Note to my readers of some new and returning series in the UK

So the televisual desert doth ended.  Mostly.

30° in February/ 30° i Februari Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD
 The new series 30° in February/ 30 grader i Februari
 This Swedish series first aired in the UK  Friday 13th February 2015)
(See review. posted 18th February 2015)

The Walking Dead Series Five Mondays @ 9pm on FOX Channel
The Walking Dead series five returned after its mid season Christmas break.  Two weeks in now.

Extanct.  Tuesdays @ 9pm on Syfy Channel.  Also on Amazon Prime.
I also discovered that Extanct was on in the UK on Syfy channel.
 (see review posted 18th February 2015)

Hostages/ Bei Aruba  BBC 4 in Hebrew with English subtitles.  Saturdays @ 9pm.
Starts Saturday 21st February 2015 on BBC 4 in the UK: two episodes back to back @ 9 pm and 9:40pm

.Plus I can report that the long ago previewed on here under posting of:
 “New European Dramas” (22nd February 2014) the series Hostages is finally here!  Hurray.

TV Preview:
“When brilliant surgeon Yael is selected to perform a routine operation on the Israeli Prime Minister it puts her whole family in danger”

Hostages, as explained previously is the original Israeli series upon which the American Series, um, Hostages was based.  I wrote about the American series here.  I thought it turned out really rather good in the end.

Nb.  I seriously rated the Israeli original series Prisoners of War/ Hatifum upon which Homeland was based.  Series One and Two written about here.

Gotham Series Two-“coming soon” Channel Five
Then, I have seen a trailer for the inimitable and original series Gotham, Series two. Wonderful. No date yet.  (reviews on this Blog)

I ditched on Broadchurch and the other one?..

10,000 BC.  Channel Five. Monday and Tuesday nights consecutively @ 10pm.
Then I have been watching 10,000 BC.
Opening Credits:
In October 2014 we sent twenty volunteers to a hunting reserve in Bulgaria to take part in a social experiment: Can 21st Century people live like cavemen?”
“Not everyone made it..”
“Happened out there?”!

Don’t worry-nobody died. They just made it all Blair Witch Project spooky in the opening credits to get our attention. People get:
 a) very very hungry indeed and
 b) droop off dejectedly either starving or in an enormous huff.  Although:
 c) one person’s health suffers..
Then it snows.  A lot.

I am enjoying this reality programme for the psychological interest whilst learning about the Mesolithic period from the interesting and unusual hands-on:
 “Stone Age Archaeologist”  Klint, who looks at his happiest with his handy hunting knife by his side whilst instructing the poor unfortunates/ volunteers on how best to kill and survive on a social basis.

Most uncomfortable and shocking scene so far is watching just how (very) long it takes for any member of the tribe to come to the aid of one of their members “of the tribe” who is clearly ill..

(the) Digging For Britain Series Three on BBC 4 Tuesdays @8pm & Thursdays @ 11pm.
with Professor Alice Roberts. A set of three episodes entitled: East, West and North.

Nb. It looks like this series has ended now-to be followed in this time slot by:Digging For Ireland.

Brilliant stuff.  See Mesolithic artefacts from an:
” 11,000 year old site at the end of the ice age”
& other archaeological sites with new findings: Mesolithic knuckle-dusters for example.

This is one of the few archaeology documentaries which does not indulge in clearly wild supposition and extrapolation over and above the actual findings.  Sadly missing however is the 3-D enjoyable computer images of the original stone dwellings that we have become used to in other documentaries.

Then I discovered quite by chance: Celebrity Apprentice USA BBC One Sunday nights at approximately 11:30 pm.

This year the series includes Dionne Warwick, La Toya Jackson, Meatloaf and other American celebrities. Plus the irrepressible and wise cracking Donald Trump of course.  You get to hear the O Jays singing:
“Money, money, money”…
in the opening credits as Donald flies in on his helicopter and stylishly yet unobtrusively, disembarks. Impeccably coiffured as always.  Well I think that is what happens, I may have made it all up for dramatic impact.

Rather unforgivably for me, the celebrities pass up the chance for Dionne Warwick to actually sing. Oh and people stand up and applaud Donald Trump when he comes into an auditorium.  Most odd.

Ross Kemp-Extreme World. Series 4. SKY 1 & Sky 1 HD Thursdays @ 9pm 
Also catching up with Ross Kemp’s new series of Extreme World. So far I have seen Ross Kemp Extreme world on: Ukraine, Honduras and South Africa.  Plus watched his Ross Kemp on Gangs series.

I watched the films False Trail, Pusher and ID:A.  ID:A had the actor who plays Frederik in Arvingerne/ The Legacy in it.  It was a bit daft but good fun.  The best sort of films really.

Is my emergency TV DVD.  Like a fire alarm that you have to break open. There were my wrapped DVD’s of series two and four.
(see Review of the Danish series Resjeholdt series One and Three on DVD on this Blog)

Oh yes at at some point in the year will be the return of the Swedish series The Bridge, Series Three..
Sadly, with one main character missing.


Tyrant-Series One FOX Channel starts on Monday February 23rd 2015 @ 10pm in the UK.

See Link:

I completely forgot to note on here that the American series Tyrant-Series One is being shown again on FOX Channel / or channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV.

I was briefly excited thinking this was a trailer for series Two.  However nope.  But often times the showing of a previous series means there will be another.  I am not sure. Nobody else seemed to like Tyrant or write about it much that I could see.  So dunno if Tyrant has been recommissioned for  a second series.

Me, albeit Tyrant being admittedly a bit daft, overblown and stereotypical with some of its characters in part: I really liked and enjoyed Tyrant.  I didn’t take it entirely seriously.  As I am sure it was meant to be.  Yet it was great fun to watch and to write about and it is certainly fresh and different and exciting at times.

There are some truly stunning performances in Tyrant: most noticeably Barry/ Bashad’s brother: Jamal Al-Fayeed with a deeply impressive performance as a charming and likeable but dangerous psychopath and my favourite character, (scene stealing) Shaykh Rashid.

Not forgetting the seriously stern and steely Amira as Bashad Al Fayeed’s mother and an impressive turn by Yusuf.
(Jamal from the Israeli series Prisoners of War)

Then there is Jamal’s wife: Leila Al-Fayeed and Tucker, the man from the  American Embassy, in his impeccable pale blue suits.  Of course there are plots, counter-plots, subversion, revolt and strife. It might be easier for you to see for yourself..

I wrote about every episode of Tyrant here on this Blog.

Footnote to notes on Tyrant.

Tyrant Series Two
Nb.  Latest news on Tyrant-well according to my research sourced 22nd February 2015-it seems that there will indeed be Tyrant Series 2-Yey!

Tyrant Series Two will be premièring on FOX in America this summer.  Plus it seems I am not the only one who likes Tyrant-apparently quite a few people do.  But mainly not critics.


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