Hostages/ Bei Aruba. First few episodes review Part ONE and some notes and dialogue of episode one. Minor Spoilers. In Hebrew with English subtitles. BBC Four or channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV Saturdays @ 9pm in the UK

TV Description:
“When brilliant surgeon Yael Danner is selected to perform a routine operation on the Israeli Prime Minister it puts her whole family in danger..”

Some notes and dialogue on Episode One only.

Freaky opening scene.
12 hours earlier..

“It’s my last day, I want him alive..”
he continues:
You stole a car, you’re not a murderer..
“this is my gun, take me…”

Smooth.  Very smooth.  Brave and foolhardy too.

Teenage boy:
“Ronaldo, Ronaldo!”

Trouble is if you have seen Hostages, the remake.  You will know pretty much everything that’s gonna happen.

At the hospital.
So the head of security is an actor who was in Prisoners Of War/ Hatufim.

It is amazing how alike Yael is to Toni Colette in the American remake.  Just in that moment.  So they chose Toni Colette to be similar to Yael.  Toni Colette has obviously watched this original series and Yael.

Yael did that thing were she instantly ties up her ponytail from loose.  With nothing visible in her hand.
(not with her hair-that is certainly not long enough)

Well that was a twist.
“Hi, I’m Assaf..



So I am really enjoying Hostages.  But then I expected to.  Possibly I was prejudiced already in a positive way towards Hostages simply because I liked Prisoners Of War/ Hatifum so very much. They are both Israeli Series.  Plus such series are rare.

Tyrant could be added to that list since I believe it had some of the same creators/ writers on it as worked on Prisoners Of War and it’s remake: Homeland.

Then I believe that the series In Treatment,a little way back in time now was based on an original Israeli series.

So far Hostages is suspenseful and slick.  The drama fairly glides along and we are never bored in spite of the fact that the action is slow moving.  There is a delicate air of suspense with a a tinge of horror.   Lurking behind the outwardly familial fa├žade.

Myself having seen the remake first am already cognisant with the story. This is both I suppose satisfying and spoilerish.  I can, I believe be smug about everything since I know what is going to happen.  Or do I.  since remakes don’t always faithfully follow the (original) plot.

Hostages is classy, cool, confident, polished and assured as a drama.  It is not afraid to show the minutiae and boredom of daily life for the characters, Those aspects even more so now that the family, bar Yael is effectively under house arrest.

The drama, apart from Yael’s husband’s brief sojourn’s to the bins outside and a pavement
(where he meets an unsavoury character with over-sized sunglasses)
is going to be mainly restricted to the house as a setting.

Yael is the only one free to roam.  Everything mainly rests on her.  Although her husband has a few tricks up his sleeve and it is looking like the kids might have a few subterfuges too.

I am surprised at just how similar Toni Colette was in her portrayal of Yael’s role in the American remake.  Right down to the hair.  when really the two women do not have the same hair or even looks.  such is the skill in both casting and acting.  since Toni Colette and Yael’s characters seem so very alike to me.

They, Yael and Toni Colette in the remake, both maintain their hair, their looks, their composure.  Yael, as was Toni Colette, is impressively impassive.

Now Toni Colette maintained admirably perfect hair.  With impossible twin cheekbones and a steady glare.  Yael is more classic Alfred Hitchock heroine, with her sharp shirts and shaggy hair. Only once so far has Yael laid her head on a table in a cafe’.  In gloom and despair.

However Yael has already adopted an oddly deceptive easiness on the phone to her handler. Strange, perhaps or is she playing him.  Well of course Yael is we know but things are confused you see because the main baddie is so terribly handsome.  And he was portrayed sympathetically in the opening scene.

So although Yael can’t see him (Rubin) yet apart from his twinkling blue grey eyes above his balaclava: those of us of a romantic bent are naturally starting to wonder.



I feel somewhat nullified in writing about Hostages due to having seen the re-make.  As so far the original or rather the re-make is following closely to the storyline.
I Know Too Much.

I would have preferred to have seen the original first I think.  Because having seen the re-make seems to be taking away from my experience of seeing the original.  do you see what I mean about nullifying now.

In that I have lost some of the freshness of watching Hostages.  As a new story.  Still, this feeling may pass.  However the same goes for writing about Hostages from  the beginning.  Oh well.  Now I am trapped in comparison.  Of the two.  Do you see.


Oh yes.  And Israeli people like Gnomes.  Who knew.

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