Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episode Eleven. Minor spoilers only. Some notes and dialogue. Penultimate Episode. On in the UK on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @ 10pm. Catch-up on Demand 5

Wentworth Prison Series Two-
Episode Eleven

Some notes and dialogue.
(on first watching)

Oh no.  A prologue that is actually the ending.  I hate it when they do that.  It seems to be the latest device in dramas.  Well apart from a severe case of creeping flashbacks.  Like Japanese Knot weed.

“Bea, you’re in medical..”

Prison Governor Joan Ferguson watches over her pet project, approvingly.

Prison Officer Fletcher and “the new intake”.
New inmate:
“I’ve got an intellectual disability..”
She freezes solid when she sees Joan.
“Ladies, this is Kelly Bryant..”

Fletcher warns Prison Officer Will Jackson about Joan Ferguson.  Although Will maybe caught too far into the web.

I think I sussed Bea’s plan.  Why she is taking the tablets and testing and titrating the amounts.

Boomer-in The Slot.
“Give me my airing!”
“Puppies, puppies, puppies”..

Fletcher to Joan Ferguson.(about Kelly Bryant)
“I reckon you scared the shit out of her!”
“I scare the shit out of everybody!”

So Bea’s plan is coming to  fruition nicely.
Frankie to Bea:
See you Red..”

Maxine stands up to and faces out Franky.
“I’m terrified!

Jess to Fletcher:(giggling)
“I’m gonna go clean the showers..”
Suddenly her face is harder, evil even.  Hope she doesn’t kill him.

Meanwhile Bea is crawling around like a green Ninja.  This had to be planned…So far so good.
” Restricted Access..”

Great shot when Bea’s eyes are nearly level with the Prison Officers and Joan Ferguson through a slotted clear gap in a frosted pane of glass.

It is not Prison Officer Fletcher’s day.  He screams the same expletive as before:
And Fletcher was all happy clappy there for a while there.  This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But then: Bea spies Fletcher and he spies she.
Prison Officer Fletcher:
“What have you done?”
“I don’t think you’re in any position to ask”..

Ah, Bea is doing the old dummy in the bed wheeze.  I think.

Meanwhile poor Prison Officer Fletcher.  He is a broken man.

Joan Ferguson rebuffs her protege’ Vera.  When Vera is right.
“The last time the prison was like this there was a riot”.
That must be what Joan Ferguson wants.

In the laundry room.  Tension crackles.

Oh my good God.  This is all getting a bit Walking Dead.  Nope.  I’m not looking for sure.  This is horrific…
Time for a cup of tea.

Cue the prologue.


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