Arvingerne/ The Legacy-Series One- Review PART FOUR. Some Minor spoilers. Some notes and dialogue with Final Review at the end. In Danish with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD

Arvingerne/ The Legacy  Final Review PART FOUR

Some notes and dialogue from some episodes. (up to episode nine)
On first watching.

The cartoon head appears.  In a sad scene.  It is sitting on the bed.  Told you it was sinister.

The acting in Arvingerne/ The Legacy is truly spectacular.

And Frederik walks though the enchanted forest..

Episode Nine
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Tidligere/ previously”

Art Investment man to Gro:
“Perhaps you just aren’t anyone without your Mother..”

So have they just started singing at the beginning of Arvingernes?  Because I have never noticed it.

Oh dear.  Frederick’s visitor is following him.

Frederik really is an amazingly acted character.  It is unusual in a drama to focus on a father as a character.

Gro is a brilliantly ballsy character.  She has great trouser suits and really can play hard ball when she needs to.

Likewise the story and character of John is rounded and multifaceted.

Emile to Camille:
” Camille, when I come back, we will start over..”
(he ain’t coming back)

Oh yes.  And the cartoon head mascot makes an appearance in happier times too.

So the Hemp farmer guy is pretty cool.

I am confused about the artworks belonging to Vernøika Grønnegard.  It must be that she left them to the siblings and not Signe.  Otherwise, as I keep worrying, they are actually stealing them from under Signe’s nose.

It’s finally obviously what is troubling Frederik and for quite a while now.

Emile sounds funny talking English.  I like how he lapsed into an Irish accent briefly when talking with an Irishman.


Final Review.

So I really enjoyed Arvingerne/ The Legacy.  As mentioned in the notes there was some brilliant acting in Arvingerne.

Considering that the scenes and props were few: everything in the drama rested on the acting.

One could say the story, right at the beginning, of Verønika’s death had already been told.  Again, like the opening scene of a play.

Arvingernes was really a play set on screen.  With further acts unfolding after the main scene setting of the opening if you like.

This ending of the series did not seem like an ending.  More like a break.  In between scenes.

The Legacy at the beginning is now defined differently.  Since the giving of that legacy in its different forms to each of Verønika’s children has become their own personal legacy.

That new individual legacy is something new and different entirely.

What did I say about Verønika’s art forever changing perpetually.  She involved her children in a real-life happening.  As a sort of art.

So I have high hopes for the hemp farmer. Since he appeared, smiling loquaciously at Signe.  His purple cardigan just a little unzipped at the neck.

The Legacy made us wait, suspensefully, whilst the hemp farmer considered Signe’s fields.  The suspense being of a romantic kind for me.  To see whether the handsome smiling Hemp farmer with his pointy little beard would like Signe’s ideas.  And possibly like her too.  He is The One. Obviously.



Arvingerne/ The Legacy is one of those rare and near perfect creations that seem resistant to a final review.  Like the final series of Wallander with Henrik  Kristersson and the Australian series, The Code.  To write more seems superfluous.

This must be because the drama is sufficient unto itself.  In fact it speaks for itself.

I could annoyingly and smugly point out that Frederik did indeed harbour a dark and dreadful secret. However such meanderings just feel extraneous.

I am secretly wondering whether Signe, having already taken to wearing gardening and or conceptual artist style boiler suits: might well take to trying her own hand at art. Now that would be cool.

Down in that wonderfully roomy basement workshop.  Now that certain financial pressures have come into play..

She is after all, a Grønnegard.


I really like:
tidligere as the Danish word for previously.


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