja to Chan:
“If you need anything to drink or eat..”
“You know where we are..”
Kasja drinks her bottle of water in front of Chan.
“Want some?”

Glen and Dit.
“If we are going to be friends for a very long time, we need to know everything about each other”
I’m not convinced really.

Then the baldy man turns up at the beach.  The baldy man can speak Swedish.

Glenn gets drunk and both Dit and Oh bring him home.  Why Glenn.  Why.

Then Dit finds her ring.

Dit and Oh.
“I was worried.  He was worried.  You’ll be happy..”
“I know you will be happy, the two of you..”
“Dit, I’m not jealous, I’m envious of you..”

At the Police Station.
Majlis and Bengt Junior.
“We’ll do what Sarah says…”

Things are veering from holiday to horror.

Kasja to Wilda:
“Tell Joy that I care very much about her, tell her that”..

Joy to Pong:
“I’m sorry”
“I understand if you hate me.”
“I trusted you before.”
“But you are just like your mother, as bad as her..”

Then Chan picks up the letter.  Takes it to the Police..

Glen comes to see Oh.  Baldy man is there.
“I don’t remember anything”
Baldy man:
“Then nothing happened..”

Baldy man comes inside.
Baldy man to Glenn:
“Smell that,
“If I could, I’d smoke it, I would!”

Glenn & Oh.
“I used to be an ultimate fighter, on TV..”
“I was six…”(they talk in English)
“You must take the bus, you must go to Dit”
“”You should be loved..”

We realise that Sarah does more than translate and help out tourists at the Police station.

Everything is happy for now and jolly gentle guitar music is playing. which means surely that this cannot last.

Glen visits the parents.
Dit’s Dad:
“Please come , inside the house”..

Bengt Junior: (to the Swedish diving crew)
“She’s not my real mum, but when I was little I wished she was”..

Everything is coca-cola.  Then Bengt Junior gets a paranoid vision.

(fan whirs)
Glenn is forced to drink what I thought was some un-purified water.  But it is Pepsi-cola..

Glenn to Dit:
“You’re not in love with me are you?”
“I am..”
“My stomach hurts..”
“But we have fun?”
“You, me and Phirpan…”

Slow jangly music is playing now.  Then with wooden blocks.

Bengt Junior to Majlis:
“Say something!”
“Say something true for once..!”


Review of 30 Degrees in February/ 3- Grader i Fevruari Part THREE

So I was surprised to feel that 30° in February/ 30° i Fevruari was starting to drag at one point. I think I am bored with the story of Majlis.  Even though it has had its satisfyingly horror moments.

 Not to mention the classic appearance of the crisp shirted searcher of truth in the e form of Bengt Junior.  Who looked like he was getting all chilled out and hippiefied for a while there-until he started seeing  differently.  with his paranoid vision.  Or was it.

Kasja and Chan continue to battle: horrifically and tumultuously away.  with each other and each other’s businesses. They are at war.  Albeit a polite one with mostly smiles.  At vendetta that veers into sinister. Now which way will the battle go?

Each time there could have been,should have been a solution, a resolution. Things only get worse. Because Kasja is a formidable fighter who will go down fighting.  Or so she pretends.  When really she won’t go down at all.  Not in any war.

However, I reckon instead of possibly getting better;things between Kasja and Chan can only get worse.

I do remain entranced with the so far unrequited love between: well I really cannot say.
(it’s been a difficult enough business with personal pronouns)
There’s just an itzy bitzy problem..

On consideration perhaps this slight feeling of drag, experienced with the drama is a deliberate effect. In that somehow 30° in February/ i Fevruari is a communicating to us that torpid, holiday feel.  But more especially that strangely flat morning after feeling.

When the holiday: or the party is over. Just like Majlis looks at the wreckage from her party the night before.

ll the characters in the drama that came to Bangkok are transitioning: from that holiday happy zone back to real life.  Or rather real life but a different and new one.  with some things the same.  People for example. Love.  Falling in love.  Hoping.  wishing.  Hating.  However momentarily.

Variations of these sort of evolutions (life evolutions perhaps) is affecting and happening to many of the characters.

The newcomers have to settle down  to a real life. They are just re-ordering their life-or hoping to. To end up with something a little different .  With some, needed things, family, someone, love, loyalty still there the same.

This is sounding soppy now.  See somehow 30° in February/ 30° i Fevruari survives soppy.  It even deals in soppiness..  Yet wades right on through any brief syrupy morass and then kicks us up the backside metaphorically.

With some shocking shift back into black humour, pathos and tragedy.  Horror too-of a classic (holiday) thriller feel.

Me of course all I am waiting for
(well apart from Majlis changing that one dress-oh wait she did) is the showdown between Glenn, our hero, intrepid and would-be-husband and believer in love and Official holder of the One.  True. Heart.

(which in Fairy tales would enable him to jump off the cliff top and enter the wondrous kingdom instead of getting splatted)

Yes, the showdown between Glenn and the Baldy guy i s what I am waiting for.  We know it has to come.  Like in High Noon at The OK Corral.

I realise I only noticed this last episode that the baldy guy was speaking Swedish all along.  Or is it English?  I have stopped noticing.  Along with the Thai all the langues slip by and intertwine with each other in the dialogue:  Seamlessly.

As mentioned previously, the mistranslation (or rather-real translation) in the English translation of some of the Thai dialogue is amusing and revealing.  Adding a further depth an meaning to the drama.


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