The Missing-Final Episode. Minor spoilers. Some Notes and dialogue and final review. Was on BBC Two in the UK. Catch-up on BBC i-player

The Missing
Final Episode.
Final Review

Some notes and dialogue.
(on first watching)

“Oh my love”
“we pray each day”
“That you come home”
“and be OK”
“For now we wait for you..”
“For you to come home”

“Let love and forgiveness guide you, bind them around your neck..”
“Stay the hour, you may not have faith..”

Emily grew a face like melted candlewax.

Julien Baptiste Inspector (Retired) kind of cured Tony.  Baptiste was like a Zen angel in a donkey jacket.  He was utterly and incredibly cool.  Eternally so in fact.

Vincent Bourg:
“The snake which cannot shed its skin..”

C’mon, there is only eight minutes to go.  Please don’t tell me the drama is going to end like this?

Julien Baptise: in the forest with ever suave Detective Lawrence.
“Laissez votre armes”/
“Put the gun down..”
Oh dear.

Did I mention that Julien Baptiste’s upside down triangular glasses were also ineffably cool.  Plus they turn into sunglasses at will.  What could be better than that.

“Without those people, the good things that would happen not only the bad..”
“..and that’s what kept me going..”
“People always tell me how brave I am”
“but that’s bullshit..”

So it really is going to end like this. Unless Tony finds a clue to .  Like in the.  Very.  Last.  Minute.

Come on Tony…he’s in the right house.  What did I say in the beginning.


Final Review

Well that was a bit of a damp squib of an ending wasn’t it.  All those hours, all that build up.  All that hope.  Still, perhaps there was hope.  I was believing what Tony was believing, right at the end.  Yet I read in a review that Tony drew the big-eared man on the frosty window.  I didn’t get that.

However even if that was the case with the window: what about the notebook.  Or was the drawing a meme I wondered.  Something seen and copied by other children.  But there were no other children involved.  You can see the conundrum.

I was on Tony’s side right at the end, silently imploring them no, don’t take him away, he is right.  Oh well.  I guess we will never know.  Don’t you/ dontcha hate artistic ambivalent endings.

Maybe you have to be a real optimist to constantly hope for a happy ending in such a story.  We know really that such an outcome is unlikely.  The facts were laid flatly out bare in the car by the Zen master-like Julien Baptiste.

However a parent would still prefer their child to be alive in spite of all that.  As did Tony, against all odds.

James Nesbit as Tony especially in the last few minutes was a fairly staggering performance I thought.  sufficiently believable and powerful as a performance for me to still be slightly worrying about Tony after The Missing had ended.

Now they tell us there will be a Missing Two, with a new case.  Oh no.  I don’t think I can do all this again.  Another missing child.  And yet in the back of my mind I remain hopeful.  Ever hopeful. Against hope.  That in the next one we might hear some good news for Tony.  Which is really probably incredibly daft.  ( a hope)

They have us hooked now.

As for the rest of the final episode and it’s ending it all got a bit cornified.  Which is not really a word but describes the sinking feeling that everything has gone like really corny.  shame really.  But I guess they had to tie up all the loose ends of story-lines.

We never did find out whey the Journalist Malik, had toys and a children’s scooter in his house before he had a child: or maybe that was a continuity error in amongst all the grasshopping-like flashbacks and flash forwards in time.

What did Ziane know?  Why did he choose his unusually over the top actions towards the delectable Detective Julien Baptiste?  Oh and I could have sworn Pat Garret got away by boat, into the sunset so to speak.



I hear that The Missing Two will feature the case of a missing woman.

There was a point in which Tony, James Nesbit whilst sitting quietly in a cafe’ with Emily: changed expressions to mirror that of Julien Baptiste.  I swear.

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