Quick note to my readers-a new series-1992. In Italian with English subtitles. On Sky Arts 1 & Sky Arts 1 HD on Tuesdays @ 10pm repeated at 4:15am. First aired 24th March 2015.

Quick note to my Readers
A New Series:


First aired on 24th March 2015.  On sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD Tuesdays @10pm and repeated @ 4:15am

So whilst I am considering with trepidation returning to Bloodline. Episode three it will be: I have found this new Italian series thanks to a preview I spotted.

Virgin Media TV Preview: “1992”
“Compelling ten part Italian drama following six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape of early 90’s Italy”

From the original Preview I read:
The Independent Radar TV Guide- Tuesday 24th March TV Preview for Tuesday by Gerard Gilbert:

“Sky Arts is stealing a march on BBC4 with its slate of subtitled drama.  Gomorrah and The Legacy were brilliant: 30 degrees in February has been a pleasant surprise.  This new political drama from Italy follows six individuals caught up in the nationwide judicial investigation of the early 1990’s into corruption, which resulted in the dissolution of many political parties.  Stefano Acorsi stars”

My notes. 

Well one episode in so far and “1992” is looking good.   So far I have only identified three major characters.  I expect that the next episode will introduce the next three.  Unless I have missed some (meant to be) main characters so far.

“1992” is fun, well not in jolly fun, but fresh, cool, interesting and different. And it’s the nineties..

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