The Fall-Episode Four-Some notes and dialogue with a review at the end. Minor spoilers-on in the UK on BBC Two or channel number 102 on Virgin Media TV Thursdays @ 9pm

The Fall Episode Four

TV warning:
“This programme contains strong language and scenes some viewers might find disturbing”

Poor Stella.  The white forensic suited men come to her hotel room.

Oh no.  Jolly mystic murderer has photographed every page of Stella’s diary.

Stella whispers to the Policeman huskily:
(the Police having now finally found out that the mysterious car has been around somewhere)
Detective superintendent Stella Gibson:
“Get the helicopter up there, thermal imaging..abandoned warehouses..”

Then Stella looks at the print-out of her creepy screensaver.
Stella is still whispering.
Stella and Burns (shiny shoes)
” I suppose in his mind, that must be what he thinks of me”..
No shit.
She is still droning on.
“This modern world is full of an unholy mix of voyeurism and exhibitionism..”
“I train myself when I wake up to write down my thoughts and dreams, it started as an investigative thing but now I can’t stop doing it..”
Stella continues:
“My diary is private, it was not intended for publication!”

D.S.I Stella Gibson closes her eyes and shakes her head.
She is still going on:
“We all have emotional and physical needs,”
“that can only be met by interaction with another person..”
“The trick is, to ask someone appropriate to meet them..”
(what?  I am falling asleep)

So Paul Spector is shirtless on the bed a lot.

Detective to D.S.I. Stella Gibson.
“He behaved bizarrely, never came back..”
“He behaved bizarrely?..”
D.S.I. Gibson:
“What are you doing?!”
I dunno but it’s funny.  About time someone took the mick out of the dialogue.

They finally (the Police) figure out that Paul Spector has seen his own victim.  As a bereavement Counsellor

D.S.I. Gibson to victim Annie:
“I have to get you out of this room..”
Speak up mate.

Damn.  Stella’s dastardly plan consisting of spiriting away Annie and whispering behind doors until they are opened by dopey slicked back hair Policewoman hits a snag.  As the Hairdresser has taken half an hour to get downstairs.
“Deborah”..monogrammed or rather embroidered on her wheelie case.

Policewoman on the phone to D.S.I. Gibson:
“A body face down there’s talk of ligatures..”
“Ya”.  Ok she didn’t really say that but she should.

D.S.I. Gibson has a novel way of attending crime scenes.
D.S.I. Stella Gibson to Police Officer:
“Have you seen her?”
“show me the crime scene..”
But she walks up the hill alone.  Odd.

Handsome curly haired Detective is on the scene.  I keep thinking why isn’t D.S.I. Gibson on the scene but I suppose she is the Superintendent.

The body..
“Rose had a difficult first delivery, she has a mid-line longitudinal scar..”!

Oo.  Another guy with no top on.  This is objectifying(s) cancelling each other out.  Supposedly.

D.S.I.Gibson to Rose’s husband: (even he looks like he did it)
“I have nothing to report, but if you see anything on the news…it isn’t her..”
Rose’s Husband:
“So it’s not her..”
“No, it’s an attempt by someone to goad him into action,.” or something.
D.S.I. Gibson’s drawling tones having a soporific effect on me.

At least the tracking team are doing something and are perfectly synchronised.  As well as going into houses to bug them.

D.S.I. Gibson, frowning some on the phone:
“Intelligence gathering operation”
Oh dear.  Being that the roof just caved in I think they just blew their cover.

Thinks fast-
“Is there a water tank in the roof?”
“Make it flood and get out of there!”

Surveillance Team:
Golf I have”
Surveillance team:
“I have”
“Target returning to home..”

D.S.I.Gibson and S.I.O. Officer
D.S.I. Gibson:
“Tom Anderson..”
S.I.O. Officer:
“Yes, young, charismatic good looking!”
(he smirks)
D.S.I. Gibson:
“I met him at the crime scene, he was wearing a full forensic mask..
“I think he would make a very good addition to our team..”
“I’ll get on it..”
“You do that!”(yeowch)

The Babysitter, Katie and Paul Spector on Skype:
“I think of you every minute of the day”
Paul Spector:
“Is it painful?
“Because people’s pain makes me happy”..

Katie still keeps talking to him.

Paul Spector:
“Are you ready to embrace the darkness?”
“Is the world full of suffering and despair or sweetness and light?”
he continues:
“There’s suffering all around us”
“WHy not take some pleasure from it?”

Oh no.
Paul Spector makes a suggestion to Katie and turns the screw, he is really manipulating her now.
He continues:
“Why should she have it all?”
“Why should she be the one..”
“Happiness of others is an affront to our own pain and misery Katie”
“Other people’s happiness pains us”
“Why not reduce that happiness?”

D.S.I.Gibson and Tom Anderson, Detective.
He repeats the letter to her over the phone.
D.S.I.Gibson has her elbows on a trolley face to face with a dead lady.
(she takes the call like this)

Actress from The good Wife/ The Police Pathologist:
“What are you doing?”
(good question)

D.S.I Stella Gibson looks round, casually, awaken from yet another reverie:
“Wondering where Rose is..”



So The Fall continues to amaze and aghast.  When you start pondering to yourself just how good D.S.I. Stella Gibson would sound saying “Ya”on the phone and how it would all seem natural perhaps I am a bit distracted.

Perhaps D.S.I. Gibson is secretly a lost aristocrat from another era, really wishing for tea-time, beloved Jeeves the butler and a jolly good catch up with dear Nannie.  Stella really had only popped out on her trusty bike with some chicken broth from cook for old Mrs. S in the village who was ill.

Then: bang! head over heels on the humpbacked bridge onto the ground.  (avoiding a dog in the road) Gadzooks and fiddlesticks Stella had woken up in 2014.  What a pain.

Everybody expected Lady Stella to do things all the time, answer questions as a Superintendent.  When all she could do or wanted to do really was dream.  Dream of her old life and wonder how she could get back to it.

Not that this new life wasn’t interesting, it was.  In fact it was  a damn fine sight better than her old one most of the time.  No jolly holidays to Switzerland for a start.  No Alpine flowers to be picked here.

Still, this investigative thing was really rather interesting.  She would start practising with her dreams. Take notes.  Investigate where her dreams came from.  Well that is what Stella would tell if found out indeed become officially undone by diary.

When really Lady Stella was taking notes on exactly what everybody else said and did.  Getting the local lingo if you like.  Soon everyone was believing that she was this Superintendent person.  And it was all really rather fun.

Her only regret was dear Mama and Papa, Nannie dearest and Toots, her baby brother.  All mourning her demise on that hump-backed bridge.  All for a damn dog.

However what Stella doesn’t know is that her family are not mourning her at all.  No. They are gathered around her bed, in turns.  Whilst Stella lies there in a coma.  Back in that century.

Back when Stella was Lady Stella and painted watercolours in golden fields and had a horse named Pegasus and a secret librarian lover. Oh happy days.

(Those days are what Lady Stella really dreamed of-but nobody knew)

Meanwhile back in Belfast Paul Spector is reeling in the flat-eyed Katie and treating her to, indeed expounding on his treatise on pain.  Cleverly having targeted Katie’s weak spot of a dead decapitated Dad.

So things are not looking rosy for “sexy friend” as described in an insane genius way by Spector. Full well knowing that in Katie’s all conquering love obsession for him: this one phrase will instantly ignite hatred and jealousy!

Of Katie’s best friend..


Back in that other century, I’m not quite sure which one (I’m operating on poetic license here) but I am thinking Victorian or even Edwardian.

There we can see a scruffy dog with big bright brown sad eyes.  If only he could get in.  To the room where the beautiful lady of the silken blouses still lies..

If only he could lick her hand, he was sure that she would arise.


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