Silent witness-New Series-Protection-Some notes and dialogues. Minor Spoilers only. Please note that episodes five and six: Protection and episodes seven and eight: Circle Squared will be notes and dialogue only and posted seperately with the final review PART TWO of this series of Silent witness at the end of One Of Our Own.

Silent witness-New Series

Episodes five and six of the new series.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Nb. Final Review of this series of Silent Witness will be at the end of: One Of Our Own.

Crime scene.
“Can you smell bleach?”
“Human hair..”

“There is a wound on his genitalia..”
“the lateral incisor was..”

So at one point there is the goofy but clever and inquisitive Detective, the Child Protection Officer, Niki and Jack.  all are walking down the lane.  Like the Fantastic Four.

Mr. Smooth:
“We just need to find an organic blood trail”..

Then.  Oh then.  all the characters end up in a candle-lit vigil.
Clarissa to Jack:
“Are you praying?”
“Do you pray for your friends?”
“Do you pray for me?”
“It does no good at all..”

I knew who it was a while back.  Well I think so.

“Why is there a hamster in the car?”!
he continues:
“We could get a forensic pathologist..”
“Get ground penetrating radar..”

But wait, it gets better:
Social worker:
“What, what is that Hamster doing here?!”
“Is there any way you can prove the hamster belonged to Daniel Garvey?”
“If we trim some of the fur and put it in an aliquot of water”
“Garvey’s DNA should be on the fur and claws”
“We will need a good clean sample of Kevin’s DNA and a match both to the fur and contact  prints on the car..”

Detective Inspector Rory Brennan:
“This is Niki Alexander..”

Silent Witness has sprouted some moody incidental music.  Which is intermittent. But effective.

Now even Mr. Smooth, Niki’s boss is part of the team. At one point Jack, Clarissa and Mr. Smooth all look at a map on the floor.  I guess the glass tables are just for dead bodies.

They have given Nike a cool midnight blue floaty shirt with white dots. It’s like a constellation shirt.

More atmospheric music.

Jack to the Child Protection Officer:
“We’re in the cell...”

Social worker to Niki:
“when you get used to that cruelty as a normal thing, that’s when its a long winter with no spring..”
“Well spring is here..”

Yep. I thought so.

And Niki gives an excellent explanation of what happened.
For once.  They let her.
Then she starts crying.


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