Silent Witness-New Series-Falling Angels-PART TWO. Some notes and dialogue with review. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC1-catch-up on BBCi-player

Silent Witness-New Series Review PART TWO of:
Falling Angels
(nb. Please see PART ONE for first half of Falling Angels posted on18th January 2015)

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Mr. Smooth: (i will find out his name)
“See how the hair falls here..
“and now hmm, here..”
he continues:
“Did you take a sample?”
“No,  I just combed it through for debris..”
“What are you thinking?”
Mr. Smooth:
“That husbands who kill their wives don’t usually take trophies..”
“Psychopathic gratification..”
“the same x-shaped stab wound as Rosemary Stone..”


Niki seems to have developed a role as an all purpose oracle.  Who various Detective Inspectors, male and female and Social Workers go to with their problems.  Niki: all wise and all seeing and not invisible like the real ancient oracle dispenses her pathological and spiritual advice.

There is a new and inscrutable Police Chief who makes the young Detective Inspector look even younger and himself practically ancient.

Nb.  I did enjoy seeing the (London) tube and the tunnels being used for a chase scene.

So Falling Angels is getting there.  I now realise why the surreal scene in the beginning of Falling Angels was there.  Plus why the scene seemed old.  That is because it was.  In the past.

Police Chief superintendent to the two Detectives:
“I can’t have this feudal state, the murder Squad, operating on its own..”!

“Petechial haemorrhaging..”
Mr. Smooth:
“So, again, strangulation..”
“Yes, but not the cause of death, most likely carotid” (D’ya think?!)
Mr. Smooth:
“Wait, there’s something under here..” (isn’t there always)

The young Detective has an incredible midnight blue three piece suit on.  Even his tie is the same colour.  A stroke of sartorial genius really.

So now every time a character gets on the tube we get nervous.

The shots of the block of flats in which Lana Sutherland lives are truly spectacular.

Even (train approaches) is spooky now.

The tube and tunnels have not been used like this for horror purposes since An American Werewolf in London.



So just as I was mentally half relinquishing my refusal to take Silent Witness seriously and thinking: hey, this episode is really OK nearly quite good.  Then the increasingly ludicrous side story of the young Detective has to go and ruin it all.  As he rambled on to Niki in a severe bout of Too Much Information about his tragic childhood.  And the coincidences between cases become clangingly obvious.  Sigh.

How did this guy even get into the Police you find yourself wondering.  The young Detective’s back story may well have been viewed with sympathy.  Yet he is seriously on the edge of a nervous breakdown.  As past traumas just come tumbling along.  Still, all wise and wonderful Niki, the walking talking and visible oracle to all will assuage him I am sure.

Now even the cases, the bodies and their attached artefacts are uncomfortably and unethically mixed with each other.  Never mind the people involved.

For light relief I even dabbled with the idea that the young Detective could have done it.  I mean the current pile-up of bodies.

At one point Niki casually pulls a drawer out in a room that never looks like a morgue and unzips the handy body bag.  She rummages around with the person/ corpse’s bloody head.  Like she was trying to find something in a bag of shopping.  In front of the gathered Detectives; who are all hanging out at the morgue drawer.  All cool and casual.

“Yes, see this snipped bit of hair here”, Or something similar Niki says.  As the poor bloodied head of one of the victims stares out at us.  Like the dead head was playing peek-a-boo through a curtain.  Not the plummiest of roles that one.  Was it.  for that actor.

‘Cause they are all really alive, I read it was so.

We find out what an EDNSA test is.  Very cool.

Ahah.  what did I tell you.  However.  I have known all along what would happen in the tube station.
And it did.

Lovely singing ensues.  Making it all very meaningful.  And the last two heads within the zipper are almost stylish in their sorrow.



The flashback really did not make any sense.

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