Gotham-Series Two-or more correctly-the second half of Series One after a mid-season break. Episodes Twelve and Thirteen- some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers Only. With Review Part ONE at the end of Episode Twelve followed by some notes and dialogue only for Episode Thirteen at the end. On Channel five in the UK or channel number 105 on Virgin Media TV. Mondays @ 9pm.

Series Two-or so I thought.
This is really a mid-season break as I discovered from the episode numbers.

Episode Twelve.  A feature length episode.

Harvey Bullock to Jim Gordon:
“Arkham Asylum Security Guard?”..

The Play at the Arkham Asylum.
some dialogue:
“If the King be least unwilling what I command I will fill thy bones so they ache and roar..”
“pray, this art is full of power!”
“Full fathom fore my father lies for his bones are coral made, those were pearls that were his eyes..”

Creepy Prison-oops Arkham Asylum Governor to Jim Gordon:
“Think you can’t fall any further? think again..”

Oh no!  Its Brody’s wife from the series Homeland.  She is so beautiful.

Cat and Ivy.

(Gulls cry)

The Penguin:
“You’re beginning to irk me, it’s The Penguin”
Then Penguin to Policemen:
“Boys, why the frowns?”

Doctor (Brody’s wife) to Jim Gordon:
“This is rather unusual and sinister isn’t it?”

The Doctor (Brody’s wife) is so beautiful and tall she seems like a superheroine.

The Asylum’s Nurse is a veteran and amazing actress.

In a Church some bells chime.

“Egregious insubordination..”

Butch and his old friend Jim.
“Hey brother,…don’t wait too long, huh?”

Harvey Bullock to The Penguin:
“But I like looking at you, it’s soothing, like a bonsai tree..”

The Doctor is called Leslie.

This episode has surprising aspects of The walking Dead about it.

Meanwhile Ivy was kind of evil. She has the look a a devil child.

Don Maroni to The Penguin:
“Do you know what hubris is?”

The Penguin continues to steal absolutely every scene that he is in.

“Electricity is an amazing thing, it can work wonders…”

Butch listens to music in his car:
The Five Satins:In The Heat Of The Night.

Butch and his friend Jim.
“I just wanna say sorry ,for cheating you out of that beefsteak”..

You know Gotham is just so beautiful to look at I’m going to just watch and stop writing.  Because Gotham is most of all visual.

Johnny Cash sings:
“God’s gonna cut you down..”

Harvey Bullock to Jim:
“He’s dead, fried like a doughnut..”


Review Part ONE
Gotham Series Two
 (or more correctly Episode 12 in the second half of the mid-season break- as I discovered)

So Gotham didn’t stand up too well for a feature length episode for me.  This was due to a lack of the presence of Alfred I felt.  With his increasingly engaging young charge: Bruce Wayne.  Engaging as a character, slowly coming out of his shell.  figuratively and emotionally.  As a shy kid and a grief struck one.

Everything Bruce Wayne does as a child beautifully prefigures the later character of Batman. In my opinion.  We really believe that we can see that future connection.  Or growth.  From the young Bruce Wayne to the man.

Plus the wonderful and memorable and ineffable character of Alfred, the Butler.  Not a Valet as he explains it (his job) to the ever woodenly grimacing Jim Gordon.  Jim who is, we as viewers know, the future tough talking square-headed or is it square-jawed Commissioner.  Of Gotham city.

When I think of Alfred, it will always be Michael Caine who comes to mind.  However new Alfred I am going to add to that hallowed name.  The new Alfred reminds me of Michael Caine and his style. They are both proper Cockneys.

I guess how you feel about say the Bruce Wayne and Alfred side (never forgetting my favourite character Cat and the occasional appearance of Ivy-the slightly evil child)  depends on your own memories and associations with the story of Batman.

Apart from Michael Caine, I am referencing Gotham with vintage more than recent versions of the Batman Story.

I do believe Gotham is presented in the style of a graphic novel.Just one made cinematographically real.

Fantastically  (quite often) so.  In my opinion.  For someone who likes unusual colours in dramas nay colours themselves, especially when such brush strokes are experimental (Crimes Of Passion). Gotham could be said to be really nearly a cinematographic dream come true.

Fort me I am less, in this episode anyway engaged in the murdering and political shenanigans.  Not to mention the Mafia.

Mind you Don Carmine Falceone was an impressive performance.  Giving an almost mini-Godfather style story contained within the whole.  I really do think that his acting was excellent and convincing.  In the portrayal of his character, in all his love-lorn to rage-filled ways. Brilliant stuff.  Culminating in an horrific scene which kind of ruined the zany tea-time fun label I had of Gotham. A metaphorical post-it note if you like.

No, Gotham is meant to be fun.  I know it has mad manic near mystic Silence of The Lambs style murderers.  And more weird and wonderful variations of evil(doers) to boot.

However in spite of all this I wasn’t taking Gotham entirely seriously. since the drama often  verged from sinister to surreal in it’s imagery.  Which easily become silly sort of.

I guess this edge of surrealistic semi-zaniness in Gotham can be taken either way: verging on funny/ humourous or a darkly Gothic fairgrounds and clowns sort of style horror.  Probably all that and more.

Thing is, I didn’t really want things to get that gruesome in Gotham.  Because everything else is not quite perfect in the drama.  As in some scenes and characters do not quite work.   As not necessarily any acting fault it is just that some of the characters seem to get the whole kind of hyper-real Gothic vibe to Gotham.

Throw in graphic novel and semi-comic zany plus several side helpings of surreal.  Make of Gotham what you will.

I note that the fantastical and cavernous circular lighting in the setting of the Police Station is gone. The inner circle of hell in appearance I think I described the Police Station in series One.

So perhaps we are meant to be seeing the evolution of deeply corrupt almost dungeon deep moral sickness.  A sickness adrift in the city of Gotham.


Episode Thirteen.  Notes and dialogue only.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The Penguin:
Hello Fish!”.  Giggles.

Harvey Bullock talks like a Raymond Chandler character.

So it’s the officially mad West Ham fan from the series Lillyhammer.

Yey. Alfred is back.

Fish to her torturer: (draws breath)
“Is that all you got fella?”
“‘Cause you’re gonna bore me to death!”

Harvey Bullock to Jim Gordon:
“Flass, he’s protected”..
he continues:
“These are serious people, for all I know the Commissioner gets a piece!”

I never was keen on the Police Chief. Seems she is corrupt too.

The poem:
” Dear Miss Kringles”
“Your eyes are as green as a meadow”
“Your smile is as bright as the sun”
“Your skin is as white as a snowflake””It seems like your life is fun”

The Penguin’s Mother.
The Penguin’s mother to her dancing partner:
“Your are so graceful…for a big man”!..
she continues:
“So nice to meet a friend of Oswald’s”
“I’m Gertrude Kapelput..”

The Penguin acts like a good Godfather.
The Penguin to Jim Gordon:
“Of course!”
“The favour is done!”
“No one gets hurt!”
The Penguin:
“Of course not!”
The Penguin gets pissed..

Bruce Wayne to Alfred:
“She was lying..”
Alfred to Bruce Wayne:
“Are you going to keep crying over the shattered fragments of your young dreams?”!

Harvey Bullock and Fish Mooney.
“Do me a favour, don’t come back..”
“Be good“..
Always!” (mwah!)

Fantastical setting in the docks at night.


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