Wentworth Prison Series Two-Episode Nine. Some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers. On in the UK on Channel Five or number 105 on Virgin Media TV Wednesdays @ 10 pm catch-up on Demand 5

Wentworth Prison Series Two Episode Nine

Some notes and dialogue.
(On first watching)

Clip clop.  Clip clop.  Shadows of criss cross deep salmon and black lace across the corridor.

Joan Ferguson, Prison Governor, is on the warpath.

Joan is getting out the black leather glove.  I was just getting a really bad picture then of just what Joan might do.

Sheete.  Flashback to Joan as a Prison Officer with dreadful hair..it seems that Joan once had a heart. Obviously tragedy strikes.

Prison Officer Vera:
“Governor, Governor, what do you want to do with the prisoner?”
They look like two clones.

Joan Ferguson’s make-up looks like she learned to do it off a card too.

Maxine is a proper girl.

Joan Ferguson and Doreen
“Every breach of the rules concerns me!”
“Who is the father?”
Gets out her black gloves from the safe..
Doreen: (genius this)
“You can hit me again..because I won’t complain..”

More flashbacks to Joan as a young Prison Officer..

Vera & dopey Prison Officer Mills.
“Not good enough Miss Mills.”

It’s night again.  Footsteps approaching to Doreen’s room.

Doreen and Joan.
“Two extra years for two sweaty minutes!”
and then Joan makes a suggestion.

Joan:(here it comes)
“Some years ago, there was a prisoner, like you.”
 “It was an emergency labour, complicated birth,.”
“The prisoner formed a very close bond..”
“But Governors, you see, they have such power..”

Franky to Maxine:
“You’re my hench..”

And Maxine takes to her new role at first with trepidation and then rather alarming alacricity.

Blimey.  Now Joan is meeting people in the shower.

Joan to Bea:
“Have I backed the wrong horse?”..

In a lighter moment Doreen has found the bird.

Liz and Doreen.
“You gotta be strong Dor..”
However Dor is right.

More footsteps in the dark, high heels.  Flashback time..

Kerboom.  The lights go on at the prison.  Then the action moves outside.  I don’t look.

This is bad.  You just know it.
Will Jackson :
“Rose? Rose?..

Bea and Maxine.

Joan Ferguson & Prison Officer Will Jackson.
“No need to thank me Mr. Jackson, after all I don’t want to lose the best officer I have..”

Oh no.  Big revelation in the flashback.

“Drown my sorrows..,
“..worn out faces..”

Final scene: horrendous but expected.


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