Tyrant-Episode Nine. Minor spoilers. Some notes and dialogue. Penultimate Episode. On in the UK on FOX channel or number 157 on Virgin Media TV Fridays @ 10pm. Catch-up on FOX demand.

Tyrant-Episode Nine

“What is this place?”
“A safe haven for weary travellers”.

Bassam is practising his superpower of blazing eyes in the mirror.

At the restaurant.
The Chef:
“Mr. President, I have prepared for you, incredible wood cream cheese..”
“The wood is very rare, the Yacata tree..”

Bassam and his new crew.
Listen to a recording..

The awful dinner.   Jamal rabbits on inappropriately:
“My brother..married an American blonde!”  (oh dear)

Layla and Molly.
“There will be many more dinners, birthdays..” (yep)

Bassam & Molly.
“What worries me is how easily this comes to you, the lying..”

Bassam, John Tucker and Jamal.
Things get very tricky for a while..

That was a risky play from Bassam and Tucker.  Although I did think that Basser went out on a limb there.  Or did he.

Still, Bassam is playing Jamal now.  As he feeds Jamal the line:
“a military coup?” out of the air a little too soon for my liking.  Is Jamal onto Bassam?  We shall see.

The plotters meet.
“The tribal leaders meeting..”
You just know this is all going to go terribly wrong.  Jamal maybe many things but he is not stupid.  He is as wily and as cagey as a panther.

Jamal to Bassam:
“I am relying on you brother..”
As he rubs Bassam’s shoulder.
“You’re the only one I can trust..”

What did I say.
We have Jamal and Layla down in the basement.
“We have enemies in the palace..”
“Trust no-one!”

The handsome Colonel Ziad and Jamal.
The Colonel:
“You are the future, that is the country I want, for my family, my children..”

Layla to Bassam:
“Don’t tell me that there is an indignity too dreadful to bear?”
Then she won’t stop crying.  I don’t get it.

Bassam and his children at breakfast.
“A bedouin village, where your Grandfather was born, where you are from”.
Bassam to Molly:
“I want them to be proud of their country, and of what I’m doing”..

Molly’s appointment at the Embassy.
She gets the low-down on her life after..

Jamal to General Tariq.
“I never could understand, never could believe it,”
“such a big thing..up in the air, on its own, how is this possible?”

The Bedouin village.
“Even in the desert they chose land over water, “
“my father would say to me!”
“This is where I come from”
he continues:
“You guys are not tourists, this is where you’re from!”..

And Jamal pulls a fast one.

Plus there really is a dungeon.
“How does it feel being in the place where you killed so many men?”..

Uncle Tariq to Jamal:
“It’s Bassam, he is manipulating you like a child..”
Uh oh.  Jamal:
“Are these the hands of a child, the fists of a child?”
“Slander my brother again, it will be your last utterance, family or not..

The dungeon gate clangs shut.

General Tariq to Bassam:
“Well played, but then you were a killer at nine years old..”
“I know your soul Bassam, a killer!”
“I know who you are!”

Molly is the only one seeing any sense.
Molly to Barry:
“I’m begging you, for our family, come home!
“Let whatever happens here, without you “

But no, Barry has stiffened, he looks different, older. On the way to becoming his father.


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