The Fall Episode Five-Penultimate Episode. some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK on BBC TWo or channel number 102 on Virgin Media TV Thursdays @ 9pm

The Fall episode Five

TV warning: 
” ..contains scenes that some viewers might find disturbing..”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nurture your envy Katie..”
Eyes still flat but now glinting with anticipation..

Spector is examining the caved in roof with a professional air.

Looks confused, shakes her head a little bit.  Holds her head to one side.  (she is thinking)
Police meeting with some kind of Police chief.

“I want the arrest to be by the original interviewing officer”..
Tom Anderson,Detective:
“One thing we know for sure. Paul Spector is not Jewish”
Well that’s helpful I suppose.

Burns goes to see a Priest.
We can tell this from the man’s posture.
“Is this your man?”
“He was a pretty boy..”
An extremely icky conversation follows.
“I was showing love, affection..”
he continues:
“Call me Father..”
The Priest is just repeating the usual beliefs.
“I will say a prayer, at noon tomorrow..”
Burns hits back at the Priest every time.  With the actual facts.
“Call me Father.. call me Father..”

Still in the Police meeting..
“Rose has been missing for four days now..”
(so you noticed)  she continues:
“risks..we might be going to need to take some risks..”

Paul Spector is smashing up something he removed from a computer.  With a great big hammer.

D.S.I.Gibson and Jed, Policeman.(looking at the surveillance/ video screen)
Surveillance team:
“Five, I no longer have”
Surveillance team:
“Five I have”
“Walking briskly towards the river..”
(i especially like this language/ dialogue)

“A love lock?”
she continues:
“..arrest strategy not in place..”
Surveillance team:
“Lost visual..”
“Running loose..”

The Police finally figure out that Paul Spector has a hotel room.
 (with the seriously creepy Hotel owner who lurks about the corridors like it was Twin Peaks)

Burns to D.S.Gibson:
“You were right, breaking and entering, not taking care of valuables.”!

So then Paul Spector got chased by two heavies but up to then was making out like he was the Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man.

D.S.I.Gibson to Danny, Policewoman:
(Danny and Paul Spector)
“Keep him at the scene!”

D.S.I.Gibson to Danny:
“Is Spector injured?”
“Don’t let them take him to hospital,”
“Keep him at the scene!”
Hopefully Danny will resist Spector’s almost hypnotic powers.

So now, The Fall is suddenly getting good.  But what exactly is going on?

Is Burns doing something untoward?  It looks like it.  We shall see.
( it was all very smooth to be sure)

The music is minimal.  it is a bit of a handsome contest as Paul Spector and Tom Anderson walk down the corridor of  the basement of the Police station together.

Surely this is all a bit too easy?  Plus it’s the penultimate episode not the last.

The Police are playing games I reckon.  They are certainly very smooth once they get going.

D.S.I.Gibson is not present at any of this.  She just stalks around looking fabulous and watching and listening to everyone on camera and audio surveillance.

Sally Spector:
Paul was a volunteer on a suicide helpline..”
(he would be-wouldn’t he)

Aha.  A handsome face-off between Tom Anderson and Paul Spector as they sit across the interview table.

Good idea.  Have a man interview him..

You just know he, Paul Spector that is is going to get away with it.

Rose on the video.  This is terrible,.  But it appears to be evidence I think.  Since old stylish parkour / free running Paul seems to have destroyed everything.

(The video)
Then things get a little icky as Rose tries everything:
“You fucking dickless pervert!”
“You’re a monster, you’re a monster!”
“You’re a fucking aberration!”
Fuck you!”

D.S.I.Gibson cries as Rose weeps.
“You must have had a terrible childhood,”
“I feel sorry for you, I do“!

So D.SI.Gibson is weeping a fixed tear out of one eye now and looking pained.
“I am loved I loved!
“Nothing you can do can take that away!”

So then it gets confusing.

D.S.I.Gibson to Police Chief:
“I think it’s time for a special warning..”

Back to Tom Anderson and Paul Spector.
“I am asking you to account for a fact..
he continues:
“A number of video files found on your phone..”
But it must be someone else surely?
(was it Katie?)

Suddenly Paul Spector lifts up both his legs and puts them on the table.  Leans back.  Stares at Tom in a piercingly handsome way.  This doesn’t work.

There must be someone else.

D.S.Gibson out stares the Prison Officer:
D.S.I. Stella Gibson:
“Fetch the Gaoler!” (ha ha)

Oh no.  Stella wonders along and pulls a hair-band off a long haired Policewoman Detective on purpose and sends her along to Spector.  She’s bait.  Great.

Unless the Policewoman is the original arresting Officer of the case as Stella requested.

Not quite sure what Spector was up to in his cell there in the dark.  With his eyes burning bright (indeed like a monster) in the infra-red light.  Thinking about the pretty lady perhaps.  D.S.I. Stella Gibson is mesmerised, staring at the screen like Paul Spector was her favourite pet iguana.



So apart from a brief flurry of actual excitement and action in The Fall as the Police encircled Spector: things unravelled again slowly.  That feeling of walking in treacle attaches to most of everything that happens in The Fall.  It is just so damn slow.  Almost like we have become locked into D.S.I.Gibson’s own private time zone and her languorous drawl.

I found myself rooting for the Surveillance team and approving of their terse, haiku-like language I was so bored.  More likely I am seizing with desperate casting relief on the one piece of action around.  Some kind of forward movement must so needed I feel, from the drama.

Mostly the story-lines just meander around. Like when getting lost driving around roundabouts.  I have finally resolved myself to the fact that D.S.I.Gibson is really in a managerial position and not the usual on scene all action Detective.  No. She plots and plans.  She observes and watches on the various screens.  She intones husky orders.  At Jed, the doleful faced Policeman.

D.S.I.Gibson was suddenly supplanted at the police meeting by presumably her superior who was unspecified.  Now D.S.I.Gibson when not watching the action on screen pops up every now and then in the corridor to import some impossibly well spoken but vague pronouncement to aforesaid superior.  Yes.  “We may have to take some risks”  “Consider a warning. Thingy”  and so on.

Whilst as describe there are brief passages of time in which all this careful laying down of the spider’s web seem impressive and planned: the rest of the time the pace and the interest inherent in the drama (injected for a while like paddles on a ventribulator) fall twangingly flat.  Again.

Oh well. I guess this is how they work their magic the Police.  At one point I was wondering if this is meant to reflect the Belfast Policing style.  Born of long experience.  They play the long game.  From a far way back.  Putting all the pieces or ducks into place.

We too as viewers have stuck in for the long haul.  We have made it this far.  Well I have.  Through this bewildering morass of meandering moments.  Especially with D.S.I. Stella Gibson.  Who is original and unique.  who has her own style.  Inexplicable at times as her utterances and actions maybe.  Stella does things her own way.  Plus she can think on her feet when needs be.

Let’s just hope that now the beardy almost sympathetic mystic murderer is in D.S.I. Gibson’s lair: she can hold out against his perspicaciously piercing handsomely hypnotic stare.



Next week’s final episode will be a “feature length episode” according to the TV preview.

Lady Stella needs to be more careful and not give herself away by using  the language of her time and revealing her true aristocratic background.   As in: “Fetch me the gaoler!”.

(For an explanation of the story of Lady Stella below please see review of Episode Four of The Fall)

 I have not forgotten the stray dog.  He is patiently waiting outside the simply enormous brick house inside which he knows his new and chosen mistress lies.

Th stray dog was only trying to greet Lady Stella on the humpbacked bridge.  To announce his new friendship so to speak.  (now that he had no-one since his beloved elderly master died)  But the lady fell off her bike.  This is why the dog is so sad.

Sooner or later, the dog reasoned, he would effect his first foray, into the house.  Through a briefly opened door from the visitors who came to see the still sleeping Lady Stella.
He would wait.


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