Note to my readers of a new series-Spiral/ Engrenages Series Five starting in the UK on Saturday 10th January 2015 on BBC4 or channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV. Two episodes back to back-first one @ 9pm.

Note to my reader-New Series of Spiral
 Spiral Series Five-BBC4

In French with English subtitles.

Off the top of my head: a brief description of Spiral/ Engrenages.

Set in the 13th Arondissement/ area of Paris.  Spiral follows the homicide investigations of Captain Laure’ Berthaud and her team of Detectives: Police Lieutenant Frederic “Tintin” Fromentin and Police Lieutenant Gilles “Gilou” Escoffier.

We also follow the cases as they are prosecuted through the courts and defended and or prosecuted by the lawyers involved.  In this case the lawyers are likely to be Pierre Clement and Josephine Karlsson.  In Britain Pierre and Josephine would be called Barristers.  Pierre and Josephine are called “Advocats” and wear the same robes in court that Barristers do.

Then there is the examining Judge, or “Le Juge” in French.  In France the examining Judge has charge of the case and can investigate clues and question witnesses and so on.  The examining Judge is called Roban.  He is a fearsome and daunting adversary to criminals and any wrong-doer.

Roban the Judge can (handily) write his own search warrants too before he goes off on a sometimes solo search.


So calling all Spiral fans/  Spiralphiles or those who have never seen Spiral.
(it doesn’t really matter as the cases do not carry on only some of the human interest stuff)  Although I note that all the series are currently on British Netflix.  Or on DVD. I have write-ups from Spiral Four here on the blog.

The new series of Spiral starts on Saturday 10th January 2015 on BBC4 in the Uk.=yey!

Twelve episodes in all.  Two episodes per session.  First one at 9pm, second one at 9:55pm.

Name of the series is:
“Double Murder”
 (from the BBC Website link below-sourced on 27th December 2015)

Episode One:
“Captain Berthaud leads an investigation into a shocking double murder..”

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