Extanct. Episodes Six and Seven. Minor spoilers only. Some notes and dialogue on first watching with PART TWO review at the end. (Nb. PART ONE posted on 18th February 2015) Extanct is currently on Sy-fy Channel in the UK on Tuesday nights @9pm


Episode Six

John & Molly watch a film footage.
“What….is it?”!!
“Nanotechnology, carbon atom cloud..”

Ethan & John.
“But he’s not programmed to dream!”

Ethan to Molly:
“But things are happening to you…”

Down in the underground laboratory..  Things are happening.

“I had a dream…”

Julie & Odin.
Odin to Julie:
“You’re amazing…”

Molly to Sam: (as Molly implants something)
“I just need some clarity..”

So one of the Space Agency guys (Gordon) goes to what must be the futuristic equivalent of a bar.  Or official drug den.  I had better not say.

Then Kryger gets a small canister of dry ice.

Director Sparks to Space Agency guy: (Gordon):
“Find Kryger, let me worry about Molly!”

Nb. It is called I.S.E.A.  International Space Agency Exploration I guess.

Molly gets her brain scanned with just an amazing silver chain mail cloth with some (four exactly) twinkling blue lights.

Doctor Sam to Molly:
“Molly, the activity in your amygdala has decreased”

Director Sparks to the Scientist: (who is not very well)
“Ever see this before?”
“What is it?”

Odin & Ethan.
“Odin was the God of war and poetry, unusual huh, that you would have the two together..”
“There’s lots of stories about war..”

(Odin is handsome, slightly creepy and has an English accent)

(on board the space station)
“What is that symbol?”
Computer voice:
“An I.S.E.A emergency test pattern”..

Kryger is cool but I’m getting worried about him..
(he has a such a boyish innocent face)

So the Code Breaking Machine is impressive.
Computer voice:
“Encryption complete”..

Girl in space Station:
“Dad, I’m gonna die out here!…”

The Underground Laboratory.
Director Sparks to guard:
“Grab a coffee…”
Sparks to computer voice:
“Show her to me!..


Episode Seven.

“More in Heaven and Earth”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Girl:“Dad, I’m gonna die out here.!”

Flashback to the space station. Or is it.

Director of the International space agency, Sparks:
“At this time we believe…the crew..”

23 months later.

Molly and Doctor Sam.
I must have missed the bit where they became buddies again.
Molly to Doctor Sam:
“I want to make him sweat!…

John to Molly:
“This has to end..”( I’m telling you-he’s in on it)

Girl at Ethan’s school to John:
I didn’t know he spoke Japanese”..
“He doesn’t!”

Dr.Sam is now a triple agent. I think.

John,  Elise and the other guy (her work colleague) who is in love with Elise.
At the Humanix laboratory.
John is freaking out. About his creation. he has seen the light.

Gordon is the name of the I.S.E.A guy.
“There’s more things in heaven and earth be dreamed of…”  Shakespeare.

That was simply really cool how Molly speaks to her computer.  Gets it to look up things,send-e-mail and then just swishes a photo from her phone into the air so to speak.  Into the computer screen on the wall in front of her.  Fab.

But Molly still has to prepare food and cups of tea.  Guess we ain’t never getting to pills for food in the future. Are we.

Kryger to Gordon:
“There’s more things in heaven and earth..”

Gordon is hooked on Absalom.  In the future it’s just bottles and a face pump.  Boring.

Yazumoto, Julia (shareholder of Humanix), Molly and Ethan.    
(at Yzumoto’s fabulous pad)
Yazumoto to Ethan:
“It’s an Oviraptor…it’s seventy million years old..
Yazumoto to John:
“Then there’s immortality..

John: (to Sheila and Molly)
“Yazumoto is referring to…once the human genetic code is decoded…it could be uploaded, into a Humanix..”
“..”a way of examining the human consciousness…” or summat.
(it sounds so good when he says it)

& Molly is getting determined, driven and going on a quest. Yey Molly.

Molly to  Director Sparks:
“Get down on your knees and pray, every night and for the rest of your life!”

Odin is a bit fishy. I think he may be a spy.
Ah ha.
What did I tell you.
“When we outsourced war to machines, we lost our humanity, our soul...”
And guess who is a member!
(Odin is a British  actor with a cockney accent)

Molly is on a mission..

The underground lair/laboratory.
Uh oh. You just knew that Sparks was going to get into that glass box.   He stayed outside before.
That was very wise.

Nice Security guard suddenly goes evil:
“Code black, security breach..”

So things went a bit Gotham there.  As Molly looked down and a sky full of birds just flew up away into the blue night.

But why would they be frightened of a SWAT team.
(could they be robot birds?)

So now Kryger and Gordon…Well I had better not tell.

John to Molly:
“I have to go in, it’s for his own protection…”
Uh oh.
Access denied.

You just know that the angelic sleeping Ethan was going to do that (last minute) eye opening thing.  And he did.



So Extanct hasn’t really dropped the ball.  I am pleasantly surprised.  yes,it has its dull and gently generic moments.  However all this and everything is part of Extanct’s charm.

I am still having fun watching Extanct anyway.  Extanct is good enough to rise above the ordinary run of the  mill Sci-fi classic genre that it is.  Whilst liberally borrowing from a myriad of other science fiction classic series.  Especially the ones tinged with horror. Maybe even a drip filled dread.

The horror in Extanct is more intermittent than drip freed.  Except for the not so small matter of Ethan..

I like that Extanct is a little bit wooden in feel. Although it is unclear whether this glumness generally is just what people’s faces look like. In the future.  with those actors/ actresses portraying that universal dead-pan of expression. Who knows.

It’s a shame that the character of Molly seems incapable of any muscular movement of her face whatsoever.  There were times when I had the fleeting impression that her wildly emoting eyes were in fact broadcasting a plea for help.  As in: get me outta here, I’m trapped. Everybody else is dead!


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