Silent witness-New Series-My Review of first few episodes. Mainly Falling Angels. REVIEW PART ONE. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on BBC One Monday and Tuesday nights @ 9pm. Channel number 101 on Virgin Media TV

Silent witness-New Series

Nb. Episode Three is called Falling Angels.  This review is mainly about that episode.

Silent Witness is looking strangely good.  I like that the two episodes follow on the next night.  I mean the second episode is on the following night.

Perhaps silent Witness were reading my review in A slating of…  Though it, the review was written in fondness and fun.  Point is, the new series seems decidedly more egalitarian in nature.  Meaning that they have relegated the character of Forensic scientist Jack from being overbearing and snarly man mode to just plain Jack.  A bit boring really.  Has Jack been reprogrammed?

Maybe Jack was having his character’s story whole thing as series often do. In the last series of Silent Witness.  Although I did enjoy the interesting distraction of Jack’s eponymously cool warehouse flat and the prerequisite punch bag on a stand.  That Jack punched. whenever feeling upset and stressed. That storyline went all kind of Jack, Private eye investigations for a while.

I am having a hard time taking Silent Witness seriously.  But then I always do.  However this time it is not quite so much fun.  Perhaps it was the God awful blood overload factor in the first episode of Fallen Angels.

Perhaps it was the succession of women suffering  in seemingly every way.  Where we begin for example with an eponymous domestic violence scene straight out of the horror film genre.  Like Stephen King from the seventies film mixed with Midsomer Murders.

Then said victim is seen surreally running through night fields-hunted down by said husband.  In a Land rover.  With his headlights blaring.  well we think so but miraculously he misses her.  Then, things get even more B-movie when: ah but that would be telling.

After that uhum, cliffhanger, the barefoot wife who has been trapped not just by her husband but in
this strangely surreal scene: moves in.  And she just happens to have a handy Stanley knife.  In her hand.

I have not seen the whole episode of three as I ditched it for Celebrity Big Brother.  Which seemed like a lot more fun.  At least I knew I would see no more dead women in the bath.

Well not that you could actually see the woman properly due to the buckets of blood that seemed to have been liberally poured over her. To hide her nakedness perhaps.  Guess nakedness was too indelicate of a sight.  Oil slick coverings of blood being far away much better.

At one point I found myself inwardly remarking: Ah, another ripe woman ready for murdering. Plucking also came to mind.  Since that went better with ripe.

Oh but wait, as the camera lovingly records her steely beauty, we are already suspecting a character to be a serious serial killer.  a necessarily balancing theme this I suspect.  To make up for all the sequential sequences of female, frightened, chopped up flesh.

Still, looking like dear wifey, trapped in the horror movie in sequence number one is fighting back. Necessary balancing theme number two.

Plus just who could it be with the penchant for stabbing lovely lady Priests?   There is only one other possibility.  Balancing theme number three.  We shall see.  I confess I did not see the rest of the episode as described.

Superficial yet sinister silliness in the form of Celebrity Big Brother had beckoned.  The Celebrity Big Brother house mates were trapped too.  In a tiny little house.  And very shortly at least one of them I predict will go stark staring bonkers mad.
Still, I digress.

I realise I have completely forgotten that I have seen Silent Witness episodes one and two.  This one was three.  Out of three and four.  Blimey the first pair of episodes can’t have been that memorable then. They weren’t.  Though mildly enjoyable and vaguely suspenseful.

I am not quite sure if the autopsy scenes with the ludicrous language and the almost microscopic close-ups of bullets being removed from squishy chopped liver looking brains with a gentle yet teasing plop (with an actually visible stretch of shiny silver gloop) are meant to be funny.  Yet these autopsy scenes possibly unintentionally, often are.

Maybe it is the back and forth banter and dialogue between he pathologists, the watching Police Detectives and the ever barkingly loud, Jack.  as the Police and Jack watch Nicki and Mr. Smooth her boss pluck clues as gelatinous objects from dead bodies and poke into jagged blood soaked gashes. On cold dull flesh.

Its a good thing I find Silent witness surreal and silly.  Otherwise it could become too damn sinister. Instead Silent witness has an inadvertent comedy to it.  I don’t quite know why.

Perhaps because I find myself thinking things like Niki, or Niki’s stylist,has been down to the hideous blouse shop again.  And who was it that so cruelly removed Niki’s stylish black leather jacket.  Biker style of course.  Although stylishly flappy in effect, much like Niki’s Farah Fawcett Majors nineties feathered hair.

However on the subject of Niki’s hair I can confidently report that in the first episode of the new series they have released Niki’s hair from its nineties comeback effort and given her a Heidi style double plait, crowned around her head.

This is what Niki wears to go jogging.  Just where do women learn to do these hairstyles I wonder. The same place they find out how to do the French Plait: was there a memo.  If there was I missed it.

In fact I  have tried this Heidi look since and all I can say is that you must need pins.  And who the hell buys pins.  My take on it, I told myself was artful and Japanese in appearance.
But I digress.

The point of this story was mainly that I felt almost disappointed (as I believe we were meant to) that the mysterious yet ever so handsome jogger that Niki meets: is not who we might have conjectured. Oh well.  Lets hope not anyway. Even though we know the dramatic rule of psychopathic handsomeness.

Since Niki leaves the jogger something  hidden.  Inside an origami flapping bird.



 Falling Angels huh.  Fallen Engle being the name for a Varg Veum film I remember it clearly.  Originally because I liked the name.  It looked even better somehow in Norwegian.


It is all highly unlikely and incestuous really: the Detectives hanging out in the obviously private Lyle Laboratory (with it’s state of the art equipment and facilities).  Likewise the sight of Niki observing a Police interview in the Police Station.

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