The Legacy/ Arvingerne. PART ONE REVIEW. Episode One-some notes and dialogue and short review. Minor spoilers only. In Danish with English Subtitles-on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD channel numbers 281 & 282 respectively on Virgin Media TV

The Legacy/ Arvingerne

Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD

from DR=The Danish Broadcasting company.


So The Legacy opens on a High School sports match.  Somehow I didn’t notice what sort.  A big-headed mascot with a furry cartoon head is quite sinister really.  It’s silly.  I keep expecting someone to be killed.  A nice juicy murder. Oh well.

However Legacy is sadder than that.  It’s about smoking.

Hurray! Varg Veum is in in it!  We have Birgitte from Borgen and she is all blond!
(or i might be wrong)

The artist, Verønika, fetches down one of her stone sculptures from the shelf.  In her spacious studio but in a back room.   Her whole face lights up.  She looks young again.
“Here my darling,” she says,
“you have been asleep too long!”..
and gently holds the statue in her arms. It is a baby.

Then the flower girl comes to the studio.  The artist lights up like a thousand light bulbs as she bids the flower girl good bye.

So we are already wondering about the flower girl.  There is something up between the artist Verønika and her son Frederik.

Verønika is forever putting down her daughter Gro. The other children are Emil and Frederik.

Ooo.  Heavy scene.
This must be when the paperwork changes.

The actor who plays Varg Veum in the Varg Veum series is the artist Verønika’s Gallerist.  And is as noble as ever.

The flower girl is called Signe.  Like a swan.

Verønika to Signe:
“Don’t prune the trees too hard..”

It is all most odd as Verønika’s eldest daughter Gro and her Veronika’s husband Jon, eat oysters around Verønika’s bed.

They hold one up to her.

Oh, so it is really sad at the end.  Cool twangingly low chord guitar music plays. Jon and Gro are sitting outside.  With the champagne bottle on the chairs.

But where is the letter?…

Like I said, things are not hugely cheerful.

Frederik to his wife:
“I wasn’t going to let her spoil our Christmas!”
“The house will be ours now..”
She looks up at him, aghast.

Gro just sits with her mother.  Silently.  Then sobbing.
“I’m sorry for saying al those horrible things..”
Weeping now.


I thought The Legacy was really good.  A teensy bit twee in parts.  Corny even.  Just a touch of schmaltz.  Like when Jennifer Aniston is a flower shop owner in that movie kind of feel.  However this is a cheerful feeling though. Odd really considering the rest of the Legacy is so intense and sad. Well at least this first episode.

I found the ending quite painful and upsetting but I guess it depends on whether you have had any experiences of death. Still, it’s all over now and we can get on with the full blown juicy melodrama that beckons.



It seems that the representation of a family death can be more moving than the run of the mill murder mystery.  Hence what might seem a harmless family soap opera coming our way may well be more powerful than the eponymous Detective solving a murder case series.

Perhaps on reflection that is why the first series of the Danish The Killing/ Forbrydelsen was so intense: it had elements of both: domestic drama and death.


OK maybe The Legacy is not really about smoking. We get that impression in the beginning.

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