Tyrant Episode Eight-Some Spoilers. Some notes and dialogue. ON in the UK on FOX Channel or number 157 on Virgin Media TV. Fridays @ 10pm Catch up on FOX demand.

Tyrant Episode eight

TV Warning: “Strong violence”
(no shit Sherlock)

Some notes and dialogue.
(on first watching)

“I need it be be a hundred percent positive..”

Uh oh. Barry makes a sensible but left-field suggestion to John Tucker.

Bassam to Tucker:
“I have spent many years running away from it, but I am an Al-Fayeed”
“I am the only one that can hold this country together”  Bla bla.
Even drunk Bassam is boring.  Except for his ever cheerfully and icily blazing blue eyes.

Nb.  I reckon Bassam could be called in, in an emergency, to light fire
 (say in an Apocalypse)
“Here mate, just gaze at this magnifying glass for us would you?”

John Tucker gives a supremo spy movie answer to Bassam’s request.

Jamal and Bassam go to a service. Ihab and Namir are doing their Buddhist monk outfit again.

Bassam to Ihab: (no white whale in evidence)
“Nine months, from conception to birth..”
“Your father..”

Layla to Jamal:
“He did that?”
“Yes, he is a healer, a gentle man, he went against his own nature to help me..”
“So tell me”
He turns to her, his eyes glinting evilly,
“How do you know anything about my brother and me..?”

Yusuf and Bassam in the car.
Bassam: (Yusuf is sweating)
“Are you sure this is the way to the soccer pitch?”

The meeting.
Beautiful lady:
“How are we on the M & M’s..?”
“These M & M’s, they are also candy in America, yes?”

Jamal at the football stadium.
That’s a good one.  A dirt field.
“In six months time..”
The children look less than enthusiastic.

Jamal comforts his son.
“Give it time, it will work out..”

Did I mention that Bassam, having magically found a Bar last episode and spent the whole night wandering the streets and magically not being picked up by the Hasbra/ religious Police presumably because everybody in town knows him.

Well already Bassam is staggering in drunk and dabbling in this whole patriarchal thing.  Since before you  know it he is demanding that Molly does what he demands of her-for once!

Of course we are not buying all of this from new big bad Barry, he needs to get his family the hell out of there.

Although Bassam has kind of done the two strikes you’re out for me on the murdering front.

Jamal and Nusrat.
Jamal is doing his best screwy face when he tries to look caring.  Then he lays down the law..
then: wtf/what the fuck.  Not sure this is going to go well.  Good on you girl.

Jamal and Hakim.
I didn’t recognise Hakim for a minute.

The Colonel and Bassam.
Everybody has gone all spy-like.

Cool mysterious smoking spy lady:
“Mike Tyson used to say, everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the face!”

I can’t believe Tucker, who seemed so cynical, usefully so as a counterpoint to Bassam’s idealism, is subsumed so quickly into the jolly new plan.

Spy Lady to Tucker: (puts her finger on it perhaps)
“I know you’ve got a boner for Bassam but remember he doesn’t come attached”.

Oh dear.  And there was I thinking it was Bassam who hasn’t twigged that things may not end up quite so rosy for Jamal..

Then Bassam lays it on the line for Molly..
“I can’t”..
“Why not?”
Says nothing.
“If you’re asking whether I think you get off on the power?”
“Too much has happened..”
“They hang people in the square for this Barry!”
she continues:
“You can tell whatever lies you want..”
About time too.

Uh oh.
Bassam and his family are having dinner.  Hideous muzak plays.  One good reason to leave-because life is like a vampire’s paradise.

As I said: Uh oh.
Since two heavies in dark suits interrupt their meal and ask Bassam to go see Jamal.

Jamal and Bassam. 
Jamal: (Jamal has already reminisced about when they were kids. )
“When I was young, I grew my hair out and dyed it blonde,”
“Like David Roth..”
“Was that what you looked like?”
“So what are you doing down here?”
Jamal, looking at a boat, he twirls on the spot-and points:
Yours, there!”
“I used to love when we went fishing,,”
“We can’t go fishing in mine, it’s too ostentatious!”

Jamal has got a chirpy sailor kind of hat on.  He looks happy and relaxed.  Often this is when he is at his most dangerous.

 As they spy lady said:  Jamal scored just one point below Jeffrey Dahmer on the psychopath scale.

I already wondered if it was curtains for Bassam then. Or at least down to the dark dungeon.

There being no doubt that Jamal would punish his brother with nary a qualm.  If he found out just what plotting Bassam was up to.

Jamal would beat himself up albeit metaphorically whilst exacting revenge.  While delivering a sanctimonious and stirring speech.


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