Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episode Ten. Minor Spoilers. On in the UK On channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @ 10pm.

Wentworth Prison Series Two
 Episode Ten

“It’s taken me seven years, four months, twenty two days to write this letter to you..”
“When I was first sentenced, I was terrified..”
she continues writing:
“But now I am more scared coming out than I was going in..”

Joan and mini-Joan.
Joan Ferguson:
“Everything is finally falling into place..”

Channing to Joan:
“I have been examining the prison systems of  Scandinavia..”

Prison Officer Vera & Channing.
Channing: (sitting on the desk right in front of her)
“You’re safe in this room..”
“You can talk to me..”

Joan Ferguson’s surveillance (corridor x, y or z) is coming in handy.

Nice spy move Joan!

Doreen weeps over Liz.

& Doreen tells Bea who killed Megs.  (past Prison Governor)

“Thank you Will, take care of the girls!”

Jess is weeping on the floor.

Fletcher to Jess:
“You gotta face your demons Jess”
“You can’t let the system get you down..”

Liz arrives at the half-way house to hell.  Sheete.

Franky to Boomer:
“I’m just telling you to be careful on the phones..”
“Don’t be overt..”

Franky sweet talks Channing..until.

You can tell that Frankie isn’t really in on the whole get Liz plan.  My thinking is that Franky has given Boomer a fake address.

Insanely good Wentworth line.
“Wentworth’s clitterati!”
“Minus the Martinis”!

Hilarious when Sky is mopping in the kitchen and she thinks the ceiling is talking to her.  She bangs the ceiling with her mop handle end and laughs uproariously and maniacally.  Whilst perpetually moving her shoulders around, back and down again. Diagonally.

Maxine even weight spots for Franky delicately.  Maxine is such a girl.  Which all makes sense.

Jess is doing her hypnotising thing to Prison Officer Fletcher.


Uh oh.  Mysterious tall black guy at Stanstead House.
(with the Manager who seems a bit out of it)

And Liz rallies-Yey Liz!

I love Joan Ferguson and Vera going on an investigative quest.  It’s a story right up my street.

Channing does his spiel.  He doesn’t realise that Joan is grinning.
(well if she could grin)  like the cat who got the cream.

Joan to Channing:
“You are the registered Director of that company..”
Joan pauses, before the final thrust.
“I think it will be beneficial for me to have  a sympathetic ear on the board..”

Fletcher to Channing in the Car Park:
She got to you, didn’t she?!”
Channing shrugs, over his shoulder.
Fletcher screams out to the sky:


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