New Series-Thirty Degrees in February/ 30° i Februari. A Swedish series in Swedish, English and Thai with English subtitles. Some notes and dialogue and review PART ONE on the First Episode. (Nb. PART TWO review posted 12th March 2015) Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD channel numbers 281 & 282 respectively on Virgin Media TV. Fridays @ 9pm.

30 Degrees in February/ 30° i Fevruari

New Series on Sky Arts 1 and sky Arts 1 HD

TV Preview:
“A group of Swedes decide to leave the cold behind for a life of sun in Thailand”


Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

In Sweden.
Man in wheelchair: to wife/carer?
“Did you flush the toilet?
“Did you flush the toilet?”

Her to the driver:
“He used to be a Pilot..”

The next character is a young guy in a food kiosk.  The kiosk has the name Thai.

In Thailand.
Wheelchair guy to Majlis (his wife)
“You have fluff on your chin”
“What? is it gone?”
“It must be a hair”!

Before we know it something unexpected and surprising has happened to Marjilis.

In Sweden.
Then we meet Glenn Anderson, a central Heating Installer.
He is at a speed dating session.
Glenn to a woman:
“..So that’s why Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts want to get married at the end of the film..”

And something else horrible happens.

There is a family of a Mother and her two daughters.
One of the girls (Wilad) to her Mum:
“Are you speaking Polish now?”
(Wilda chuckles)

So Glenn Anderson has a lovely cat and a very handsome photo on his dating profile.

In Thailand.
Security Guard in Bangkok airport to other Security guard:
“I feel sorry for her”
Security Guard Lady:
“When we brought her over here, she was kicking and screaming!”

In Sweden Glenn Anderson says:
and it isn’t translated.  We all know what it means by now.

In Thailand
Bengt Tapper is the name of the man in the wheelchair.
Bengt Tapper to Majlis:
Say you were wrong..and that you won’t do it again..”

So I am really enjoying 30° in February so far.  It reminds me of the Icelandic series Nightshift.  Just Nightshift in Sweden then Thailand.

In Sweden.
The family with the mother and two daughters.
“What’s this?”

Her Mum rips open her architecture plans (in a roll) with her teeth on the rubber band.

Girl (Wilda’s sister) singing and playing a song:
“So much for the golden future,I can’t see the start”
I’ve had every promise broken, there’s an anger in my heart..”
“You don’t know what it’s like, you don’t have a clue”
“And if you find yourself making the same thing too”
“Breaking the law, breaking the law..”

In Thailand.
The Mum to her daughters, Joy and Wilda:
“But now, we don’t have to leave…”

Bengt Tapper and Majlis.
“This sand is crabs that the parrot fish has eaten…”
“that is why it is so fine..”

The woman on the beach has a head dress like she was from Peru.
A whole small crowd of people gather round Majlis and Bengt.  On the beach.  Trying to sell them beautiful things and an Iguana.

In Sweden.
Glenn Anderson the Central Heating Installer and his Boss.
Glenn’s Boss:
“Glenn?  Glenn?  Glenn?!”

Joy is the name of the girl who is Wilda’s sister.

In Thailand.
So Chan is the name of the guy who was working in the food truck, I thought he was Chinese.

Now we see the seamier side of Bangkok.  As Chan arrives and looks for his son, Pong.

Glenn Anderson arrives in Thailand.
(music blares) (traffic hums)

The drama is shot as if it’s in real time.

Glen walks the strip.  There are some heavy looking guys.
“Is this the Full Moon Bar?”
“Is Karn here?”
he continues:
“Pepsi lemon, no ice..”

I have a feeling that the girl (in the bar) may be a guy

Bar guy:
“That’s what I thought when I saw him,
George Clooney!
They laugh.

Glenn Anderson to Karn:
“I’m not much of a man, but I know I’m going to be a good father”

Chan is cool.



Wilda and her sister Joy and their mother at Hotel Happiness or just Happiness as it is called.
“There’s no internet”
“You know, we don’t even have electricity!”
(they chuckle)



So I really liked 30° in February/ 30° I Februari.
It’s fresh.  It’s different.  It’s unusual.  The dialogue is realistic and snappy The characters are all full blooded and fully fleshed out out fairly immediately.  They are all eminently interesting and likeable too.  we want to know more.

Not much really happens nor that quickly.  However the scene is slowly set or rather many scenes: as we see each character and their life in the beginning of the story, in Sweden.  Each character’s back-story is built up slowly.

One family is included, a husband and wife and two single men.  Well we are not sure about Chan. who seems to have had a relationship with…but perhaps I should not get ahead of myself.

Thirty Degrees In February is somehow immediately great fun to watch whilst actually portraying lives of terrible pathos and tragedy.    Loneliness too.  Even in a couple.  A severely dysfunctional couple although they are outwardly unaware of this.

However Majlis,as wife of Bengt Tapper suffers barbed and imperious even controlling comments from her husband.  Who is wheelchair bound.

The action opens upon each storyline for the characters concerning their day to day life in Sweden.

I like how the dialogue from the Thai characters was alternately translated in the subtitles as what they were actually saying to each other.  And saying something completely different in the spoken English. eg:
Smiling and giggling, to Glenn Anderson:
“It’s lovely!”

To her watching mates who brought Glenn, drunk and crawling at intervals from their bar:
“It’s very small..
(sneering disappointedly)


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