Tyrant-Episode Seven-Minor spoilers. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. On in the UK on Fridays @ 10pm on FOX or channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV repeated during the week.

Tyrant Episode Seven

TV warning:
“sexual nature and violence

TV introduction:”Intriguing drama, with the final three..

Bassam to Jamal:
“There are people coming from all over the world, to see you, make history..

Jamal is in ever such a good mood.  Nothing makes him feel quite so good as his very favourite thing.  OK maybe he has two favourite things.

Ihab and his brother Namir look like they are definitely in Star Wars or boxers, chilling in orange satin robes with white towels around thei necks.  or Buddhist monks, or Hari Krishna guys.  Most jolly.

Jamal to Ihab:
“Out of respect for your father I have postponed  the signing..”
“Anything you need,  just ask me..”

Jamal is acting like a naughty schoolboy who did a minor prank.
Jamal to Bassam:
“I need it one hundred percent..”

Is Bassasm going to sell his soul?

Bassam to Jamal:
“All the King’s horses and all the King’s men..”
“I finally get it Jamal, You’re broken and I can’t fix you..”

Jamal is drunk.  Again.
Jamal to Layla:
“Do you know how many men I have killed?!”…
“One in a a bar, one in Tangiers, six on the field of battle..”
“I want you to know I know what it is like to kill a man, be present..”
he continues:
“It wasn’t even something I planned..If he wakes up everyone will know what a horrible thing I did!”
“But it isn’t horrible, it’s beautiful!” (Oo,err )

Bassam to Molly:
“”Hey, sorry I ran off without saying goodbye “
Suddenly Molly is a doctor at the hospital.  Great.  She gets out of the house, palace.

Amira to Bassam:
“Are we absolutely sure there was nor foul play?”
“Twenty years ago..”
“You kew this all the time?!”
“Your father forbade it..”

Yusuf & Bassam.
“the rules,.those who are feared make peace, those who are not, don’t..”
“Malik Hassad,I want his name and address”.

I was getting worried about the Norwegian Ambassador then.  Katrina is her name.  Its like if you or she, answer one of Jamal’s questions with the wrong reply: he will flip.  Which is unnerving and suspenseful.

Jamal to Katrina:
“..because that is the last time that I was happy..”
he looks at her,
“But I’m still President“, he pauses,
“”Say yes!”
She smiles.
Twisted but cute.

So Bassam is going visiting.  Now he has parked outside the house but first we must have flashbacks.  Just in case we have forgotten.  This may be an officially awkward moment.

Bassam and his mate:
“It’s an unwinnable game, you think you’re going from point A to B but then it punishes you for your arrogance”.
(what did I tell you)
Bassam’s mate:
“You don’t know that..and when the sun goes down on a thousand things I couldn’t have predicted..
“For the first time in twenty years, I have hope, since you came back..”

Emma, Molly’s sister:
“I want to stay, I mean stay..”

Bassam to Namir & Ihab 
“I have spent my whole life hating your family..”
“I still think its time your family’s rule ended but I want to thank you for bring my father back to us.”
I quite understand..”

Bassam to the Shaykh:
“It makes all the difference, I have a chance to make peace, but I know that you are in the way of making that happen..”

No!  Surely not Bassam???

“The worst thing about evil is that it forces you to become evil in return..”
“It won’t happen right away it will take a few hours..”

I can’t believe that Bassam is actually going all noble now about what he just did.  He sure gave a noble speech.

(even so, the Shaykh still managed to be more interesting  than Barry and steal the scene in his pyjamas, asleep)

Tsk, Tsk, Bazzer, as Tucker so rightly said: whatever happened to that family Doctor from Pasadena?.

Bassam and Jamal.
“You did it Bassam?”..
“For me?”
“Listen Bassam, I love you, thank you..”

OK, we geddit.  Bassam has (supposedly) saved his brother.  Again.

Katrine to Jamal:
“Was that the Pilot?”
“I swear I was just dreaming of the Maldives, the sand under my feet,”
What.  the.  fuck.
Well I knew that was coming.  Boy this is depressing.  Why?  Or is there even a point asking why. Jamal doesn’t need a reason why.


Well I am not so sure that Tyrant will be quite so much fun to write about now.  With the jolly Scene stealing Shaykh and the presumed moral code of Bassam:Tyrant seemed more hopeful, more fun.  Oh well.

I have a theory that Shaykh Rashid knew exactly what he was doing and that was winding up Jamal.    The Shaykh knew perfectly well what Jamal would do, how Jamal would react.  Being all wise and all seeing in his Obi Wan Knobi/ Stars Wars robes, the Shaykh knew that Jamal had all the emotional maturity of a toddler.

So in spite of everything and what appears to be true: Shaykh Rashid was in control all along.  This was his last, dramatic, (oh ever so dramatic) swansong.


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