Wentworth Prison Series Two- Episode Twelve-Final episode. Some notes and dialogue with short review at the end.

Wentworth Prison Series Two Episode Twelve-final episode

TV Warning:
“Some scenes of drug use and graphic violence that some viewers might find disturbing”


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So the prologue takes us through the whole series up to now.

Get out of there Bea, it’s the first place they will look for you!

Joan Ferguson, Prison Governor shouts really loud!
Then. Ha ha.  Something has cheered Joan Ferguson up on Cam/Camera #13..

“Maybe if it wasn’t about you all the time, you’d know I’ve always been here..”
“I don’t make plans, they always fuck up!!”

Prison Officer Vera and Prison officer Fletcher.
“So that’s it?”
“I don’t even get a proper goodbye?”
“You know the way out..”
“What happened to the real Vera?”
“I really liked her..”
“I didn’t..”

Bea and Liz.
“Bea, you din’t know how to use it, you’re a hairdresser for God’s sake!”
“I’m begging you please, don’t do this”

Oooo-this is/was already getting all kinds of Papillon.  Plus the lighting is great.  Inside the hostel it is all burnt orange yellow.

Policeman to Liz:
“Holding up a giant knife. (her knife)
“What’s this?”
“A steak knife love”
“What’s it doing here?”
“Waiting for a steak”!

And Fletcher finds out Ferguson’s secret.

The dining room.
Other inmate, big, blonde and beefy, to Franky:

The rest of the women all go:

Joan Ferguson and Franky.
Joan Ferguson:
That’s what you want isn’t it?”
“the abused little girl, who wants to be safe..”

And Fletcher challenges and calls out Jan Ferguson.  But does he have a Plan B. The TV preview already pretty much called it.
Uh oh.
Joan is in her inner sanctum.  She gets one of her burner phones out of her locker.

Doreen and Nash have a romantic conversation over the wall.
Jess is looking uncomfortably evil, standing still in the yard.

Vera & Joan Ferguson
“It’s not true is it?”
Joan :
“Everything I do is for the greater good.”
You know what I mean, don’t you?..”

Franky & Boomer.
“You know Cindy Lumi, from CBlock, she wants to be top dog, she’s getting a crew together..”

Will Jackson Prison Officer finds Liz in a bar. Just about to dring a double G& T/ Gin and Tonic..

Ooo this is getting good.
Bea is going all Stephen Seagal on us.  Go Bea.

Oh no.  I can see where this is heading.  It is all part of Joan Ferguson’s dastardly plan.

So Franky is looking more cheerful.  She makes a gun out of her hand and points it at the screen:

Bea to Ferguson:

“Welcome back, says Franky.
“This is Bea,the Queen Bea, she’s top dog now, anyone got a problem with that?”

Franky starts a slow clapping..

The end.

The Lovebirds.
The Devil’s song.

“Let the devil into my bed..”
“Into my head..”


Final Review.

Well what to say.  I feel like describing the episodes has nearly said it all.

Who remembers Bea, from Series One episode one.  The opening scenes that I remember describing in their atmosphere of claustrophobia and terror.  For Bea in her fear.  when she was first admitted  As a “new inmate” as it is called.

So we started with Bea and ended with Bea.  Albeit a very different Bea from the beginning is found at the end.  She may even be another person.

Bea definitely had a Papillion worthy adventure.  Plus Liz doesn’t get very far.  But were we surprised.  No.  Perhaps the return of Liz was for the best as it looked like she was just about to quaff her very favourite tipple.  Mother’s ruin.

Then what a tangled web does weave Joan Ferguson.  with her dastardly plots and secret gang of men.  Like they were the not so special forces.  We find out Joan Ferguson’s back story.  Not that this explains much really.  Only one particular vendetta. But for the rest?  All for the greater good, Joan would say, purringly.  With that alligator smile.

And Franky, much like her beloved Romans, sees her empire rise and fall.



You would have to have seen Wentworth prison from the beginning to know why Boomer says:
 “puppies, puppies, puppies” to herself in the slot..

I had wondered at the passing of Vera’s Mother in Wentworth prison.  Having seen the original Prisoner Cell Block H.   This story is hard to forget one might say.  However in Wentworth Prison this event is un-remarked upon at the time.  We think.  Until Joan Ferguson, Prison Governor, brings up the subject…


I think I must be loathe to further analyse Wentworth Prison, beyond saying that it is a truly worthy contender and follow on from the original. Wentworth Prison is fresh, different, original and beautifully and evocatively shot.

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