Hostages/ Bei Aruba-Episodes Five, Six and Seven. Notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Was on BBC 4 in the UK.

Hostages/Bei Aruba- Episodes Five, Six & Seven.
Notes and dialogue only.

Episode Five

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So lets just say that things have hotted up somewhat.  Action-wise.

Hat time I think.

“Let the children out of here!”

So now the plot is diverging somewhat as Rubin pulls a fast one. A very smooth move.

Policeman to Rubin:
“You’re not going in alone?”
“Easy, it isn’t like there are masked men with guns in there”!

So Hostages has taken its own side road into something else now.

So Rubin is good, he’s very good.

I am liking my description of Hostages or rather Yael,as a Hitchcock heroine. Now I am thinking that Hostages is like a Hitchcock movie in style.

Should have had dinner first before watching this episode.

This is an interesting battle.  Who will win.

“If it happens again,I’ll out a bullet in his head…”
Yael to Rubin:
I can’t, I need a face in front of me…”

Ella kind of hypnotises her big hunk of a boyfriend.  Who is more than a little bonkers.

Meanwhile Rubin and Yael gaze at each other.Like they were paintings moving.  That is how beautiful they both are.

Things are getting mysterioso..

“Yael, watching you work was very impressive”
Piano music has started playing.
But luckily this doesn’t last very long.

Now  Yael has turned up her battle or game a whole ‘nother notch.  Yey Yael.

Nb.  Adam Rubin is Rubin’s full name.

Episode Six.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Assaf & Ella
“What’s in it for me?!”

It is as shame but kind of cool at the same time that they do not translate the texts we see in Hebrew.

Ooo its really good now.

& Rubin gets a message from the Prime Minister:
“I am sure we will meet again Rubin, L’haim/ cheers!”

& Yael has got her trainers on and the plot has escalated to a whole nother level.

Yael covers a photo she finds on the/ a fridge.

Ella to Assaf :
You can’t be a cog in her machine…”

I am loving the interplay between one of the masked men (youngest) and Noah the daughter.  The masked guy is proper goofy around her.  He loves her that much.

Most excellent stuff all this I must say.  Getting even more suspenseful as we speak.


Episode Seven

So we get a third episode!
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Brilliant shot with Yael and Rubin only a piece of wood away from each other.
Door creaks, eeek.

So the goofy masked guy is crazy in love with Noah.


So Israel is beautiful.

Rubin and Yael are bickering almost like a married couple already.

Yael & Rubin.
Yael has a heart to heart.
“I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than twenty four hours at home before, it’s odd”
“being a guest in your own life..and realising it isn’t what you thought it was..”
They look at each other.

I swear that Rubin is like an Israeli Brad Pitt.  He is that handsome.  But is evocative as an actor too.

Blimey.  Then things get really intense.
Well this certainly wasn’t in the re-make-unless I missed it.

Big masked guy to Yael;
“There are those who break and those who mend…”
he chuckles.
“I’m the one who breaks!”
He is actually funny in a creepy comic way.

Ha ha. It is all going horribly wrong for the hostage takers.  As things get a little Keystone Cops.


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